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Hello all. I have been on a great learning curve. Everything that I have been through has helped me evolve 10 fold. I had to go through the new age spirituality religion to move on with my evolution. Holy s*** this has been a crazy ride. Our journey home. Where is home? How do we get there? Are we home? Are we infinite? Through out my years of truth seeking I have always been able to keep an open mind. As the saying goes your mind only works when its open. This is going to sound very offensive to many of you but truth is truth and must be spoken. We live by example. First off I want to say that I am sorry. I am sorry for falsely leading many of you further into the pit of dark energies. False gods, deities. After years of research into truth I never stopped looking for answers. Even when I though that I was 100% correct in my religious aspects I still kept on searching. I was quite shocked when I learned that people such as AA Michael, Saint Germain, Azna, kali etc are dark energies. Why is it that we give power to these so called ascended masters? We have no need to do this at all!! These deities feed off your loving energy. HELLO. The dark agenda has been in place for a very very very long time. Is it so hard to imagine that these entities planned the new age enlightenment agenda to go along with this time period of ascension. Ascension is real too. Is it so hard to believe that this new age enlightenment system is a system that feeds the negative energies that feed off of your love that you give to them all while your just trying to help humanity and yourselves? Why is it that we need to open our so called 3rd eye and chakras to ascend into a higher demension. Going through mind enlightenment will only get you through the great arena. You are an organic soul. All the answers you need are heart based. Not your heart chakra either...Delete that program that you have downloaded through false beliefs. The only thing that you need is you. Live through your heart, be YOU, be the organic soul cosmic you. It is so easy and we make truth so confusing. Reading the answers to the BIG question that all of us search for on the daily is quite mind boggling. Again I want to say that I am very sorry for misleading people into believing false gods. Ascended masters are of the dark forces. When you figure out our dream state, paradigm, galaxy, universe, cosmic universe, GOD and learn the BIG picture, not the GFL picture or just our galaxy picture. The picture is soo much bigger than what we on a mass believe it to be or should I say told to believe by many false gods. We are very special organic souls. Keep doing your research people!!! I am going to lose many many friends because of this post and I am ok with that. TRUTH OMG TRUTH the thing that I have been looking for for what feels like forever. Happy evolutions everyone.....The picture just gets bigger and bigger and QUESTION EVERYTHING...for real....Much Love everyone and keep your heads up...KEEP SEARCHING AND NEVER GIVE UP........We are far greater than this new age program that we have been lead to believe will free us from fear and ego...etc....Maybe this will be a bit of a shock and you will turn your shoulder and tell me that I am wrong/incorrect but that is ok. You are being guided every day by your higher self. You will come across the truth when your soul is truly ready. I am happy I met all of you!!! Feel free to delete me if you want, I will not be affected. Be you, Your Organic soul that needs NOTHING ELSE for your evolution. Question question question, I cant say that enough. Dont be fooled any longer....Much Love....

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Likewise my friend :)

Congradulations you win....

Haha Eddie....funny one....

I mean, here's the kind of logic we're dealing with, we have this guy...Contract....saying that ascended masters are wrong, and manipulating us....for saying open up your third eye lol Or talking about kundalini. Because they're not saying, connect with your heart....even though they do lol See this is the kind of reasoning people use when discerning these things, so you can't really take it seriously.

You guys can think what you want...we'll see what the real deal is in the end. Just, prepare yourselves though, there's a real good chance you'll end up being dead wrong about the whole thing.

No, alot of what he's saying, is clearly a statement....saying that AA Michael, St. Germain, etc. are dark energies, trying to feed off us, to have us worship them and give them our love....he's saying that's the truth. He's saying, don't be fooled by them, don't be fooled by new age things....and I think he's just plain wrong about it.

And the logic he's using doesn't make sense to they're dark for saying, open up your third eye....and talking about kundalini....because apparently they don't say connect with your heart....but here's the thing, they do lol I never read one St. Germain or AA Michael message saying, worship fact everything they say, is the opposite of what he's saying lol They tell us to empower ourselves, we are masters, we are in charge of our own growth...we're just here to you guys even read the messages. I don't know where you get these ideas from, they don't even say most of the things you guys don't like them saying xD

I am Contract,,,<This guy right here!!!  I am sticking with my guns and saying ascended masters are negative deities messing with your head.  Sucking you into 5d, eventually, on their terms.  Not yours.   That is exactly what I am saying Jancar.  Good observation.  You have so so free will.  You John my friend can think whatever you want.  And what if you are wrong?  It goes both ways.  I have come to the my personal conclusion from years and years of research.  Not only through intense research but through the art of practicing with these beings who proclame that they will help you ascend.  Why the f*** do you need their help.  You have an organic soul, comes from universal creator. YOU DONT NEED ANYBODYS HELP FOR ANYTHING TRAVELING THROUGH THE DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS.  No chakra system is going to help you travel through the universe.  The chakra system to me keeps you dumb like fluoride.  You dont need that rubbish downloadable program that people lynch onto because they believe that it is going to help them evolve.  To me the chakra system is to spiritualist as the corrupt bible is to christians.  There is no religion, there is just you, your organic soul.  That is my conclusion friend.  Who knows, maybe I have reached another dead end but like I said the rabbit h*** just gets deeper and deeper.  The more truth seeking you do the deeper you go.  I will leave it at that.  Happy searching

I try my hardest not to judge.  Not sure what you read but its all good.  Everyone has their own path, I am following mine.  

yes, it is same as George kavasillas states in the video he made for 21-12-12 dismantling the illusions of chakras, 3rd eye, dogmas, doctrines and all you "have to do" and gain according to the "new age" in order to ascend  :

Just look deep inside

let your conscience be your guide

to love



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