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  • nice to connect with u we love that about ashtar all the awsom people u meet and connect with on here

    love lite always jacqui & karina

  • Did you get the really long reply I sent, I don't see it on your profile and I wanted to post it as well cause the HS took over and it was a very nice piece,I think .I didn't get time to proof read it as I ran out of room and it said that it was sent.Please let me know if you got it, so all can read what was sent to us.Adonai


    Hi Greg : )

    Thanks for being my friend!

    Much Love, Light & Blessings...




  • You asked me to share anything hot. This surely is, pass it around and be your own disclosure.

    To world peace through friendship on and off world!

  • thank you greg for your friendship, i was  a little apprehensive when i saw the name greg ( thinking "giles") sorry but his comments make me very uncomfortable .i am pleased to get more friends because i live quite far from the rest of my foundation group , and so dont get to discuss or articulate feelings and expressions

    love and light to you

  • Thank You Greg-Master-of-Light for the friendship!!!

    8114353901?profile=original~with much peace and energy~

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    Thank you so much!  Sending love and light, have a great weekend :)

  • Welcome Mate, I used to spend a lot of time in Bryon Bay. I did workshops there, Lismore and Nimbin back in the late 80's and early 90's, when I lived in Aust. Good to see it still going on my friend.Adonai 

  • Greg,

    I enjoy your newest name. Here's to joy-volution, expanding from you the center of value.

    To your radiance


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byron bay lismore NSW

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I am a energy healer EFT expert serenityvibration healing 240 light proccess I meditate do yoga and 5 rites and qi gong I am a MASTER of LIGHT !!!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

no one has the whole full picture I research information from every were some I find good osho invoking the light book

GREG-MASTER-of-LIGHT left a comment for j&k twinflames
"HI   twin flames 
you have a web site ???   do you do   healing ????
much joy to you "
Sep 27, 2012
GREG-MASTER-of-LIGHT replied to 09m95aluo4sa7's discussion ~HAS ANYONE ASCENDED YET?~Am I really going to be the first?
"TO go  up  ascension   one needs a HIGH IQ    search  alien genes found in human DNA   read it 
90%  are to far gone  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
greg-master-light  "
Sep 26, 2012
GREG-MASTER-of-LIGHT replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion ZDrseded
"VERY TRUE   !!!
mnay people  talk no-sense   
much JOY to you  !!!
Sep 22, 2012
GREG-MASTER-of-LIGHT commented on Divsy's blog post Why Ascension Frequencies/Energies are not perceived, validated by the general public
the book is  ok   the  LIGHT Method is GENIUS !!!!!"
Sep 19, 2012

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"Of course and as ever, the absurd European Union want to appear to be militarily "powerful" outside of the NATO structure, with their own version, named🤭"
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"Yes, NATO is a tool for western imperialism and I consider it to be more a liability, than defense...Note how two new members are now keen on joining it...?? Finland and Sweden...
Much is driven by a fear of Russia....And Russia is fearful of NATO…"
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"I discovered him about a month ago, Imran Khan should have been on his show because of the coup d'etat in Pakistan, he is now online and on most platforms, I like his anti-imperialistic and anti-NATO (anti-cabal for me) view"
12 hours ago
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"Yeh I used to watch him on the Iranian outlet, "Press TV" and also he appeared on RT, before it too was blocked in the UK...He is a lefty, but of the non-woke type, so a man of principles and a passion for equality and fairness, in the traditional…"
12 hours ago
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"very informative Drekx,
I'm listening to George Galloway's (the old socialist ;)) weekly "The Mother of All Talkshows", I think he is based in London, he has about 1 Million listeners over the week, also very informative but only on eartly matters…"
12 hours ago
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"The third Atlantean root sub-race, known as "Toltecs," where red-skinned giants...It was this particular Atlantean race that built cyclopean architecture, with great enthusiasm....Using sound harmonics to levitate 100-ton granite blocks into exact…"
12 hours ago
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"People often get confused with who the Atlanteans were, but you could summarize their long pre-history, via their Earth-chain evolution, using the vehicle of root-race/sub-races....

"Atlantean root race were

the Rmoahal

the Tlavati (Cro-Magnons)…"
13 hours ago