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I believe in ETs, but I never have never actualy met one, or seen one of their ships! why not?

I know that there are some ETs here! And I would like to discus this! Thankyou! My name here is EagleBear1957 but you can call me Charlie!

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Hello Charlie!

If you take a nightwalk under the Stars there are good chances that you will see moving light up there. I often see them here in Norway..


I have done that some, and at times have thought I saw something. What I am talking about is up close!

Something that I know witout a doubt is a real ET, and not something that could also be a plane flying at high altitude. But I will tell you something I have seen before. You know what a lightening bug is? I have seem something that flashed like a lightening bug, but it appeared to be so high in the sky, that no bug could ever fly that

high. And these lights like zig zagged in the sky, like no plane could ever fly! Maybe they were UFOs!  But they were not up close! Thankyou for Your reply Rune! I appreciate it!

Hi Marianinnia! the U-Tube videos of UFOs Haven't convinced me, that they are 100% legit either. So many images can manipulated, using computor know how. And like you say, many are so blurry

who could really say for sure that it is actualy a UFO. Then there are very real looking photographs, but I find them hard to believe also. I  do believe that they exist, but I'm not going to say I saw one, until I see one up close, with my own two eyes. Then I know that if I told the people I work with, that I saw a UFO. They would all laugh, and ask me what I was smoking! LOL! No! There is nothing that replaces a first hand experience, and the more people that witness the same event at the same time, leaves no doubt that the event was real, and not a halucination! Thankyou for entering this discussion Marianinia, Glad to meet you!  



  I've seen quite a few ufos and had many encounters. It all started for me when I awoke to their presence, then I decided I wanted to, then I expected without a doubt that I would.

 I think the reason you haven't yet is because you still have some doubt. You believe, yet you may still have some doubt that you won't ever see a ufo or have an encounter. Have faith that you will, look for their presence everywhere and expect to find it. Notice synchronicities, however small,  for me that's a good sign I'm in communication with them. Or that I'm on their "wavelength."

keep watching the skies!





Hello Spirited! thankyou for your reply! You are right, I still have some doubt. Though my reason, tells me that

surely, in all the Universe, with all it's different galaxys & solar systems, that surely we are not the only lifeforms of Creation.

That surely some more Avanced Beings from other places, have solved the mystery of space travel. When you have another encounter with them, tell them I would like to meet them. I think, they might think that I would freak

out, if they ever showed themselves to me! LOL! They might be right to a certain extent! LOL! But I think my heart is strong enough to get over the initial shock!  Again it's nice to hear from you Spirited!


Have you ever had a dream of angels?

Have you ever dreamt of divine knowledge?

Maybe you have had an experience and did not equate it to ETs.

My information started by dreaming when I was 11 of the Yesua entity and then throughout my life I had many dreams with my personal Angel or Guide in them and thought for a long time they were Just dreams then around 4 years ago now I was introduced to some information I got a spark from after that I dreamt of so many different things having to do with ETs you would not believe.

I figured out 2 and a half years ago I was having contact after I recieved telepathic visual messages showing the entities that were giving me my info it was a wonderful experience and I was awake for it.

It has been a information download daily moment to moment at times I realized my full purpose this year I know why I am important to this time and the information I have is unique and special and very important to all around me especially during the EVENTS that will soon happen that will be a bit harder for others to understand or deal with I am here to give compassion and aid.

As well as homeopathic remedies for those seeking relief.

Hello Rambling Poet! Yes, I have had a few dreams, where Angels, or Guides were trying

to reach me with some information I needed to know, but they did this using symbolic images, which I would then have to interpret. One day while I was fully awake, I  audibly overheard a conversation between two Angels who were discussing something I was about to do. I remember the conversation well! This would turn out to be a life altering event in my life. I am not very lucid with my dreaming. I want to be but, I'm not. My Angels, and Guides don't talk to me one on one, but I have felt them give me nudges, to pick up a  few Spiritual Books. I know it was them because the content of the book was relevant to what I was going through at the time. But no, I have had no conversation with them about UFOs or ETs. I am glad to hear that your Guides and Angels are working with you one on one! Maybe your Guides, and Angels could talk to mine, and ask them to communicate with me more like yours do with you. I'm also glad that your Guides have filled you in on your purpose in the upcoming events. I'm uncertain about what exactly my function is going to be in the upcoming events, that is one of the reasons I joined up here. It's nice to meet You, and thankyou for entering this discussion Rambling Poet!



The way this works is through information one person shares and then you suddenly pay attention to downloads you may have just been blocking or was not open to emotionally at that time.

When a person is moved to think the brain chemicals that flood and the stimulation that is created moves your experiences to the next level,

 now you will find your stimuli has acheived a partial break through allowing for your experiences to begin at a higher degree.

We are complex biological computers we have stored information that we just haven't unzipped yet and when we unzip one file it gives access to other files attched and hidden inside.

We also have the tools to interface have you ever wondered how it is that psychics are able to know things?

We have so many nerves it is surprising to me that we don't know more naturally well the process is very simple "I think " and it creates energy that I emanate then a psychic or intuitive  person walks by and absorbs the energy into the nerve endings which goes to the neuro transmitters and bounces off the pineal gland where we then translate it into feelings or pictures if we are claravoyant it bounces back to the optical nerves.


sometimes I think I see stuff in the sky and look and nothing is there...

I have had strange dreams in regards to ships and E.T's, which makes me think that I have seen/met one but my mind blocked it out. I went to eceti ranch James Ranch in Washington and could feel e.t energy. I have felt e.t energy and it feels kinda odd, and it is usually the same energy I feel in my dreams.

I don't know. Some people are just not meant to see it I guess. Not until the big moment at least. It very well might be a test of faith, remember what Jesus said, blessed is he who believes but does not see. Can you still believe even if you don't see it? Also believing is seeing, so if deep down you don't think you can see it, you probably won't.

Do you guys remember a few years back, this lady who promised that there was going to be a worldwide UFO showup?

Then it didn't happen!!!! Well, I remember wanting them to show up! There were even a site where the ETs asked people to sign a petition if you thought that they should show up! Hey! I went to the site, and said yes I want you to show up!

Well, they didn't show up, and I was bummed out about for weeks! I even told my wife about it, and she thought I was crazy!

Well, I felt a little crazy after they didn't show up, LOL!!!!  But still I believe that there has got to be more living Beings than

Us in the Universe! There has to be! I'm tired of them not showing up!!!!! I'm sick of hearing promises of disclosure, and then nothing happens! StarPeople I'm sure that you pay attention to this site!!! Come on!!! Quit dragging your feet!!!

Show YourSelves!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be patient please the mystery of god is about to come to an end I have been given the heads up that they will soon give notice they will land on the broadcast to all.

And if you look up into the night sky you will see probes and arial vehicles all around more so than there have been in previous months,

I have so many above my house it is so exciting I can feel the energy getting so built up full of a child like giddy energy I think a great deal of it is created by them but i'm so excited right now also because the gate is about to open.

i'm so ready.

I think when they found our planet only the basics were here and they created ALL FORMS OF LIFE including the essential single cells and complex life they piled the oceanic floor up til they created the continent that later broke apart,

the tree of knowledge was a volume of books with the greatest genetic and scientific information  coming from a highly advanced cousin of ours showing a millennia of technical acheivements of a far off civilization as well as the blue print to creating multiple species and sub-species of every known and many unknown creatures from this planetary system.

This is truly a time to cherish has anyone noticed their hair falling out more than usual?



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