Yes yes, I know I am like those 5 year old kids who always ask and ask and ask. But, this I have to ask.Please don't shoot me in case I am annoying you all with my questions. This is concerning aliens, again.

So, I had a nightmare of sorts one night. I dreamed that I was in my bathroom and there was this light coming from its big window, although, in the rest of the apartment it was dark-ish. I was going towards the light, cautiously, expecting someone to come to me, as I already was feeling a presence, even if I couldn't see it. And then this very light blue/grey-ish, tall and muscular with tiny icy light blue/grey eyes and yellow teeth being came out and towards me. I was very afraid and did not like the vibe I was getting from it, and this being had this mocking grin on his face. I decided not to run but question him, and so I telepathically asked him, ''What are you? Are you an alien?''. While still grinning, he said to me, ''Who said that I am an alien?'', and then I felt this shock and strong, vacuum-like force suddenly pulled me away from him and I woke up.

I don't remember exactly if it was after that nightmare, or another morning, but then, one morning, I woke up having this imagine before my eyes of alien beings' body shapes, watching me. I think it was 4 of them. They were around me and the image felt as though I had been laying on something and lifted my head to look at them. The image was like in a negative of a photo. The bodies were dark or somehow with colorful edges and the backgound was bright. I was thinking that maybe that was just, you know, when you see colors and shapes sometimes, but they go away almost immediately. I closed my eyes and then opened, but the image didn't go away. I was expecting it to dissapear or morth into other shapes, like it usually does when you close your eyes and look into the black of the closed eyes. But no, the image did not go away, nor did it morph into anything else. It persisted. I I even took the time to stare at it while I had the eyes closed, and the shapes of the aliens were very clear. This took for over a minute, with me closing and opening the eyes and waiting for it to dissapear.

About the picture, what is odd that it felt like an imprinted image or memory of sorts. I don't know...It was like when you witness something very shocking, but you suddenly get an amnesia of it but the sight of what you saw gets imprinted into your vision and persists.

What do you guys think? Is it just me or is there something to it?

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  • It is easy to go with the idea that it was a subconsciously projected phenomena, or an externally projected phenomena. I would suggest that it is too early to tell. It wouldn't be wise to settle for any possibility. But in these esoteric sciences, these so called extraterrestrial entities enjoy manipulating people's reality through dream state. The best way to judge them is through what vibes you get, although you need to discern between your fight or flight response and their energy. Furthermore, I have brought up encounter stories to spiritual masters before. What I have been told is that there is really no reason to dwell on these experiences unless they persist. These different entities are master's at manipulating this matrix, and often their aim if negative is to distract you. But If you are looking for answers, you might want to consider backtracking on what could have led an entity to you. It is a common theme that entities do try to manipulate people who are waking up. If you did by any chance attract a negative being to you, you need to deal with it. They manipulate people on a subconscious level which over time, not swiftly in many cases, can turn your life upside down. Keep in mind your thoughts are not always yours.

    Just don't discount any possibility, but also don't focus on the bad sides not that you ever would. "Demons" can be internalized and then projected outwardly. A lot of encounters are very real, but not how people think of them. If it was yourself manifesting that reality, there is a deeper reason than your mind just having a glitch into a practical joke. If it was illusionary you could have the third eye "demon" of illusion.

    Keep your mind open :] "Seek and you shall find"


  • Hi Ana, nice pic!  Great to see you happy!  :)

    You can always ask the angels to surround you for protection every night.  I always ask for 100,000 angels to surround me, my home and the surrounding area and to remove any negative energies and entities.  If those "nightmares" continues, increase the angels by 100,000 every night.  I've done it and it works!  I've gotten rid of negative entities in the room I was sleeping in.  I was being harassed by these negative beings.  It took a while, but I kept it up every night until they were gone(yes, I went over a million).  A few months later, they came back.  I started up again and they left.  6 months later, they came back.  Started up again, and they left.  Hasn't come back since.  This was many years ago, mind you and now I just continue to ask for angels now because it's a habit.  The angels say they love helping us and they love for us to call on them for any problem, so don't be shy!  :)  Also any archangel or ascended master you feel you may have a connection or drawn to.  You can even ask for our Star family for protection.  Just ask and keep asking!  They need our permission to act in our behalf.  Of course, they can act if it is necessary.

    Any energy or "vibe" you pick up or sense in a dream you feel is not right, then it isn't.  We go out-of-the-body when we fall asleep.  Sometimes we remember things, sometimes not.  

    I hope this helps.  Let me know if any changes happen.  Darryl

  • they say human being are asleep when they are awake and when there sleeping they are actually more awaken.

    so basically what u call a nightmare actually those aliens could of been your friends but since you are programmed to be scared of anything that looks nothing like you. it would be considered a nightmare. when i dream i give my own meaning to my dreams so that ill be the only one that can figure them out.

    • I agree with you completely on the fear. We're conditioned by society, media and films that anything that is considered alien, must be bad and malevolent, therefore, we must fear. We're injected with and raised to fear pretty much everything that is different to us. Quite a ridiculous permanent state to be in, huh?

  • I had the presence of beings in my room one night recently. I was lying half asleep, face down. My right hand was suddenly connected to a metallic hand shaped device through my fingertips and I received a painful electric shock. OW!!! Then I realised that my body was paralysed. I knew it wouldn't win overall, but nevertheless, it was there. So I breathed in God and breathed out God, and it immediately left. Have had nothing since. I think we have gatekeepers, and that we are sometimes tested, to see where we are at, and where our loyalty lies. :)

    • 4/7 nights a week, after I fall asleep, within the first hour I "wake up in the dreamworld" in my room and there's one other person there  (I wake up an hour or two later, then go back to sleep for the remainder of the night and have regular dreams). Sometimes I can visually see him, sometimes I can only sense him with my other sense (I'm always comfortable with him). I don't think he's real. As in, I don't think dreaming about people in your room is something to be concerned about.

      Try having an intelligent conversation with them and see if they can tell you something you don't already know, that you can verify after you wake up.

      Our minds/imagination do a wonderful job at playing with us in our dreamland.

      • I think you are right. I mean, I had a brainstorm with my boyfriend on this topic yesterday, shortly after I deleted my other (similar) post and came to some interesting conclusions. And I think that you are right that it is my mind playing tricks on me with the ''imprinted'' image and the dream, most likely wishful thinking. I was in a phase when I began to really question the whole alien phenomena and how it may or may not relate to me, but, I think I was thinking too much about it and then I had these two, hence why I am saying that it most likely was my mind giving me what I wanted, sort of. You know, self-fullfilling prophecy.

  • I think it's just you. If you see that guy in the dream again, give him some whitening toothpaste and a toothbrush.

    As far as the images you saw after waking... I've had some dream images overflow into reality during that waking moment too. It's all you. You and your imagination and all the ideas in your head... that's a product of that. Nothing to be afraid of. Once you realize it's nothing to care about, and focus on things that make you smile, that waking moment where images from dreams might still be delayed can be beautiful and lovely instead of disturbing.

    I've had one incident where I woke up and went to look at my alarm clock, and this thick, claymation-like flower started sprouting next to it with a smiley face on it. I shut my eyes really hard and rubbed them to make it go away only because I don't want to see that while awake... it wasn't scary, it was actually pretty neat, but hallucinating is not something I want to be a part of. It only serves to distort and confuse. Trying to separate hallucinations from reality is one thing I'd rather not have to deal with.

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