I have asked KORTON, one of Ashtar's commanders, to help me strengthen my channeling. He said "yes", how long would it take, I then ask, "one hour a day", he said. So we began. On the 4th day, I was sleeping in my bed, at night. I found myself out of the body (not knowing I was out of the body) and I was on the steps of my room when I heard a sound outside. I pulled back the shades and I saw a huge retangle spaceship over my house! I knew people wouldn't believe me so I pulled out my old cell phone to take a picture. My eyes could not focus on the face of the phone no matter how hard I tried. I said, "ok, but I know where the picture button is." Looking outside, it was still there, not as big as a mother ship, but still huge (I can see the frames, lights, the works). I began taking pics and I shook my head to clear my eyes and I shook myself back in my body, with my head shaking, where a few meters away, I was standing by the window. I ask what that was and they said that it is one of the ships that picks up people. I ask will it pick me up and they said it may be that ship or may not. When I was told I was going to be picked up between the 1st and the 15th of Sept., I was debating whether to be home or at my cousin house who doesn't believe it this. I suppose they can pick you up anywhere but seeing it over my house and the only way I could see it was to be in another dimension (out-of-the-body), was to me, WAY COOL!!!!  And yes, I am still asking, "Are we going to be picked up?"  and I get a "yes".  Does the thought of not being picked up cross my mind?  All the time.  But my channeling teacher, Betsy Morgan, have stated "when you channeling, you must be willing to be a fool for God, and trust what you are receiving."  And so I will.  Keep you vibs high, people!!!


Love and Light,


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  • Hi Darryl : D

    Loved your story, thanx for sharing brother. Darryl, did you post the pics you took of the Cargo Ship? Also, See if you can pick me up when you do. I'll be here in Homestead, Florida waiting for you guys, I need a change of pace in my life...


    Peace&Love To All Beings.

  • whta type of ufo shaped triangle you saw.


    I seen in my awakened state a triangle ufo spacecraft, with three lights on the bottom that flicked once then two light in the middle that flicked once then one the cornor of the triangle craft it flicked once in a alternating rythmic harmony as i felt they were friendly through my head and then at the bottom again through to the middle then the top sequence it repeated itself again. I then said out loud can you hear my thoughts and they flashed once for a yes and then i said i will do it in my mind, so i said in my mind, can you flash once if you hear my thought and they flashed once for the confirmation. And the3 lights in sequence repeated their lights in order from bottom to top. This was seen in frankston.


    I then saw at another point in time at another house location another triangle ufo in the distance that at the time i thought it was a plane. But then as i said out of curiosity if you are a ufo can you please fly in my direction in doveton melbourne, pretty much soon enough the airplane at the time i thought was just and airplane went off it's trajectory and curved into my direction and flew right over my house, but this one had three lights on all three sides of the craft not flickering away like a plane does and it showed directly right in the middle of the craft a Bright red button in a shape you would see on a red nose cone shape of the emergency stop button on a machine but instead of it like a plastic looking earthly shape it shone a bright dark red color then i saw around the triangle craft the side of a triangle then it made no sound of course as it silently went away from my view at the back of my house.


    it was an amazing and awesome sight as i felt in my my mind and head that they were also friendly. This is how you can know if you activate your pineal gland when you do lots of prayers. They consciously know where you are when a question is brought forward to them, then the sound of thought came into my mind that said thought is faster than the speed of light and it was good enter into it.


    Then that is when i realised that they travel through any dimension that they actually travel through any part of any destination through the living consciousness of creator either with crafts or through teleportation of their bodies.

    This is the doorways they use to go to other universes........Hint nobody can go through to the father except through me, so the christ consciousness is the only door way to the fathers house of many mansions. This is the keys to the kingdom of heaven.....

  • Hi folks, Hi darryl ,thanks for sharing this information.

    Today I saw another flying object in the sky while flying my homemade kites, I even had a witness next to me, a young boy that I gave the kite to. When I mentioned it was not a plane, probably a flying saucer, he said, oh a spaceship and I said probably something along those lines. He had no problem accepting the possibility.

    It was reflecting a red metallic color and was fairly large overhead, then got small real quick in the distance, so it must have accelerated away briskly after we acknowledged its presence, then it just disappeared.

    It either phased out, went invisible or accelerating out of sight.

    I see unconventional flying objects almost regularly now, every time i fly my kites, pretty cool i must say.

    peace love light

  • Ok... Now... Where are the pics?
    • That was when I was out-of-the-body.  I only saw the ship and did all the activity in spirit form.  You can't see the ship with your 3rd D vision because its vibrating at a higher frequency.
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