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I dont know, reading the new "guidelines" has got me thinking "what the ****" is going on?

Are you ready for a classic Pasiel rant? Then let's go :

Now, I dont mind that common courtesy is brought to our attention everynowandthen, but this is far more than least to me...or at least that's what it seem's like to be more presice.
I dont want to speculate to the different reasons for it, or maybe I....oh who knows, let's see where this ends up.

What immediatly struck me, was reading the following line :

"Go ahead and speak of conspiracy theories, but remember what we focus on we will create. This website is about focusing on the Love and possibilities beyond conspiracy. "

Cool, so what is it all about? What is most important, a "good vibe" or truth?

How can anyone find peace or truth, without truth? How is one gonna "change the world" living in a illusion (no pun intended)?
How will one know what to fix if one doesn't know the reasons behind "whatever needs to be fixed"?

Is it so, that not just putting your fingers, but thrusting both hands into the ears, turning the other way while at the same time rambling "la-la-la-la-la-la....I dont want to" is the way forth? Is this a logical solution? It may be a logical reaction if you are "fresh" in the game, but alas, we cant remain on the staring line forever either.

Living in a illusion can be comfortable at times, but it seldom, if ever, leads to true peace and harmony.

BTW: labeling things as "conspiracy theories" is a bit...ehmmm...I dunno, far fetched all the time most of it is documented and thus a part of the current reality. In fact, I'd rather see those who label/belittle others with "conspiracy" to actually disprove "whatever" they they seem fit to deem as how about that?
Wouldn't that also be a sign, of showing both courtesy and respect for your fellow traveller, or is it a onway street or worse, better to try and ignore and riddicule...and if that doesn't work, run to the admins and cry your heart out because your "sensitive" soul cant handle the perceived "negativity"?

And have you ever thought, that if all of this is really true, aren't you then a part of the conspiracy or at least aiding in the conspiracy even if it is about creating a better future he he he
Does anyone think that ignoring problems whilst thinking "happy thoughts" about "whatever" is going to change the current stasis?

Yea, I know alot about conscious creation and the whole lot, in the end, you're all just a figment of my imagination anyway heh he he hehehehe he, and I'm crazy for sitting here talking to myself, on the other hand, I'm quite fond of myself, so I'll entertain myself some more.....conscious creation is a process that consist of more than just 1 step. If there are, let's say 3 steps to "get to the door", then will you ever reach the door with just taking 1 step?

Creation starts with the intent/thought/wish, then there's a time to do (or action), and then, and only then will there actually be something to harvest. A small analogy, you plant the seed (thought), then you tend and nurture the soil (action) where you planted the seed...and if you tend whatever you sow, you most surely will harvest your crop, regardless of which seed you put in the soil.

So, just as important as which seed you plant, it is also and equally important which soil and how well you tend it....these two together determines the certainty of a conscious creation. Take one from the other, and your on a haphazard path...anything may or may not happen.

The seed determines: "what"....the soil determines: the [the level of] "success"/outcome. It is not good "echonomics" to just throw seeds around if there is no fertile ground for it to grow......I think Jesus had a pharable about that somewhere (without taking it to a religious level).

So what the *bleep* am I talking about?

Well, if the future is to be bright and shiny, then we must tend our little garden, not just by thoughts but also through action, aka root out the bad seed's that has been alowed to flourish and prosper. How a "cleaning of the garden" can be viewed as negative...well, that's beyond me. How can anyone think that more of the same is somehow going to change anything?

Is anyone really so ungrounded and insecure in their views/hope for the outcome of tomorrow, that they completly loose their cool if they are presented with reasons behind the current problems? Is it wrong to point out where the bad seeds are growing? Do you get pissed off because you've might have been lied to (in that case, dont shoot the messengers he he)?
It sure aint a healthy sign of growth, nor prosperity that someone intentionally either choose to ignore "todays" problems or even worse, get into a mode of complete cognitive dissonance.
And, I find it disturbing that somehow looking at the problem and trying to find a solution is termed "negative"....did I miss something here?

Isn't the point to identify the "negative" and transmute it to something positive? Can someone tell me how this is done if it is not known what is....even positive awareness cant transmute something it isn't aware of.

So, it is not a stance of fear or negativity, nor do I personally fear the future, but I must say that I harbour doubts when people just happily dance along to the pied piper and go along with all the crazyness and further enslavement and poisoning and the rest of the tricks and trades of our beloved "leaders", and these is not personal beliefs, but to a large xtent documented reality (in as so far "reality" can be documented), just turn on the news or read a paper and you'll have an incling of what problems I am reffering to. I must say, just to have it said, that I am not looking for someone to blame but to identify what is wrong and then friggin fix it.
There is noone who holds any great power over anyone, there is only the power that we give other words, we let "them" do what whatever they do and noone is held liable. Why?

Is it ignorance?
Is it fear?
Is it not xpected of us to attain less become fearless?

When you look at the level of "power" they yield over us, it becomes a joke....coz it is one of the biggest illusions should actually laugh your heart out, pad yourself on the back and say "oh well, that was then....but this is now" and reclaim your power and be the friggin' change. Oh, I almost forgot, getting to know how "it is" and your own power has a side effect of making you fearless....coz it is all ridiculous in the end looking how we've been duped heh he hehehe he he

But anyway, wanna know what? It is completly fine & OK by me.....y'know, that some can't handle it or can't believe it, we all perceive things differently, but the big question in the light of the topic is, who's perception is given supremacy over another, and worse, to put limitations over another one?

By far, the future is to be that of freedom, perhaps some has lived so long under the whip that they dont recognize "freedom" anymore...I dont know...maybe....who knows?
But, with freedom comes great responsibility to the individual, and I am first and foremost thinking of mutual respect in this case, some seem's to forget that part, some are perhaps not aware of it...who am I to know? I dont...just throwing it out here heh he hehehe he

But to get to the point, when I first joined A.C, it was because it was a place big enough for everyone, regardless of their beliefs or truths, or what they wrote or did not write. Sadly, this seems to have come to an I dont know anymore. Heh, they say there's a time and a place for everything, perhaps this is no longer the time or place anymore....that is, for me...I am, always was, and forever will be a free spirit, and I heared me...I refuse to be bound by anything other than love.

If someone have personal issues with todays issue, then they are personal and should be honored and respected for that, but it is a completly different story to make it a consensus for how a regulation affecting everyone is formed. I dont read the spirit of Brother Ben nor A.C in these new "guidelines"...perhaps he has received help from someone. In the old day's of A.C, common courtesy was the norm, a pretty simple and easy rule, maybe not always easy to follow, but none the less, a easy and all encompassing rule which covered basically everything and gave protection and provided a "safe" enviroment for the individual to to teach, learn and grow.

So what is the reason behind these new rules....and subsequent additional rules :

"We reserve the right to modify these Guidelines in whole or in part from time to time and we will notify you by posting revised Guidelines to the Site. Your continued participation on the Site after the revision will constitute your acceptance of the revised Guidelines.

More will be added. So keep an Eye on this page."

Well, it beats me, perhaps "simple" has become too complicated or perhaps people have become so imature that they cant follow a simple rule anymore and need to be spoonfed what to say and how to say it...and that is a frightening thought heh heh he hehe.

But there's more in this soup, take a look at this one :

"No profanity or swearing."

I guess that means I'm out, bloody h***, where I grew up we have a swear word injected inbetween every other word heh he he he, and it translates into writing should have heared me "live" lol heh he hehehehe he..point is, this is me...should I have to conform and pretend to be something I am not?

And what about this one :

"Only Invite people you believe is interested in this website. "

What? Are we being selective now? If there is a selection process lurking here somewhere, then I grow more certain that A.C has lost touch with it's intention. Yea, I know, I was not thinking of mass spamming of people, but it could be, that someone "discovers" something something after a while and thus wake up. So now this potential is going to be deprived from those who may benefit the most from a community like this?

Is this a contradictionary rule compared with the "limitations" that is inserted in one of the first paragraphs :

"Share your belief and know that what others believe is their truth, never force your belief on anyone. "

Which means share your beliefs as long as "someone" agrees, or are acceptable to "some"?

Is it really so, that from here on, if just one person has a "problem" with what anotherone write or says, that the "guilty" part must refrain from speaking his truth? What is truth anyway? Are there conspiracies? Is planet X real? Is Ashtar real? Does God xisist? And the list could definitly be made longer, but there's no point to it as I am sure you understand what I mean. Unless you are one that need's to be spoonfed and regulated heh heh.

Nah, I dont know, but I am sure we are moving into a territory that was not chartered when I joined, and it certainly conflicts with the intention of creation and where it is heading. Do I sound like a spoled brat who doesn't get what he wants, heh, no, I'd say it is a unselfish request on behalf of everyone and not just a few, that the community is as free (remember that with freedom comes.....) as it can be. Am I overrating and misinterpretating the rules?
Well, that is a completly and legit question.....maybe you [the reader] want to help me sort it out?

Anyway, these are just my opinions here and now....but I'd like to hear yours too...if you dont mind.
Or if you do...then dont mind me :D

Anyway....y'all Be Blessed..and Be Good

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Me agree :D
Wait...theres guidelines?
well, my philosophy has always been...if i wasnt consulted in the creation of any law, i am not bound to it...
I went here instead of that guideline bussiness...
I laugh till it hurts every time..
He he he hehehe he
Wow Robby see you have met my kids. That is all I ever heard with two boys was HE did it. Then when they got a little more sophisticated they started saying that my kitty did it........and from then on my poor siamese got blamed for everything.....what a bad kitty, hehehe.
Yea, I wasn't attacking Ben although I understand it can be perceived that way.

Just to make some clarification: I heard rumours that A.C would be strickter before the new site was up and running. I didn't believe it coz that's not the Ben I know. I did frequent some other ning-sites and xperienced various degrees of "need to control" attitude, and I am thinking of unreasonable terms and "rules". That in itself is cool, I dont have to or feel the need to be a member of such a site. So, much to my surprise, it "seemed" to be happening here too, they [rules/guidelines] appeared to me seemed to "narrow" down on what was alowed to be xpressed, call it freedom of speech, and in no way Josè was my initial rant "just about" conspiracy theories, although one can safely say that it seems like it turned out that way. But, I would have done the same thing if it was about "channelings"...which I dont personally "like". Coz it is not about what the topic is, just the appearence of some sort of "censorship".

I think we can all agree, that one of the positive things about A.C is that it is all inclusive, and I just think it should remain as that. Now, Brother Ben came in early and dismissed my "fears", and I must say I am xtreemly happy and thankfull for that.

Granted, it wasn't the harshest rules I have seen, but like the proverbial frog, it can lead to unwanted results. If anything, xoricising control should be over oneself and not over others. Hope that clears up my intention for the initial has by all means de-railed heh he he, but that's good, it is always healthy to discuss freedom and responsibility anyway not to mention getting peoples oppinions and thoughts around the subject(s).

But yea, I understand why Brother Ben put up those guidelines, I just dont neccessarily agree. Not that we cant have some basic rules, some times thay may be called for, but as he has done, and which I agree upon, is to keep the guidelines on a "personal" in dont mess or harass others. I dont think there are many who disagree with that he he, but I also think that that is sort of self-xplanatory if you know what I mean. Of course, it doesn't bother me if they are there, those kind of rules were not the reason I made the was wholeheartedly about censorship.

Regarding focus on "negativity" my other posts (just too much to repeat he he he), but it is not about negativity, if anything it is a xorcise in choosing the "right" focus, or better yet, to "find" the positive in what is perceived as "negative". You may choose to see it as transmuting the apparent "negative" into something "positive".

But I agree with what you said, thruth comes in many shapes and flavours, it is not a "one thing", it is compromised of many truths...all equal and valid in and of themselves...and all are parts of a greater truth.

And I agree about others truths, and this is one of the most important aspects of A.C and the acceptance for all and everything. Not only as a means of xpression for the individual and/or the opportunity for others to learn new information...but most importantly, to learn to accept the fact that others have a different idea than oneself....a small leson in unconditional love if you will, lol heh he hehehe he he regardless of the topic, it is the process "around" it that is important. Just my humble opinion.

Be Blessed Anakva...and Be Good
About the Bush/reptilian conspiracy, I also don’t subscribe to this though I’m not closed to it. It’s good to be open-minded but always keep a discerning eye. About it having no place in this site is relative from person to person. What may seem insignificant to someone may be another person’s truth. About monitoring people from posting things that may seem trivial, one can only do so much. Beyond that, it ends up being a learning experience for people in terms of patience, tolerance and forgiveness.

Regarding conspiracy theories alone, labelling these as such is one way the controllers downplay and demonize efforts to uncover the truth. They also do this to disempower and humiliate the people by branding them as crazy or loony because of their conspiracy theories. But just like the scientific method, when a theory is continually backed-up by witness accounts and documents, it becomes a fact but more importantly truth. An example is the 911 movement wherein it was shot down immediately as being a conspiracy and thus unpatriotic. But through the years, more and more studies have been made my architects and engineers who testify that plane fuel couldn’t have melted the building columns. And recently last year, the NIST came out with a new explanation saying that thermal expansion must have caused the collapse. This is absurd because this means that any office fire could topple a building. Why do they still insist that anything other than their explanation is a conspiracy? Even if there was molten metal at the building’s base and numerous witnesses claiming of hearing several explosions prior to the collapse?

The point is, labeling some of the more popular discussions as conspiracy theories, won’t hold up anymore. UFO conspiracy? Not happening. So many people all over the world, from the common farmer to military personnel, have chanced upon ufos. And out of the countless recorded sightings, there are some that are very credible and cannot be discounted. New World Order conspiracy? Not even close. So many world leaders are calling for a new international order and a new global economy. Kissinger had even the gall to say that Obama is in a good position right now to set up a new world order!

Therefore, it is more apt these days to call these conspiracy theories, truth movements. In fact, alternative news media is now being termed as truth sites, truth forums, truth news among others. Isn’t it more empowering to be known as a truth patriot or truther rather than a conspiracy theorist?

Now about issues like the new world order or globalist agenda, I have to disagree that these should be laid off the table because it is of fear. In fact, it is because of these insidious schemes that one is motivated to look inward and try to see the cosmic connection of the events; past, present, and future. This is the dual nature of the times and I think we have to understand the negativity to truly want to aspire for better times ahead. It’s a matter of looking at things in a positive way. For example, instead of allowing war and poverty to dampen your spirit, be urgent with compassion and courage to consciously want abundance for all people, especially the poor. Be generous to those in need even if it’s just a kind word or a smile. Thought plus action will reverberate around the earth, thus increasing love and reaching those in need.

I came to learn universal truths by way of reading about depopulation, then read The New Paradigm by George Green. That was a tough process. Nevertheless, I see the importance of looking at world issues, but with a positive mindset of course, then try to uncover the higher meaning through meditation. I always come back with peace and a stronger resolve to anything.

The site nonetheless was created to primarily promote spiritual growth and assuming everyone who comes here knows about ”conspiracies”, there may be less need for these things but rather focus on love and understanding. This is a guideline that I think has to be somewhat respected to some extent. It’s a slippery slope but doesn’t have to be if one is sensitive to action and reactions. There are also other truth forums and movements where one can participate in. And maybe, those coming from these movements will find their way to AC to tie in everything together and finally see that bigger picture. Peace and joy to you my friend
My position....if I dont know with certainty, then I am open to all possibilities. In regard to the reptilian in Bush being a reptilian.

First and foremost, I believe it to a misunderstanding that so many ties the ancient stories about "reptiles" to the modern version, by a large xtent thanx to Z.Zitchin. I have many objections against his work and so far, all his proof has been to "assume" that the texts of old is evidence for his saga.
From early on in our history, snakelike people was both a metaphore and a description of a reptile behaviour, not that they were lizzards. If I find time, I'll dig up somethin somethin about the nature of the traits of a "reptilian" being, and I am sure most people will see reptiles in more than just a few people. I am sure most of us have "reptiles" as neighbours or friends he he he, and in this context, yea, Bush is a reptile :)

Another aspect of the great puzzle, is that of energies. It is perhaps not so much that certain energies "change", but rather that we (suddenly/occasionaly) "read" the same energy differently. And in this instance, I am refering to energies as bodies.
Nothing is solid, this must be kept in the back of ones mind at all times, otherwise it is easy to get lost or stuck in one or two paragdimes...or worse, get stuck in a dogma.

But yea, I appreciate your post Bro, and I agree with what you wrote.

I will just add this, my concerns was not primarely the "censorship" of conspiracy theories, but censorship in and of itself.
Brother Ben cleared it up, so there are no censorship in regard to what topic(s) is alowed to be discussed, and then I cant say anything else but....thank God he he hehe he..or Ben for that ;)

The reason "conspiracy" was the dominat part of my initial post, weas because it was the nail that stuck out in the original guidelines, hence it was natural to grab a hold of that. Not that one should underplay the importance conspiracy has had in our past and present no, I am all for that. But I do also understand that soem done want to touch it either as it is perceived as "negaative" to them....and that's cool.

You said it best : "....being a learning experience for people in terms of patience, tolerance and forgiveness."

Be Blessed Bro...and Be Good
Blessings to all
I am fairly new to the AC but not newly awakened, I see where everyoone is coming from on guidelines and conspriacy theories. I think having a few guidelines are fine as long as they are in reason and doesnt hinder ones individuality
and freedom of speech.Because without some rules there would be chaos and discord.And there are many
Conspiracy theories that abound in our world today But the trick is to not let it control our lives and our evolution
to the next realm of existence. You can find truth in some and lies in another.But take what you know to be truth
and learn from it and discard the rest.Dont let it control you.Those who conspire in the first place are looking for attention or really trying to get the world to open it's eyes.And some are looking to cause fear in others.
Like someone mentioned Zeitgeist I have watched this one and it is an eye opener, whihle there are others out there
who try debunk truths like it.I havent seen Zymatica and i plan on watching it .But all in all take what you can from these things and toss out the rest.
We all have to remember that plane we are on is a plane of learning and evolving , and in the process of this learning
we have to instill love in all we do, towards everyone and everything around us, Love is the most powerful energy
of all, it helps us, ,heals us, empowers us ,binds us ,brings forth life. and sometimes can kill us(ex:crimes of passion)

True we have to becareful who we relay our messages to , because not everyone will listen to us and our message we
carry .So we have to let that be up to the individual let their own spirit speak for them and make a decision.
It like in the Matrix "Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?"it's that simple.I chose the blue pill years ago
the messages from Yeshuah(Jesus) and ashtar are simple we are to focus on loving one another and evolving to the next
plane and in the meantime getting those who truly WANT to evolve with us, After all we are one in the same in spirit.
And on the question of ships(ufo's) they are here and have been here for ages.I have seen 4 in my lifetime here,once in
95, 2 back in 2004 and one the other night I thought it was just a helicopter hovering but copters dont hover for two hours
and there was no searchlight. and it had many colors to it. But the thing is this look to the sky at night on a clear night
just watch and you may see a streak fo to youtube and watch the NASA footage.Research then put the pieces together for yourself.
Again we all came to AC for a reason and everything happens for a reason, we are here as a communion of souls
all on the same path to higher levels of learning and conscious. Be who you are always and never let fear control you
remember love conquers all, even fear.

Blessed be
"Arrogance dinmishes wisdom"
This is a wonderful post. Actually I just emailed another member here this morning with many questions that you have addressed here, because sometimes I get lost in the quagmire and don't know what to believe. I have had an experience with an alien lifeform, so my questions were not whether aliens exist, for me there is no doubt on any level, but I will not bore our faithful longtime members with my experiences, they have heard it all from me to believe or not. But I guess I was just in a quandry because I am hearing of things and truths that I have never experienced as others have and was feeling somewhat behind in knowledge and spiritual development because I have not seen their truths and trying to figure out if I missed out on something somehow, and if so why, or what is wrong with me. I guess at the end of the day though, nobody can give me cut and dry answers and I guess I have to follow my heart like you said and let fear not be part of my reality. Are there really benevolent "aliens" that care about earth mankind and are helping us was my most pressing question in my heart. Because my experiences were not with these benevolent types of lifeformss, not even sure what the beings I had to deal with were,...species wize. I guess I just wanted to be assured that my experience of other species is not the only thing there is in reality. I know I am rambling here, and for once just don't know how to word what my heart wants to know, so for now, thank you for your post response, it helped me.

Love to all
you are most welcome :)
Stay blessed
haha, explanations.



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