• I think the symbology your demonizing here could be seen in all things in this Universe.  You are putting some kind of dark agenda behind different symbols that have been passed down through-out the ages ~

  • And this it is pure Fiction?

    Think before you talk..

    8109956095?profile=originalWell i can prove to you they exist..

    • Yah this is pretty much conspiracy BS.  I am sure they appreciate you pumping them up though, you give them so much power by believing in it.

  • Hello Riam. What you project is what you attract. My question to you. What are you doing to create a positive future. In what way are you serving humanity. It makes no difference how long you have been on this planet, or who your parents were. You may not always be able to control circumstances but you are able to control how you choose to feel about it. Question. Why does it bother you so much. Why have you chosen anger. A true spiritual master is one who embraces one and all for he/she knows we are all as one. Instead of getting angry, bless these individuals and send them love. Through your anger you keep in place that which you appose- The Fear based system.

    Because you claim that Archangel Michael confirms what you say-does not make it so.

    Any person who carries Divine light within would not share such messages. As a true spiritual master is able to step beyond this. `` Forgive them for they know not what they do``.

    You have claimed certain things as fact. These are your words and do not make it fact. A fact is relative to ones belief and perception about the world.

    Before making statements lie you have you may want to study certain ``facts``.

    The movement was founded on May 1, 1776,as the Order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of five, by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt

    You may consider studying and applying certain spiritual principles.

    What is Christ Consciousness?

    The human mind has spiritual currents running through its thought streams. These streams contain vital information from Spirit that is highly valuable to humans. Spirit is the source of everything TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, and GOOD and conveys these ideals through the human mind that intersect with a person’s beliefs, helping the individual ascend into the higher information that uplifts and improves the quality of life.

    In human life, spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with these spiritual currents that come from both the personality and mind of Spirit by intellectual assent and emotional devotion. Christ Consciousness is the growing human recognition and blending of the human evolutionary (or ego) mind with the Divine Mind and the Divine Personality that is the source of human happiness and fulfillment. This awareness accrues over time within the consciousness of human thinking when intention, attention, and openness is focused on knowing who and what is that “christed” state of being—that higher mindedness of enlightenment.

    As this awareness in the human mind grows and strengthens, life becomes more liberated, joyful, peaceful, and love-dominated. The fear which creates isolation and despair begins to diminish in thought and feeling. You are free to live the life you were born to live — as a child of Spirit in a love-filled and supportive universe.

  • I actually have a cousin who is retarded...She's a brilliant artist & story writer. Maybe I should get her to join the forum :)

  • Before I saw this post I was going to write the same. 


    What a horrible and gross expression...

  • How do you rembember all of your lives here on earth?Why do you want us to believe that the Imlluminati is a pure fiction?
  • Dear Riam, 

    If you are sick, if you are tired, if you see fear imagery in these channellings, It is possible that some of the Family's more recent communications are worthy of your closer scrutiny. Merely a suggestion.

    And to me, the mafia is just as fake as any other entity that comes under the umbrella of the dark cabal.

    I AM that I AM

  • this one works yours is a year old trade it in.

  • VERY TRUE   !!!

    mnay people  talk no-sense   

    much JOY to you  !!!


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