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I believe in ETs, but I never have never actualy met one, or seen one of their ships! why not?

I know that there are some ETs here! And I would like to discus this! Thankyou! My name here is EagleBear1957 but you can call me Charlie!

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Thankyou for sharing this information Rambling Poet! I'll look up into the night sky, and you have some nice Holidays my friend!

You too g-night I need to get to my conference now chat later by by!

you will in future, people are kind like you. they will interact with you. the pick few selective people are wisdom and nice toward people. those hold alot negative it hard for the ET and alien interact with people. For my contact, they tell me caused i am pure and good hurt, I dont have war personality, i ver helpful spiritual and living energy....... i bring light of my true self and shine the brightest. I have edger to save all life, Free people from control society. I show love and compassion, i am dont used negative words, no harsh words........ what happen today, i am in peace with my self, when people mad, they threw negative energy, since i am highly dimension beings, my energy above 30 dimension. i see things at once..... when they anger they shut......... i dont shut anger, i shut love.......... >>>I turn negative to positive. i am allergic to dark and dim energy, i cant even be around dark grey or reptilian, yes i do throw acid around negative energy,,,,,,,,, i need be around postive energy to work in balance.......... When i am positive , people using negative energy toward I , alot dont see what they doing......... I say sorry to people, people never apologize, when it both people fault, all should take responseablity, than if  person want amit something that is not true to my energy, they are asking me to lie toward my energy, i am not aloud to lie to human.... this why i am so unique. I seen over 100 or 200, 1000 differnet alien and ET is fact........ One i see in real life is grey, prey mantis, Ashtar, pleiadian, Asket dal universe, lielocks Universe Lady dal universe. much more. right now i have nordic ET male black short hair, visted me on and off real life, he protect my energy, right now he protecting my purity........ Reserve my health and DNA.

seeing real et first time , not scary at all, strong loving energy i know who they are right away. Universe ET blonde first contact i, than later i see grey and other alien............ i never freak by them.........i got used to them, everyday group them visited me in spiritual or awake stage.

i am highest level in universe council, this where people attack i, they dont understand, why i am highly connective universe mother energy of our universe and many universe. all what i am saying is fact..........people call me lair, they need to realize their is many possibility to the unknown. we have not been taught the right truth yet. All i can tell people is truth, i can not lie..........honest matter to understand the truth by et and alien in our universe, and many universe.

i seen space ship , they come and go, I am over protective, i am very rare on mother earth,,,,,,,,, Et will protect my energy at royalty. I hold universe creation energy toward my energy, i do this at the highest dimension. When i am real, i call lair,that how christ felt, when he try teach people the truth....... time repeat it self, all we can do make the best of love and compassion toward people

you will experiance et and alien , UFO craft someday. it will happen.

sorry type o, pure of heart, heart is full, purity of light, that what i mean, Most of all to contact private highest et, Meditate, show compassion all life on mother earth.......... Et and alien attractive to those want to heal mother earth people and life........those who dont fight people, those are not negative, those are in the light...... those follow spiritual wisdom. those advice for highly peaceful ET and ALien, they do want to met all, we had to earn it. great to have me, i can give you advice how to communicate them.we all have access, we had to show them we are ready for them, are energy imprint need to show them are pure energy level...........

Thanks Charlotte. It's good that you are able to communicate with ETs/Space Brothers. Ignore the ones, who make fun at you OK? They ridicule what they can't understand, or see. I can't presently see what you see, but I believe ETs or Space Brothers are real and exist anyway. Our body equipment is not really set up to see energy the way it is. All energy is in constant motion, but our bodies' eyes see things as solid. But air isn't solid, we can feel it, but we can't see it. No one doubts the existence of air because you can feel it. Namaste my Friend.

thanks, i am ignore people call such name. I dont hear them . thanks , for advice.........

Life should be positive , blessing, yes et contact are peaceful.............

heard the term , what go around will come back at you. Lesson taught in life.

you welcome



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