I can someone tell the proof of all this

Hi all,

Well I know the proof already, but it's a friend of mine at work who wants to proof about what I am into because I believe in Galactic Federation of light or Galactic Federation same group just different names ;like we call god etc and many other things by researching and feeling the true from my heart.

So anyway my friend has turned to religion which is Islam, I am nothing against any religions but we always having interesting conversations and he says all information from is in the Qur'an and I said well I will never follow a religion because to me it's giving your energy away to something and I said all this information feels right from within my heart which I read up and find the proof aswell.


I might not able see it with my own eyes, but I can sure feel the love and energy from the things I am into. Anyway I told my friend what is happening and he says what if the Galactic Federation when they land, say that Islam is the way the follow and I said they are spiritual beings and they do not follow a religion but have there own cultures, then I said what happens when the Ascended Masters return and give the real information about the main religions on this planet and he could not accept it that he couldn't be wrong, where I can accept of being wrong.


I know my friend has changed in many ways from following Islam it's amazing to be honest, he used to smoke pot, drink, and was a big player with women. Know he's waiting until he finds muslin girl to marry, before having sex. So in what he is doing I respect him sooo much, but when I tell about Galactic Federation he says that some of it is he same of what is in The Qur'an. I have to say things do sound the same a tiny bit.


Anyway what is thoughts about this my spiritual friends on here.





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  • A lot of people say "I dont see ufo`s" but they are not looking for them!

    When you want to see the aliens that are here try to stare at the stars and ask to see their ships.

    Be patience and have a peaceful mind. 

    Last 2 years they come regular to show there nice ships to me.

    Friday 7 dec they even my son of 5 see a big group flying by for the first time and he loved it!

  • It is unfortunate though that he would never do the same for you. At least by the track record.... Hope springs eternal....

  • Unless there is proof there is no proof. We only "know" what we feel, what we think. Heck there is lots of proof *against* our .. whatever the heck it's called religion/belief system due to all these "channelers" giving false promises all the time. (If you choose to associate them)
    And until there is proof, if there ever is any proof then it isn't really in our right to try to convert anybody, discuss it with those who are open minded but can you really say for sure that it's correct? Well maybe you can but I sure can't.

    I think as long as he himself is friendly and respectful of other living things and doesn't allow these beliefs to convince him to commit atrocities then what he believes in doesn't matter as long as it brings him comfort.

  • You don't need to prove anything when it comes to faith,

    What matters is that you feel it, and it answers the questions you want it to answer for you.

    let the way you live your life be the all the proof anyone needs that what you believe is correct.

    Because if no one truly has the answer yet, then what you believe is as correct as anyone guess.



    • I just want say to thank you for your reply s back everyone and to the person on here call One i didn't follow my friends way because he has turn Muslim. I am just saying that I will never follow a religion because I am pass that stage and it's to be one with all no matter how you look at it.

      Because I respect all religions, but when one someone says you will got to hell or god will judge when you died then you know it's for control and money. Do you actually see our space brothers and sisters follow a religion? I don't think so and from my own research they don't. They follow the spiritual path by believing in god or the creator etc etc and being one with everything.

      There are millions or probably billions of names you could call god and this how I know what is truth in my heart and soul and all I can do give my unconditional love to people who haven't awaken up to the understanding of who we are and why we are here and that we are co creating with god all the time, because we are part of god and always will be not matter what.



      • your beliefs and practicies are a religion, you just choose not to call it one, you also choose to belive that your belief has all the answers and is the way while you attack ALL religions saying none of them are worthy of your devotions.

        yet you take what you want fro each one, so they arent good enough to follow but are good enough to take ideas from to make your own set.

        the aliens in every culture follow religions too.  they all speak of following the spiritual heirarchy, they have bosses like "god" whom they follow the decrees of and the commands of.

        you are like everyone else lost in their own belief, believing your belief is the one true belief.

        he wonders if they follow the same beliefs which you admit they do, yet you still told him that your masters are the ones who may come and tell him he was following the wrong beliefs.  did you ever say to him even one time that HE may be right that beings may come and say his religion is the one they follow?

        i could go on and on about this but it is pointless because contrary to what you have said, you are locked into your belief without knowing if it is true or not, and will continue to tell others that yours is the way and theirs is a contrived religion.

  • sigh, just because you have a memory and physical scars doesnt mean they are from the same event.

    you could have been abducted for testing and implanted with a memory.

    again you are just believing what you want to believe to suit your experience.

    light in the sky doesnt prove aliens are here. abductions dont prove aliens are here.  for all we know this planet could have originally been theirs and they hid underground. 

    the point is we just dont know and everyone throwing out their experiences doesnt mean that those experiences explain anything, obviously since so many of these experiences are contradictory.

  • it is arrogant to assume that in a what seems to be infinite universe that they would come here to our backwater planet on the outer rim of our galaxy.

    the issue is human arrogance where we believe we are worth more than we are, or believe we are entitled to things we have no idea about.

    • There is arrogance from the ego, and aliens come here because we are worth more than we are.In our living concept, ignorant in ignorance would allow this view to flourish.

      The real reason would be to watch make observations, after just watching they would become terrified of us, being in technology advanced and or spiritual advanced At some point they would make it clear you people are never to leave this planet area.

      What would terrify an advance race is our natural to nature ignorance in ignorant in our current concept of living absolute terrifying, perhaps there sages medicine people prophets warned them about us. I would even warn them about us lol :)   


  • yep-deception, lies -there are approx. 17 'wars' going on around the world and every one of them involves jihadists!

    World Caliphate and bolshevick NWO- the super rich and the 'elites' who serve them are on thier way to South America and Oceana to rule the world-Islamists will keep the rest of us in line.

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