Someone send a fax up to the moon and tell then to turn that damn thing down we have a magnetic overload happening here. With 3,267 members we are now geared to go. The truth is now before us, personally I do not jest, I have finally discovered the total story about this dimension. Not just the problem but also the solution.

So here is how it is. The whole idea of the Resistance in its already preset role is the faction that is just not with the BS. Yes there are a lot of things to know, but we have braved it all together. I will tell you simply, once you fear you are still here. What I mean by that is you are still here right now reading this so what value does the emotion of fear really have? It is an illusion, but forget telling you, I'm going to show you how its all wired together.


8108685092?profile=original A MORE ACCURATE CHAKRA ENERGY DIAGRAM


This is for those who wish to govern their higher self. I can not hold back these advanced Inner Beings also tuning in and ready to be in the Know.


"When we take the step then it actually appears, that is how we are going to have to roll". 7

First I must explain the "Modes of Existence" according to speed in the ranges I have discovered them.

8108685472?profile=originalFlesh Being: This refers to "just the body" of a Man, Woman, or Beast which is called more correctly an ARC/CAR or vessel that can hold Energy/Spirit. The body is also referred to in ancient text as a clay jar or pot. Now let us use the example of building to make this all clear.

If a Flesh Being is tasked to build a physical structure how long will it take? The size of the structure, strength of the worker, and of course technology available all factors in. When a person has to physically build something material there will be a considerable measure of time involved.


8108685663?profile=originalLight Being: Light Being does not mean good or bad, it simply means a Being composed of light using that as its form of expression. It appears we are sheathed inside of more complex existences of ourselves putting on these various bodies as layers. Some protect while other even hinder what is within.
8108685278?profile=originalThought Form: Let us move again to the example of building. At one point Light Beings were tasked to build a Temple. That Temple was not only constructed in record speed it also was constructed with precise measurements to unbelievable accuracy. So you can already see the difference in power, energy, and superiority of using a Light Vehicle over a Flesh Vehicle, however, if you examine the Thought Form it is far more superior than the two. It simply thinks and it is, thus a building can be constructed with a Thought.


Zone Being: Ladies and Gentleman we have discovered yet another phase, a faster wavelength on the accessible spectrum. Welcome to the Zone. Now it is a fact there is a level that all brain functions turn off, all thoughts cease to exist, and you move into the Zone. You are exactly one click ahead of everything.

I can already hear the questions. How do I get in the Zone? Well that is what we are getting to. In conjunction with this Sundays show I will be only releasing "to the point" content. No more fluff, welcome to the Core, Our hearts are Whole, We came to do what we can as many people that are ready to emancipate themselves beyond this. For many of us our Planets are gone in the future and that's because of something happening here on Earth right now.

Now really briefly I will explain that our Earth is inside of yet another Matrix. That is why we have a dual reality. This is the whole looking glass thing detailed in great length in the forum. This world is a shadow, a parallel. We will now for a fact see a new paradigm because we have not been fully aware of the other world and it is now being revealed to us clear enough to grasp it.



In the documents I am giving you it states that the greatest difference in us and the Beings we are denoting as "higher" is the ability to come in and out of the body which would also be in and out of the Earth, at will. You are not the body but you will need it for your mission so keep it tuned and ready to go. The next phase is to learn how to get out of the body, to do that you will need to vibrate properly, and of course you will need a body. :-) This is what Sunday's show is about also, how the pathogens hinder the vibratory wavelength keeping a person stuck.




"The Controllers only have control because people believe they have control, however, people have been believing long before I got here and I have arrived in the problem. To continuously tell people all day "STOP BELIEVING IN THAT" wastes time we do not have anymore. I would rather work on what will occur as the people continue to believe blindly in what they have not thoroughly researched." 7



Definition of ARCHON:


ARC = Storage places for information as in Archives. Humans are ARC's/CAR's or vehicles for the Spirit Energy. CHON - Pronounced KHAN = All of these words are the same in etymology CAIN - KHAN - KING - CON. So in essence Archons are masters at removing energy from humans.

There is a major reason many that deliver knowledge about the Anunakki seem to have very little information in regards to where they are from and what was happening on Earth before they got here. This is because the Anunakki are part of group better known as Archons. Tracking the Archons will give the Seeker much more data in regards to these Beings and what is taking place on Earth along with who is managing its system of control.


These Archons can be looked at as instigators used to keep the "Zone Being" defunct and trapped inside of the body. Much of this is done through suggestion as the Archons generally take positions of influence especially in the entertainment field and politics. They then become the idols and role models for the masses who in turn emulate them to their own demise.


8108685883?profile=originalArchons come in all shapes and sizes. They are eager and programmed to fulfill orders never asking questions. They guide society with their corporate power and influence right into its own demise.










Many of course never suspect that the Archons story is entirely different than most spiritual Beings on this Planet. We spoke briefly before in regards to the heavy use of the Grimores by masons and the whole fascination with Solomon and the power of controlling Spirits. I now have much more information in regards to that subject.


It is highly possibly that "Solomon's Temple" may be in fact the whole world. I have come to this conclusion is for various reasons. The first being that Solomon is as we know a reference to the three ruling Suns/Sons. Sol Invictvs, OM, and ON which are powerful vibrations of energy obviously in dominion. Let us keep in mind the Latin word for Sunday is Domingo which has the root (DOM) which means to lord over or "dom"inate as the day of worship is Sunday for most.


You will find those with extensive knowledge in regards to Solomon's magical works account his greatest teachings to his ability to trap Spirits in jars while commanding and questioning them as he wished. Solomon's Seal is actually the Pentagram, not the Star of David. So let us pull this apart as it is encrypted in the same speak often used to confuse the novice.


The glass or pot would more or less be our Body and of course we are the Spirit. As mentioned if a person lacks the ability to come out of their body then it has basically become a prison for them. Many E.T.'s use bodies such as the ones we are using now and even more advanced editions. However, they do not remain in them all the time, they can enter and exit with ease. The Zone Body is the primary vehicle of choice but it is immaterial and thus very difficult to control. Because a Being that is non-material cannot be controlled so easily they must first be netted.




Let it be known the activated body is an amazing vehicle also and can be utilized for great feats on this dimension. Having the knowledge of how to activate the body has always been kept within the Cabal's of the Priesthood, mainly that of the Serpent. It is a fact the the Priests of Levi where the Priests of Leviathan or the World Serpent Energy. The Body is a Fractal of the Planet, the Planet also has Kundalini and that energy flows through the Planetary Leylines often being tapped by the Priesthood to amplify their own energy and control over the surrounding population. Churches are everywhere.

8108686254?profile=originalThis is a chart indicating the configuration of the Leylines in this Cathedral

The author of this work, Stephane Cardineax, not only discovers that the churches where built on Leylines by obviously the Old Empire and reptilian factions but they also have points in the church that amplify the power of the Pastors and Deacons. This is probably for more suggestive programming.


The areas circled in red are the strongest points. The are also the areas that church officials frequent most during "service". The Priests are prisoners themselves many much to deluded to ever suspect such things despite how much information you give them.

More clarity has also been presented on the symbol of the serpent which can be compared to the symbol of the skull and crossbones. This is a universal symbol for danger as skulls are symbols of death. When something contains this type of branding or warning it is giving a hint to its origins for those attempting to interface with it for various reasons. This then becomes a symbol for them trace.

8108686077?profile=originalFor the record the serpent symbol has meant to Gnostics the cause and the solution to the problem. Just as many ailments can be cured with the actual poison. Stated plainly the problem is the Serpent or Draco race put in charge of this system to keep it under control. The solution is the power in which they use to rain over the rest because they do not have it activated. This is the Kunadalini or Chi energy that flows through the body.


Kundalini actually gives the person the power necessary to not only comprehend what is going on, but also know what to do in their own particular situation. When I say many people have different situations you have no idea, but one solution still remains, Activate. Awakening this Chi force also gives the body a shield of protection that appears as very bright lights on the Astral Plane. This could be the Rainbow Body they keep referring to often. The darker energies cannot even look upon it, let alone touch it.


So getting back on track here we find the etymology and definition of Pentagram thus. PEN - To hold down or in. GRAM - A unit of weight in this case the weight of the soul. Notice the word TETRA - GRAM - ATON, which is connected to the Priests of Aton, contains "GRAM" also meaning a word to contact ATON the Spirit. If this seems far fetched the units of weight are always used to refer to Beings in many cases.


OZ, an abbreviation for ounces, is a hint towards another unit of measurement mainly for gold. Yellow brick roads coming to mind? More on that later.(THE WIZARD OF OZ "THE WIZARD OF GOLD") "A perverted Alchemist is more concerned with turning gold into dirt, while attempting to remain noble." 7



A further definition lends that basically humans are in a Pentagram, possibly several layers, as shown by Leonardo DiVinchi. For many until they learn all of this they cannot even begin to navigate their way out such a divisive trap that uses music to lure its prey into it before it traps them using their own energy.





(see also Amitik's The worlds are Pentagrams)

This all means a great deal of the "Wisdom of Solomon", which is that of the Levite Priests, Pharaohs etc, is how to place spirits once more into various "Flesh Bodies" and reanimate them again for various purposes but mainly to start a new breed. Now we see why the Paranormal Division and various factions have always had an interest in the occult art. They are fascinated with bringing things back from the past, placing their spirits into new bodies, and then making them mate once more to breed again.




It then becomes important to talk about the hierarchy of ruling so that one does not get confused and go join one of these factions out of ignorance, desperation, or fear. "The Body is a Fractal of the Planet, so in that case the Planet is a Prison, Pre-Sion. Just because you are in a prison does not mean you have done anything wrong". 7


We will have to give you some more knowledge about the factions, beginning with the Old Empire. The real Empire is very similar to the depiction given to the darkside. In order to not make this seem like fiction I will give you a general idea of who these Beings are and were they can be found in history and ancient texts.


It appears that before the rebellion of Lucifer there were other Beings that Lucifer was in league with. Lucifer is a creation as it states in the bible so we know the God of the bible created Lucifer. So it is safe to say the God of the Bible is part of the Old Empire. We are further aware by discourse on magic, ancients works, Kabbalah, etymology, the Cipher, and many other ways that this God is related to serpent and bird beings who exist within Orion, Alpha Draconis, and various other places throughout the Galaxy. Don't forget reptiles evolve into birds.




The Old Empire has exercised their control and force though the Universe entering quadrants and attacking its inhabitants while attempting to seize resources. This is a fractal of exactly what takes place on Earth, this is their continuous behavior and they have seldom deviated from it.


There was a skirmish amongst the ranks. As you will read in the document provided about the Archons they are blind. Meaning they cannot see the other side of things and are permanently polarized. They are envious of one another and everything else because of this impediment. So it was not long before the Old Empire was challenged from within. In this case some of the the Sons rose against their Father.





Now once a person dives into this story they have to be very careful. They must still innerstand the Empire is wrong no matter who is its Controller. The Empire exercises dominion over limitless Species hindering them from their potential using methods cruel and intrepid such as marooning Spirits on hostile unstable worlds with only a fraction of their memory intact. Space then becomes time which is the distance between us and another object. The further we perceive home, the longer it takes for us to get there, that's why we now must be in the Know.


I have learned there are many reasons for the memory wiping. Some are obvious while other are not and they are far more important. Through any lifetime that you used an advanced form of technology you will generally know how to make that technology. Much of the technology used on unhindered home worlds would revolutionize a place like Earth in months. So its a big deal to make sure that that kind of information is removed from the memory. Of course many are gaining their memories back so they will start remembering how to develop things that will assist them on this quest for total emancipation. Likewise, many people accredited in the past with inventing something have just remembered.


When the Sons began war with the Father the story gets very hazy. The reason is not all of the members of the Empire rebelled so in many instances you had Sons fighting Sons. This manifested on our Planet as the wars talked about in the Rig Veda's which is actually what you would know as the Pharonic Bloodlines waring with the Aryans on the Astral Plane.


8108686500?profile=originalTHE DORJE ROD



Ultimately one super weapon turned the tide of the war. The Old Empire was forced to retreat underground and begin fallout plans to re-legion, or replenish the ranks of their fallen soldiers. Soldiers means Divided Sons, Sol =Sun Dier =Die or Divide.


Priests were sent to work, the progress was slow at first due to new teachings consisting of calming oneself through balancing Karma/Dharma and Devotion, the general practices seen in Buddhism. But the old ways of hatred and power held sway over man and woman's judgment and once again as they began to multiply after the last cataclysm and greed of power and wealth came to mind again new recruits began to fill the temples. Of course people began once more to evoke the Spirits of the Old Empire, even the Fallen, and their bodies became used as vehicles for those Beings to carry out various agendas related to the never ending Orion Saga.


May the Quickiner reach this confused Species in enough time before what is precious gets caught in the cross fire. The Old Empire has rearmed itself and is planning a full scale assault, but there is a end coming to all of this, something that the controllers do not know, so they cannot prepare for it.


It is now time to give the complete meaning of the word SION who is SONY as the "Y" and the "I" are always interchangeable.



Variation: PSI - The Greek 23rd letter with the numerical equivalent of 700.

8108687084?profile=original8108687252?profile=originalVariation: SAI - A Japanese Weapon. This weapon is also connected to the term Manji or the Japanese term for the reversed Swastika. Unicode encodings U+534D (12) 卍 (left-facing) and U+5350 (13) 卐 (right-facing). Keep in mind the it is composed of su- meaning "good, well" according to wiki however we see it only as the a connection to SU, as in ISU. Things get fishy starting now.


Variation: SCI - Meaning according to Etymology to cut, divide, rend, split, or cleave.


Variation: PSY - Genralized term meaning "soul" or "mind".


Complete Definition of (SI)

Hybrid Symbol ($) key combination Shift Number 4 (Tetra) on the keyboard. Si is a quite odd word as it is the Latin word for Yes. It says right off the bat whatever it means many have already agreed to. We also see that in English the word YES could be then made IES which would give you SIE, still pronounced Si. Tumbling the words of course will give the best results.


Next the word becomes IS , which was derived from the word ES which means "to be". "All of this has kind of happened to me at once so it has been a lot to adjust to and then push back out. I have all of a sudden gained the ability to connect everything and my mind/body/soul is doing it at every moment, even when I try to sleep. This has been happening for 3 days."


Since "IS" really comes form the word "ES" this means the cult of ISIS is simply the cult of "ESES" or "SS". Now we will began to see just how deep this whole thing really is and who is involved. Since the Nazi's at one point had the world pretty much in agreement with its motives before the United States moved in, what makes us think those countries even after the false flag defeat of the Nazi's still did not hold to the plans of the much deeper agenda? The Nazi party was not trying to just take over the world they wanted to seize back control of lost Empire territory as they are the "Old Empire" called by Theosophist "Ancient Ones" or Archons.


This leads us right up to the point we left off in regards to the sides, however, to finish briefly on the meaning of Sion it is basically an alien/reptilian controlled faction with ideas of conquering everything through division and the power of the son ON. This faction is very Scientific and even Borgian as the Archons are said to be non-organic in many ways.


"The idea of one God also leads to the idea that only one being is a God. What a mind job."7


We have to know that Organic just means flesh or an organism and should not be used to describe if something is alive or not. Generally anything that can carry energy is considered living no matter what that energy may be. Now I will tell you why it seems like many of these sides blur and if you don't have a keen eye for symbolism you can get very confused.



As I stated above, "just because you are in a prison does not mean you have done anything wrong". The reasons Souls, which is the term we will use for now, are here inside of bodies range as such.

  • This Soul has been trapped and/or kidnapped from their Planet/Home World by the Empire, Dominion, or Affiliations and is being kept as a trophy and/or is being harvested for energy. Some of these home worlds have been destroyed or remain under empire control. In some cases a Soul has been kidnapped and that home world is still attempting to find that Soul.
  • This Soul was not conforming properly to the hive mind on the Planet they used to reside on that came under Empire control. The Empire generally rules through a hive neuro-network very similar to our internet but organic. This way they are tied into everything and everyone's mind for ease of command and of course to eliminate any type of feeling of privacy. Many in this situation would not conform or were immune to bliss which causes a person to not care what is really going on, they give all controls of decision making over them to their controller. Because of non conformity they were contained and shipped to Earth.
  • This Soul was was caught with too many illegal infractions against the Empire such as dealing in weapons, drugs, technology or anything of that nature without proper Empire clearance. Even though the Empire is scum, they require one have a license to be scum, just like our own legal system because it is their system. The term Draconian Law is now common speak.
  • This Soul was a member of the Military of a conquered Planet or the Empire. The Empire does not waste resources. After a memory is wiped, as talked about in the Code to the Matrix, there remains a core of information and this gives the person their traits, likes dislikes, etc. It is very difficult to remove these abilities from a defensively and offensively equipped soul, they can however be channeled. You will find most military members are either old Empire members in exile without knowing it or x-members of the Military of their own forgotten Home world actually fighting on the wrong side through amnesia and mind control tactics. Grim
  • This Soul located a long lost kin in this Quadrant and although knowing it was Empire territory sought to rescue that Soul. This is the classic rescue mission love story. A equipped Soul loses a kindred Spirit somehow to the Empire then seeks to rescue that Soul from the Empire underestimating somewhat the stronghold and finds themselves also trapped. In actuality more evidence is showing that at least one of your "fragments" is walking around lost without you. Magnetism can attract these two people back together but you have to change how you see the whole thing. Many always think their "Soulmate" is someone they are supposed to marry and have sex with and be with forever and have children, lol. In many cases the Soulmate is actually the same external sex the individual is now. These are just the people you need to reunite with to make you completely whole again so you will know where you came from and what you have to do. I have met many Soulmates on this journey.
  • This Soul is a part of various factions attempting to end the control of the Empire and Domain and has been sent in to do as such. This normally accompanies a gain of information and mission once the inserted Soul awakes to their cause. Often in life they catch hints of this through visions and dreams. Also the uncanny urge that they are here to do something.
  • This Soul is a exiled member of the Empire or Alliances of the Empire. These individuals can always be spotted as much of their core still contains Empire idealism. They simply have no memory of their affiliation or even that such things exist. Let us keep in mind our population at large does not really even believe in Spirits, not to mention the capabilities and stories of such things. Ignorance can be seen in how few answers one actually has to the questions that are important.

All of what I'm speaking of answers all of the questions so many people have. Some things are much more difficult to accept than others, however, what have we been doing anyway? Sitting around on timeout waiting for them to totally screw up the world while we lay around powerless. Yeah okay, not me, sounds like a reason to bring out the actual real me, not the sleep version. All I really needed to confirm is what I already knew, I'm an Alien and so are you.


Many of these rescue mission have succeeded and some have failed. I believe Souls are removed from this madness at every moment by rescue attempts conducted by the much more harmonized forces outside of the Empire, send a out a beacon. That can be emitted from within ourselves once we get a firm footing on what is going on and stop being so "scarred" which is an anagram for "sacred" meaning not wanting to know the meaning of something because it has all this mist of mysticism and the unknown around it.


One should still innerstand the controllers are also very equipped Souls. Not all of them are sloppy and dense as depicted on our television and in fact they are more like the Beings depicted in the Hindu Pantheism. Master shape shifters and wielders of the Chi. But wait until you get a load of what you are. You can only imagine if they have you behind this thick veil what they do not want you to see in you. Its also good its not up to them anymore the information is finally here for you. Whole. We are not just talking about one thing We are referring to all things.

8108686676?profile=originalTHE POWER TO KNOCK AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN

Luke 10: 18 And he said unto them; and I beheld Satan fall from heaven like lightening.

"So did I. I know this story all to well and it came back to me in a flash as I re-membered." 7








8108687299?profile=originalIn order for me to get this to you I'm going to have to sum this up. I really could keep going with this for weeks. Just as you see the Si symbol above, you now know that the Gods of the ocean, sky, and earth who carry a Trident/Dorje along with the Tibetan Masters who also carry it, and even the devil all have some strange connection. This connection is through symbolism. I do not have the time now to go into the Ankh/Khan and its story but you can be sure that as long as I'm here you will eventually know everything.


The trident is a two dimensional image of the Dorje. It also becomes the same three points on the fluer-de-lis. I have come to the conclusion that these objects also double as symbols of representation, origin, and affiliation of the Beings, in addition to weapons for protection and war.

8108687101?profile=originalTo know more about The Resistance go to my page. by clicking HERE

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  • are all these things real ? or just another cool fantasy story ?

    how can I know ?

  • Reg. the interpretation of the name of Sol-om-on that you sourced from dear Jordan Maxwell: the original name of Solomon in the old testament in hebrew is SHLOMO and it does contain within in the root of the word  WHOLE (shalem) and the letter sh (shin) does relate to the sun, but that interpretation that he gave to the name i just find unnecessary. I deeply respect Jordan Maxwell as a superb scholar, but also superb scholars sometimes are wrong or misleading, i really do not mean to put him down in any way, the guy has given and gave so much to us and the truth.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • The endless intricacies of a dipolar universe.

      A piece of matter can not exist unless there's an equally dense piece of antimatter present somewhere in the same univserse. :)

  • I dont think this site is dark. It explains some of the path of darkness. We all are working without enough data. Books being burned, whole light societys dissapearing, being destryed, along with the info. Its very difficult to know the whole truth, in details.

    I think that is why Jesus said to follow the golden rule, if one wants to ascend, follow the golden rule, which is being kind, good and nurturing, even to the point of loving our enemies, without letting them hi-jack us, while loving them. Romans 2:14 says that even those who dont know me (God) can make it to heaven/ascend; as long as thier conscious doenst condemn them in the judgement. We judge ourselves, with oversight and prodding from God, on that day. We wont be able to lie to ourselves then. The point is this, bashing one another isnt conducive to "following the golden rule.

    I am glad "the resistance" has shared this info. It makes no sense to not know about the darkside, cause that allows manipulation of humans, govmnts, ect. It allows us to be manipulated to lose our consiousness, with which we judge ourselves. It allows so called "free will" to be hi-jacked, and mis used, so its more of a problem, than part of the solution.

    I see all these things as twisted and demented, mostly because we are ignorant of the fallen angels aND THE ILK THEY HAVE CREATED TO CONTROL US FROM THE ETHERS, ECT...

    As for the light commands, out there. They both exist, a light body can be evil also. So there are both. One represent the negative ones at all levels, with thier ships, and the other represents the positive ones with thier ships. Dont let one- side-edness blind you to the other side also.

    Satan mimicks what God has, very closly, and thats why the confusion sometimes. If God has a council  of 9, satan will have a council of 9 also. The ying/yang symbol tells us this. But recorded data also tells us this.

    Jesus said my people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. He also said we are like sheep led to the slaughter all the day long. This is because of a lack of knowledge. Jesus also said that Gods people often do the devils work, while being led to think they are serving God. Like the Vatican telling the catholics to kill protestants during the dark ages. The catholics thought they were serving God, while doing this, but were serving satan. protestants are manipulated the same way..

    Its because of a lack of knlowledge about the dark side and how it works. So I think we need to be fully aware of both sides to make rational decisions, using common sense, ruled by love. Follow the golden rule, and you'll be alright. Jesus knew what kind of trap we are in, so he gave us a  way out, whether we are knowlegable, or really no knothing. We can still make it if we follow the golden rule.

    Ascension is not based on what one knows, or doesnt know, its based on character. Do we love one another? Are we nuturing and kind? Do we honor, integrity and ethics and right doing? These things decide if we can ascend or nlot. God loves us, and he gave us a way out, whether we know everything, or know nothing.

    Now be nice people. And to the dark essences; who are riding the negative light streams, getting a voice into this site, I encourage you to develop a counscious voice in yourselves, so you can ponder these issues, so you can decide to leave the dark side, and join the forces of true light, leave the false light and join Gods side. Its the same path for humans; of right doing, is the same path for you.  remember that, and good luck.  loving you too....dennis

  • It was not directed to you it was directed to Drome. Honestly Kelly being misinformed is making the situation worse not better. Its time to stop pretending and finish this. Domestication has people thinking stuff is not happening but if you talk to any real "adept" such as a Shaman, not these new age westerners you would know the real situation.


    Your fear is holding you back, but you did not have this fear as a child, you were ready to discover new things, to find treasure, to defeat evil. Now that has been bred out of you and you are fast asleep and comfortable. When you are ready to be informed instead of living in a bubble that is sure to pop and already has whether you think so or not. It is reality vs actuality.


    This is 5th Column lady we are inside of Ashtar Command attempting to wake you up, but you are already asleep because you are here. You have not even researched who Ishtar/Ashtar really is? What kind of Esotericist does not read the ancient writings of the Ishtar gate in Iraq/Babylon and what exactly came out of that gate? In the Know? Obviously not, just another wishful thinker. Spirituality has never been for the unbalanced, you only want to see love and light and you have become just as dangerous as those that only wish to see darkness and hatred. Unbalanced?

    • I suspect the Ashtar Command comes in twos. One is the real one from Heaven, the God of all Gods, Jesus his son, ect. The light streams and light workers from ther are holy, pure and clean. And there are no experiments there, because God already knows what works - and what doesnt work.

      Now the other Ashtar Command; comes by saying, "its all an experiment", cause they havnt figured out what works and doesnt work. That would be the custodial entities in the ethers, and out there, who are also called gods, but in fact are fallen angels and all the ilk, under them.

      They also have a fake Ashtar Command, that puts out things like, Ther is no right and wrong, its all an experiment; cause we cant figure out right and wrong. Being a fallen angel, turns them into mischevious, demented foes. They can never be anything other than that.

      Let the reader beware that a lot of the false ashtar command stuff, is promoted here on this site. I dont know who you are, but the odds are high, ect????

      You cant fool us all the time..  repent and come back home you rascals..       ---Jesus knows what is right and wrong, and there are no experiments, going on; under his command.   Its the fallem angels who do these things..  Wake up people!    Which Ashtar Command; is really on this site?.... Loving you--dennis

    • Oh Resistance, what makes you think I haven't studied the star gates and the root races?  It's really not that complicated, and I adore history.  And I am not here for Ashtar, I am here to share and learn with others of my kind.  I don't see Ashtar or any galactic as a saviour, and thank you very much I am not asleep.  I am still growing and learning, yes; but my life is not fearful or paranoid.  I see what you are driving at, it just doesn't sway me into being manipulated or fearful. 

      Do you know what a control drama is?  Do you see that you are perpetuating it?  Do you see that true freedom lies in yourself and not anywhere else? 

      I am using the tools of intellect to deal with this conversation but I have a deep inner faith that is my foundation; an understanding deeper than words.  Do you meditate?  Cleanse your chakras?  Can you FEEL the trees?  Talk to the Sylphs and feel the Solar Logos giving you his energies like mothers' milk?  These are profound experiences that are more than duality, a part of me is WHOLE, and this cannot be given by you or any galactic, it is ME who is causing this inner expansion.  I hope that you will feel this too some day, but only you can break down your walls of fear and disillusionment.  This world sucks because some bad people do bad things, and unfortunately they are in control right now... but there is a spiritual revolution going on, and mankind is growing into a better species; helped by the etheric kingdoms and christed beings and devic entities.  I don't need to walk your path of fear, been there done that.  It is time for a new tomorrow.  Call me an idealist, and proud of it :)

  • Hmm this comes after you send me a friends requests. I find this community unstable. Its like people here only want to hear roses and clouds and fuzzy animals and not the truth. Sounds like someone has been giving Bliss. It appears there is no energy also as people loath to study and investigate and would rather argue the point even before they have researched it for themselves. They want a simple answer to complex life, are you serious?


    "It doesn't feel right" because many can't handle it, not because it isn't true. Now here is a fact. When you see the world and what has happened and continues to happen to it, all the misuse, all the poison and toxins, what did you really expect the story to be when you found out the cause of all of it? Nothing this bad comes from something good.


    Sure you can shoot the messenger all you want, but you and I both know time is close and many have no progress and no clear means of how to give wholesome correct answers to themselves or anyone else for that matter. That is the horror of the western culture, totally domesticated we have become as a people, afraid to even accept what we have all the information about.


    You could have the power to face it but instead you go off and ask someone else or rely on something else to assist you in your neglect. Some other alien that you have allowed in your mind and thus you have been invaded. Case closed, I'm done with this, like I said when you want to get into the Know, just jump on in. Inside that is, go inside. If you need me send an internal email.


    After you fear you are still here.

    • Why are you turning around mad?

      Can't even handle a simple question why the background of the book is black?

      If yes, please provide me an answer.


      The few posts you made are totally based at that your investigations are good, and our comments are out of the question. THERE IS NOT SUCH A THING AS A STUPID QUESTION!


      Sure you can shoot the messenger all you want, but you and I both know time is close and many have no progress and no clear means of how to give wholesome correct answers to themselves or anyone else for that matter.

      I am not shooting at you, I am directing questions to you. But it looks like you feel offended. Time is close indeed, but in the 'now' is no time. As I speak for myself than I can learn more rapidly than time expires.

      Also; majority of the users of ACC are making big progress, that is my experience in the time I spend on this site.

      You could have the power to face it but instead you go off and ask someone else or rely on something else to assist you in your neglect. Some other alien that you have allowed in your mind and thus you have been invaded.


      Instead you are so much wanting to let me believe you at glance, thus allowing you in my mind.

      If you want us to follow you or the book you advised so badly, please aproximate us in more balanced posts.

      For the sake of wisdom I shall read the book, but with skepsis and guidance from Gaia and the ethereal world.


      Dear 'The Resistance', you have my blessings and love for a bright future. :)


      PS; to make yourself more accesible, reveal more about yourself - sex and picture for example


    • Wow I hope you are not talking to me; I sure didn't send a friend request lol.  You are agitated that your message is being misunderstood but you are failing to see the "theme" of your posting.  It IS full of fear and paranoia.  You are trying to cast doubt and fear onto the galactics through your own slanted research.  All is a matter of perspective though, you are free to think according to your own will but I sure am not a part of this reality you are building.  We are not "shooting the messenger" we are standing up for our belief system, on a web site designed for Lightworkers.  Did you really expect anything less?  Perhaps this will add some clarity: It is from a Treatise on Cosmic Fire:

      • The Logos of the solar system is the Macrocosm. Man is the Microcosm.
      • Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to an atom.
      • This relationship between all souls and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in Brotherhood. Brotherhood is a fact in nature, not an ideal.
      • The Law of Correspondences will explain the details of this relationship. This Law of Correspondences or of Analogy is the interpretive law of the system, and explains God to man.
      • Just as God is the Macrocosm for all the kingdoms in Nature, so man is the Macrocosm for all the sub-human kingdoms.
      • The goal for the evolution of the atom is self-consciousness as exemplified in the human kingdom.
        The goal for the evolution of man is group consciousness, as exemplified by a planetary Logos.
        The goal for the planetary Logos is God consciousness, as exemplified by the solar Logos.
      • The solar Logos is the sum-total of all the states of consciousness within the solar system.

      So, according to your reality; all this doesn't exist....You give away your divinity by allowing the phantom aliens to "control" you... See?  Is any of this getting through?

This reply was deleted.

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