• well close this discussion then and cut the crappola
    If you cant discuss why make a discussion

  • your here for the service of good, but are tired of 

    retarded people in here...

    That's just plain rude!

  • Your suppose to learn from your father's mistakes.
    Your condescension and reprimanding only steals your own energy and exposes yourself.
    You need to look at yourself.
    When you close your eyes and sleep its just you, Its your dream you created it. Face the mystery of yourself. Its not even what you say that is disturbing-- its your tone and thats why I'm here to reprimand you.
    To protect others from listening to you.


  • HowToWinFriendsCover-web.jpg

  • Where is here?
    Cause I'll make sure I stay away from there



  • PointingHandLeft.jpg

    When you take your finger and point it to others there are three fingers that point back at YOU

  • I reckon this guy is an Illuminati/Cabal agent :)

  • Hi Riam,

    I posted this extract from a Freemason ritual to show you proof that King Darius of Persia was a member...Specifically of the illustrious order of the Knights of the Red Cross of not an independent ruler, as you had supposed, but very much a part of the international elite power matrix of his day...This is a fact and there is no judgement intended in this revelation...But I felt duty bound to present the truth to you.....

    Darius, King of Persia, did not simply rule as he wished, as he was very much a minion of the Anunnaki "creator Gods" who directed many of his strategies...Indeed, the Freemasons still observe a particular degree known as the "Red Cross of Babylon" who pay specific homage to Darius' role and thus his mission in service to the ruling Illuminati control matrix....

    If you were Darius, you would have more insights into his less than independent rulership, as all ancient Kings were front men for the Anunnaki, including Darius...

    Here is a detailed description of the Knights Templar-Freemasonic ritual which mentions Darius by name, as the King who freed the Hebrews from the Babylonian exile...

    Darius was very much part of the establishment in his time and as mentioned in the Illuminoid references....

    See the linked ritual in detail, of the degree known as the "Knights of the Red Cross of Babylon." Darius was revered by the order, for his role....and the Council was opened in his name...

    Read more:

  • Awesome ~ :)  We can't all see eye to eye, but I know you and many others understand!

    Infinite Blessings :)

  • With all respect OPEN YOUR EYES....


This reply was deleted.

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