I don't want to participate anymore

Sorry for the "selfish" post, but I wish to get some things out that I think a lot of us have felt or may be feeling right now...

First of all, I've been feeling so neutral it's scary.  I cried for the first time in a while today, and I was almost happy about it!  (woohoo, I'm not an android)  I feel like I only cry now when I need to release something deep that I'm not even cognizant about until much later.

But I feel so detatched that I just don't wannt to "play" anymore.  I don't want to go to work, I don't want to eat, I don't want to read, etc... Many may be quick to slap me with a diagnosis of depression, but I'm really not sad...I just feel trapped...trapped in this un-reality that I have been trying to momentarily escape when I can.

I don't feel like I need anything (but physically, you know, I need water and food).  I don't want anything.  I don't want money or fancy gadgets.  I just want silence and peace (and SLEEP!).  I just want to BE.  That's it.  Yet it seems so few can understand what I mean when I say this, and when I do say it, they want to hide all the medication, sharp objects and shoelaces in my house. :)

I just think we are being rewired like radios.  First I was really unhappy, then really happy, now I think they found the right channel.  I just feel here, now, and I don't care about what might happen tomorrow, next year, what happened last year.  Who cares.  But our reality makes it imperative to care.  I just want to sit and think and create.  That's all.  I want to get to know myself, what I've been through, what I know, because I know we are so much more.  But somehow that's too much to ask.


Anyone out there understand where I'm coming from?  And have some advice on how to overcome it so I may feel up to participating once again?

I just want to BE...

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  • Hello my dear..sorry i dont know ur name..

    But i can relate t what u been feeling..actually am feeling just the same..are u my long lost twin..hahah sorry have  a habit of thowing a bit of humor when the going gets tough and it seems to be for many of us..sometimes its so rough that someone as expressive as me is judged as lost and dumb..so much goes n inside...tired of hiding it on the outside..

    Well am a Tarot/Angel Card practitioner.Without meaning to boast about my pages..i confess,they pull me up..somehow when im down..which has been happening a lot in the last 2 years...so my darling..may i ask u to be  apart of my Angel Home..oops let me rephrase..."our Angel Home.'

    I will post the links and let me know what u think.

    Big hug.




    I would be happy if u take a look but if it makes no sense to you,i will completely understand.

    Much love.

    Facebook Groups
    TAROT WITH THE ANGELS. has 7,432 members. INFORMATION ON MY SERVICES - The "Akashic Records", which are otherwise known as the "Hall Of Records" ,…
  • Somesayimnot,


    As you have already noticed a lot of us are going through the same exact thing.  I am being patient waiting for something to spark that light within me again.  I have no advice just reassure you that you are not the only light being feeling this way.


    Let the Universe Shower You with Blessings and Guidance,


  • Well maybe you do not know...but you have the remote..so use it as you please ..

    All you have to do it is to discover that remote..

  • My goodness! Thank you so much for posting this somesayimnot! I feel the exact same way recently! So glad to know that I'm not the only one! Love and blessings to you.

  • I too am going thru this phase. I'm not interested in anything much except music and sleep. I thought I was depressed but I don't feel unhappy, I feel grateful and content, I don't care what is going on in the world around me and all the drama and expectations. I just want to BE. I even changed my work schedule so I have more time to myself and it feels wonderful. I think it is the shift some of us are experiencing to go within where we can be at peace with ourselves and the Creator. I don't feel it is anything to worry about I feel it's a must have experience. ENJOY!  It may be a time to store our energy for the coming Earth changes. Lots of Love and peace to all, Miche

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much all you wonderful, beautiful, bright, loving souls.  All your kind and wise words have moved me to tears.  I knew there was I reason I joined this site :)

    You have given me so much food for the soul. Who needs Thanksgiving tomorrow? :)

    Gosh guys, I just really really really want to hug you all.  MASS HUGS!

    So I think here is what I've learned lately:

    I'm still trying to figure out where I am, who I am, where I am going, but all of those things don't have to be figured out now, because they can't.  Where I'm going is where I am.  And I am who I am. I don't have to plan for the future so much as live in the moment and the future will take care of itself. 

    I need to stop trying to heal the world and heal myself first.  Which seems antithetical to my whole philosophy of life up to now.  And have some faith that I CAN achieve what I want, have some courage, a backbone...because for me, it's so much easier to deal with someone else's issues than deal with my own.  Time to live up to who I AM. Basically. 

     ["Nut up or shut up"] lol.

    I feel like this "inaction" or "limbo" phase I'm feeling IS a way for me to be an objective observer of my own life, and to see which areas of my life could use a tune-up. I think a lot of my frustration comes from the fact that I really want to share the spiritual life with others without being seen as a nut.  I just want to think about science and spirituality, I want to be it.  I have such a thirst for it.  And anything that doesn't involve these things has become unpalatable. 

     It's just us becoming the spiritual beings we were meant to be, and our "reality" not quite catching up with that idea.  In the meantime I will seek to find answers within myself until everyone awakes.  ~*Focusing on spiritual enlightenment*~  Because in the end, nothing matters more than our souls.




  • Dearest

    We all have to put up with everyday life .

    try to do something new or go somewhere new to ease your mind.

  • I can relate to how you are feeling.  I have felt the same way sometimes.   Recently something came to me when I was feeling that way and it was the words "Gilleon Prison". Weird, but  I thought maybe Gilleon is some other planet and I was sent here for some sort of punishment.  This seems to make me feel better everytime I'm feeling bad.

      I do have to say that the last time I felt that way though, that I didn't want anything and gave up feeling of any interest in anything in this world, was just a couple days before my dad passed away.  About a month ago.  I later thought it was maybe a sign for me.

  • Hi Dear,


    I am also feeling the same from few days ... I balme myself thinking it as my laziness ... But I have just started not liking doing anything in my life ....


    Nor even the food interests me any more ... just want to drift away from everything and everybody ...


    But my question is WHY we feel this way ???


    Do you have answer to this WHY ... Please let me know if you do ........


    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL................................

  • When I'm Being Myself I Am Usually Havning Fun With The Simple Fact That I Am Typing This Right Now <3


    Much Love Seen!!! <3 


    Scalloped Potatoes!!!!!! <3

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