For some reason, this day I woke up with my little self esteem BROKEN

I am a succesfull librarian I am well recognized in my faculty were I work

I have a calmed not stressfull life and even at least an internet boyfriend whom I met physically in other spiritual planes

butf or some reason I feel this morning... I HAVE FAILED.....

the guides insist I have defeated "the matrix" as they call the controlling force around us, and my psychic skill are so huge nobody hides from me any more

and now I am called "SUN" not jeanna or lucia or any other name just "SUN" and I have met archangel uriel with was the boss of my guardian angel

but any way I feel a failure... I am crying I do not feel I did anything USEFULL for me at all

sorry I know it may sound stupid hu?

thoughts are wellcomed.....

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  • It is not uncommon to be and feel more sensitive as you grow. And also with this identity crisis you're having, just go with it and just be and connect. The more things you read about the subjects you're interested in, you tend to relate and resonate with. If you resonate with, then you are. You become one with. Don't sweat it, just become one with whomever and whatever you connect with. If you connect with nature you become a tree too ;)

  • Try to seek htose who get the best person out of you...

    then you feel happy and they feel happy, try to get a hobby that you like or even just take a walk every day.

    it helps ppl to process their trauma's,

    love and light from The Netherlands.

    Let the sea calm you maybe ? ;D


  • ok

    thanks people for the thoughts very usefull indeed

    I am having a strange "larger" as I am being corrected a larger conciousness and suddenly my sensation of living 2 worlds arisen.... in one hand the human world, on a second range the spirit world

    with the sun I am stronguer so I know everything is from the light but is getting difficult to adapt to the new level of thoughs of conciousness, I HEAR spirits and guides from everywere around me, I see angels everywere saluting me and I even chat with PLANTS!!! and sometimes I understand animal language specially dogs so I am just SHOCKed

    I am just ashamed because for the first time I will lie to my doctor, they think I am skizo and I am taking STRONG doses of medicine but this is getting even stronguer.... maybe that contributes to alter my guiltiness and failure but I have NO choice, if I tell a doctor about this thhey will do me AGAIN electroshock I am as good as I never was before so I will lie medicine cares

    anyway thanks for the thoughts crew

  • thanks for sharing Lucia.

    i feel we all are now trying to adjust to from the old 7.8hz fq. brain waves to  the new vibrations of earth.

    7.8hz fq. was our brainwave pulse for thousands of years, now 12hz fq of earth's resonance range is not easy to the new schumann resonance to adjust to and absorb and BECOME these vibrations.

    i feel that the higher vibrations is given many of us now, ringing ears, nausea, headaches, etc. which is the human body haveing side effects.

    the e.s.p. circuits because of the 12hz fq. of earth are now turning on the rest of our brain and soul connections, i guess like if in our momment of death, things become clear, and not always pleasant, the truth is the truth, so when the body's d.n.a. instinct codes  is exposed, it is a shock like a revealation of truth that the body i.q. cannot face.

    long story short, i too have at times crying spells, like i just got a glimlps of real truth, i don't know if i can call it unconditional love knowing myself and seeing thu others for the frist time awake and aware in the now moments as i live thu them.

    i feel it will pass for all of us with as little human chaos as possable as we see ourself as an enitiy on this earth. i also feel that WE ARE NOT ALONE ANYMORE, AND SOON BE PROTECTED.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one

  • ....You Dont Sound Stupid....We All Get These Days..:).......Your Loved More Than You Know.....<3.....x.....

  • Trust me, I know exactly what you are going through. There are still times that I wake up feeling so unbalanced, an emotional wreck, like even tho I felt like I was doing everything I had been guided to do and was conscious of everything I felt I was supposed to be conscious of, I still felt like I had failed or that I didn't learn something right and my Beloveds were punishing me somehow or just up and left me to figure it out blindly...But guess what, that is Never the case, that's just that last little bit of human ego and fear releasing from you and it's just as my Father said to me "Just go with the flow and ride out the waves" And yep, it does come in waves but if you are just simply aware and conscious that that is exactly whats going on and that if you will just go inside yourself for a couple minutes and ask Micheal and your Emissaries of Light to help you re-ground to Mother Earth and Father Sun all will disipate and All is Good. I hope it helps you as it did me. There were times I absolutely thought I was going to explode into tears or fits of internal rage and couldn't make sense of it without them. NAMASTE :-)
  • THAAANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know guys it seems I was releasing the angusty of my school bullyed years, I was bullied all the time even SOMETIMS by teachers.... no fists on me but words bullying (and they had lots of MATERIAL !!! JAJAJA)

    this morning I am crying again but of happiness.... I guess I am a bit nutty JAJAJJA

    anyway thanks for your "push" to feel better.....

  • I feel like it's something that is coming up for you to release!  I have crying jags too....but I'm always better by the next day! Let the pain out so you can get on with living....:-)

  • you know you are not stupid or silly at all.

    i am sure we can all relate here to what you are talking about....

    we are all doing the best job we can on this planet.

    i think failure is from the ego......the ego thinks that it has failed some way, but it is like when you go to you fail to dream??? no usually no even when you can't remember.....but when we are dreaming all of us are actually out there working and moving about and visiting and healing and doing whatever it is we need to do.....also for when we are awake.....i sometimes feel stuff and i am not all the time sure what i am doing but i know i am doing something.....

    care for yourself while you are feeling like some good food, maybe do some good for the planet ...and maybe a bit of grounding and clearing......whatever you feel called to do.....

    and also maybe a good cry is what is called for......

    remember this to shall pass

  • Lucia .. hang in there .. you are not a failure ..

    surrender to the unfailing Love of the Creator ..

    you are Loved more than you can imagine.

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