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February 25

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My name is Rusty. I AM an awakening starseed and really there is too much to specifically list due to the more escaladed pace of my awakening now. I AM a seeker of truth, higher knowledge, and AM coming to understand more everyday that I already know more truth than I ever dreamed of, I just have to keep remembering that I do and refreshing myself on ALL THAT IS.....

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

That list seems to be growing also...AA Micheal, Lord Sananda, Lord Metatron, Lord Thoth, Eckhart Tolle, just to name a few.....I AM so so so grateful and thankful from the bottom of my complete being for my wonderful, and very patient main guide and teacher The ArchAngel Lord Micheal himself....I would still be unawakenedand way off track if not for him...

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  • Hi thanks for the hand in friendship...


  • happiness.jpg

  • hey fellow starseed blessings

  • Thank you for sending me your invitation =) I'm looking forward to hear more from you. Love and light <3<3<3 (I love AA Michael too, so here is a picture of him to you) <38114155855?profile=original

  • Hi Rusty thank you for your friendship:) Pleased to be hear and learning as much as I can.

  • 8113983094?profile=originalThank you for your friendship. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week.  I am not too often at this website so sorry for the delay in accepting your friends request.  I will probably be visitng here a little more often.  Had some serious stuff going on but am  on course again and look forward to sharing here.

    Peace and Harmony

  • Joy to your ever expanding universe, Rusty!

  • Thanks for being my friend Rusty!

    Peace, Love & Light : )


  • Hello Rusty! I welcome your friendship. It's always a pleasure to feel the joy of another soul awakening, and since your consciousness is evolving at such an escalated pace I feel that your awareness will be ascending beyond the parameters of these lower four grand divisions, which includes the merkaba stargate ascension that can only take you to the fifth through seventh dimension of the reflective universe. I would like to expound upon this but it's all encompassing so I am going to direct you to this wingmakers interview that takes you beyond all the constructs of our reality! http://projectcamelot.org/james_wingmakers_sovereign_integral.html For a more personal interaction with others as well as learn more about this you might like to check out this forum as their hot topic is upon the difference between the merkaba and the organic ascension from within. For in reality there is nowhere to go outside of yourself!  http://finalequinox.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4080 Either way all is in divine order as each higher dimension oversees the one below. Just keep in mind that since we have young, intermediate and old souls not all souls are destined for the organic ascension. The reflective universe, also called the false light, is set up as a requisite developmental experience for all evolutionary beings whose next stage of evolvement is to become a galactic human.

    This phenomenon looks like it could be the beads or jewels that are part of the DNA strands connecting with our DNA.

    Ufos Updated July 2011, One of the most extraordinary events on our human history

    In love and light!
    May the Blessings Be!
    Karen Christine
  • Hey Rusty, thank you for the friendship! I haven't really seen you here before, you new?

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