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December 22

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I AM Adam, Earthen Arbiter of St Germain. I embarked on my personal path to ascension in 2010 following a series of eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn that sought to increase my sensitivity to energy. As an avid user of the violet flame of transmutation, I go about my daily routine constantly transforming density into truth, wisdom, and ultimately light. I take pride in any type of learning opportunity or forum for intellectual discussion. I embrace the light, and equally embrace the dark for providing an opportunity of purpose for those of the light and vise versa. As a violet-ray adept, I am often successful at understanding the purpose of an individual's thought, feeling or action, prior to reacting to it with my own emotional sphere/body of consciousness.

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St Germain Archangel Chamuel Archangel Uriel

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  • Are you doing alright? Love and Light ~

  • Thanks OnyxWaterfall, it's never too late! : )

    Your friendship is much appreciated, Much Love & Light to you also...



  • That's great ADAM of the Onyx Waterfall : )

    I wish I had such clarity about my true identity and mission on Earth, but I'm so grateful to have sites like Ashtar Command to share with wonderful beings like you!

    Thanks for your inspiring words,

    Many Blessings : )




  • Thanks OnyxWaterfall, I love your name : )

    I'm glad you liked the message, I really enjoy AA Metatron's transmissions.

    Have you looked at Ari's discussion?:

    'Important!!! The Most Powerful Words To Speak For Protection And Illumination! www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/important-the-most-powerful-...

    She and her friends visited Mt.Shasta and met with AA Metatron and other light beings and got some awesome photos of the experience! The photos had a profound effect on me which I wrote about in my recent discussion:

    'CAN YOU FEEL THE INTENSE ENERGIES? Welcome To The Frequency Shift!


    Ari also recommended using the Holy Mantra- Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth- to connect with the higher dimensions and beings, it's very powerful and uplifting!

    Much Love & Light to you,

    Namaste : )

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OnyxWaterfall replied to Jason's discussion I am still a virgin, is there anything wrong with me
"Sounds like one of the many symptoms of a soul destined for twin flame union in the physical. These particular souls usually have to face loneliness and celibacy (and in extreme cases, the belief that the self is not whole without the presence of a…"
Apr 11, 2012
Mar 21, 2012
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Mar 19, 2012
OnyxWaterfall left a comment for KellyB13
"Onyx Waterfall is the name of my 6th density Social Memory complex. I AM Adam, human incarnate and representative of my star family during this delicate time of mass ascension. Though it took a great deal of introspection, I understand that my…"
Mar 18, 2012

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