The Vatican must open every door and nothing should be hidden ...all corrupt rascals must be removed from the Vatican  ..till it becomes a place situated in the mode of goodness with only those who are living in the mode of goodness

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  • I say let's do it. The Vatican is the perfect place to start. It is the symbol of all that is hidden to control and manipulate, to create suffering - endless suffering. When does it stop? Much blood is on their hands and they do not seem to mind... Hmmm, sounds like Service to Self.
    Peace, love, and light to all. Remember, the Love/Light, Light/Love of the Creator heals all, even through simple acts of kindness, do we ascend from this madness.(just a thought)
  • The harlot in the book of revelation chapter 17 rifers basically to cabal, and it becomes the apostate church should that church try to manipulate governments as it were, trying to control the 'beast' it is riding. Surprisingly, Vatican still sits in the 'seven hills', i.e Rome! This is to say the same same corrupt sytem that John saw still stands. It never disappeared! The cabal is traceable to the ancient Rome. John say 'the fall of Babylon' (the cabal in Rome) will be a great victory!
  • My tenth sense is telling me .. THE CORRUPTION IN THE VATICAN MUST BE REMOVED ..all the corrupt evil people must be removed and put in a heavy lock up
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"Where do they specifically link the coronavirus vaccine to a loss in visual capability and/or compare it to the sensory capability of a heroin junkie?"
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"This is from a german Webpage, i translate it into Englisch for You:
Changes come later, not now?
From 2049 onwards, the world will recognize that people are not alone in space.…"
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"I was vaccinated with biontec vaccine 2x. No reaction, as always. I do not know if for min. 37 degree increased temperatue also belongs to side effects. It's a financial crisis that you cover up with the pandemic. After all, the rulers do not want…"
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"Hi, I read somewhere that you can only channel you're higher self. I like that idea."
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"Now suppose the consciousness is generated by the brain. Then we know that all the brain does is propagate electric charges along cell membranes. The consciousness will be literal energy. But then it will be like the way chages moves back and forth…"
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"and Damien Wynne"
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"Jason Shukra"
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St. Germain and The Violet Flame

In the name of my Beloved I AM THAT I AM, my Beloved I AM Presence and on behalf of all of Humanity's Beloved I AM Presences', I call upon our Beloved Violet Flame. Blaze, Blaze. Blaze Beloved Violet Flame. Surround Mother Earth and all upon her,…

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