I just want to say, I have been thinking about this and I am not worried about still being a virgin. It's coming to my 28 birthday next month and I just like to express myself here.

You see I find very hard to connect with a lovely soul, female of course!!! Because I get judged too much on my looks and because of the way I am. I am not bothered what people think of how they judge me, because I never judge them for who they are.

I have had a sexual express, an oral one but I am going go into details but it seems maybe it is my life plan to not have sex intercourse or maybe I just looking too much for a lovely soul to be with, because I know what love is all about without the sexual lust which people think what the word love means. I am not judging any person or soul here or on this planet.

I am very affection loving soul, I thank myself and my guides and every higher being for being this and specially my mother for being like this with me and it's made me for the loving guy I am today.

Much love to all



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  • Jason there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. As you grow in confidence and loving who you are, your heart will guide you to that perfect place or person, you have free will to do what ever makes you happy inside. Meditate and ask for spiritual assistance, trust that you are much loved. Do bear in mind what our dear brother Sirgaladwizard says about a possible past life experience in celibacy. It may pay for you to have a regression session this could clear up a lot of answers. Love, Light and discovery.

  • Sounds like one of the many symptoms of a soul destined for twin flame union in the physical. These particular souls usually have to face loneliness and celibacy (and in extreme cases, the belief that the self is not whole without the presence of a significant other) in order to learn how to function without their other half. After these lessons have been completed, twin flame manifestation begins manifesting in the physical. (Law of Attraction -> you won't find your lover if you constantly project a sense of longing.)

    • OnyxWaterfall, I was talking about this in my previous post and I think I certainly fall into this category. I have to admit that waiting is one of the toughests imaginable. Having said that, its got to the stage where I feel so used to being alone that if I were to be with something I would find to be almost suffocating.

  • i lost my virginity at 14, now i am 22 and happily married. i really don't think it matters too much how you are when you lose it

  • hey man dont feel bad im a vrigin my slfe and yea im 26 year old i just got out a relationship with some girl all she care about is money she ben using me just for the cash i got tired of it ready move on to to a new girl who really care about me with love and light it hard find a women thses days a good one 

  • "I get judged too much on my looks and because of the way I am. " 

    Jason how you look does not matter, trust me it DOES NOT MATTER so let that go IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER!! The way you are is perfect and wonderful, you are reaffirming those beliefs of "because the way I am." There are billions of people on this planet all different kinds of people all different shapes and sizes, billions of people... Remember the law of attraction what you tell yourself over and over again about yourself becomes the beliefs by which you act and live, and people live those beliefs regardless if it is true or not and it will come into fruition.......What I tell myself over and over has a direct effect on my behavior, and how I act, good or negative, giving us what we "want" or what we "don't want"......so be kind to yourself jason....you are perfect and loved just the way you are.....

  • But let's try to keep it real, and bring it back to right here and now. My advice to you is just to BE YOURSELF. Don't listen to Nick McCoy here, sorry Nick, but you don't want to be playing the dating game just to fit in. If you have to put on an act just so a girl will be interested in you, it won't last. One of these days, she'll find out it was an act. One of these days, you'll be more real with her, and she'll see that you aren't the man she thought you were. I see it happen all...the...time. Because people don't know how to be comfortable in their own skin. Just be yourself...be true to you...

    I also think, that everyone is subconsciously attracted to a person who is balanced. In terms of, having their masculine and feminine principals balanced. Guys don't like a girl who is too powerful...or too soft. Guys like a girl who is loving yet strong. And girls like the same thing. So I would also suggest...balancing your inner masculine and feminine. It's good to be soft and sweet, but not to the point of being insecure and timid. Be strong and powerful too, be true to you...in every way. That's the best advice anyone can give you I think...just be true to you.

  • Well I don't think there's anything wrong with you at all. I know by societal standards, being a virgin at 28 may be off, and we're programmed to think that sex is so important, and we are taught that our attractiveness and sexual adequacy plays a large part in determining our worth as a person. These are all old 3D mental structures for primitive people. 

    And I know how shallow and vain girls can be. Nothing seems to turn a girl off more than perceiving weakness in a man. And I know that's low, and that's shallow and heartless, but sadly, it's how most girls are, they've been engrained through thousands of years of male dominance that a man who is really soft and loving is weak. It's connected to our primal instincts, in the animal world, a female always goes for the biggest, strongest, most powerful male. And it's understandable, it's a dangerous life in the wild, and females need a male to protect them and a timid male isn't the best protector. Ultimately though, these are primitive instincts.

    I think once we grow into divinity, we become soft and loving, because that's our true selves. That is the heart of who we are. That's what it means to be EVOLVED. So, pat yourself on the back for being an evolved soul lol If other females can't appreciate that, and are still stuck in animal instincts, well...you don't want a girl like that. One day a girl who is connecting to their divinity and their true nature, like you are....will be able to appreciate you for who you are, a sweet loving person, which is what we ALL are.

  • I just want to say thank you everyone for all your messages and I just like to say a few more things, I do love myself and who I am and would never change the person for who I am. I am very talkative and random and funny, all these things come natural to me without being a player because I want a girl.

    You see I don't think of women as tools, sexual objects etc. I look for them as who they are as a another soul and what makes them who they are. I have to be honest I am looking for a spiritual woman about the same age as me and is also on the ascension or spiritual awaken path. It's very hard to find the in my city which is Manchester in the United Kingdom and does anyone know any good ning websites to find any.

    I also have to say, I do have alot sexual energy and do look at sexual things on the internet like stories and fantasy things and I think is nothing wrong with fantasies as longs it's not pedo or violent or fearful. I have read things about all sorts of things for ghosts, aliens to animals and other creatures it's quite exrotic.

    I also do my sexual drive is great and I can be turned on every hour or less than an hour.



  • I think there is obviously a strong reason that is subconsciously holding you back, either because you don't feel you are ready or are simply doing the gentlemanly thing and waiting for the right one. I would say don't be a weakling, cave into peer pressure and do what other people want you to do... ask yourself what you really want to do.

    I have a feeling that you could possibly be waiting for your twin flame, or twin soul as they are also known. Many people will reunite with their twin flame on the 21st of December 2012. In order to do so, one is not permitted to have any iterem relationships. Its sounds pretty harsh and draconian I know, but in the end I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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