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how do i structure my life so that i'm always around Quality people?

As I've become more spiritual and continue to look into my heart chakra for answers in life i notice that a lot of my old friends are people that don't love themselves and don't love others. when I'm around these people I get very tired and I feel negative energy in me and sometimes i get confused and insecure about life, they take away the light that I've worked so hard to absorb and i don't want to fall back into blindful hateful ignorance because of these people.  These people don't love and respect me and I long to be surrounded by fun loving, authentic, carefree people who  nurture my soul and raise me to higher vibrations of love and happiness.

     how can i structure my life to find such people?

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If you're not centered within, it's easy to start becoming what you surround yourself with. And you already know the answer to this, you just drop your old friends and find new ones. If it's hard to find the type of people you like, well just be alone for a's better to be alone than around bad influences. Plus being alone is a sure fire way to connect to what's within you, and you seem to need a bit of that....that's my real advice to you, connect within you more, and don't look so much for people or information out there to tell you what you need to be doing.

Thumbs up for that!!

have time to urself first get to know the new you learn about urself, then when new people or new friends are meant to come into ur life they will , if u have not done enough work on urself or relased what u r meant to u will draw to u the same energy people that u dont want , so have you time for awhile and find ur answers within u as we are all different and we all proceed along at our own pace we have been through this and feel and know what u r feeling it will work out u just have to do go with the flow

love lite always

yes this motto is pure TRUTH but the souls who are lost should be awakened using wisdom , spiritual energy. like marianiana said

a person is like a magnet, attracting version.............; what you think, say and do, will become~Zarathustra.......................

Become the person you wish to be surrounded with.  The answer lies within.  Also, ask for your next group of like minded souls to meet you when the time is right. 

one... I want to say that you know you have "arrived" when you can be with people and still maintain yourself, your poise, your composure, energy, maintain your masterhood. I have roommates and when I notice myself (and especially around other people) falling into old patterns, but when I start to become conscious of it then I can shift it. I heard this guy and he said to see the people around you, especially family members (they are the creators of our buttons) they are enlightenment training.


If you want to change your group of friends, which is fine.. too start going to groups and actively seeking out other people. also as your vibrations start to change and get higher you will attract people who are in 'tune' with you. I have joined some meetup groups and have met some wonderful people. also if you go to a local place or gatherings with like minded people get phone numbers, start inviting people over for potlucks or dinners. I joined a local indigo meetup group and I sent out a mass email (once) inviting people over for treats and divination. We had a great time. 

you will start to notice as you focus on you and you alone and your spirituality you will  change and so will the other people will change with you. turn your attention inward work on yourself first and formost and cultivate your spirituality.

Joining a monastery or starting your own may be the answer, if it wasn’t for sometimes America’s most Wanted look for places to hide out in places like that.

Then you have witness protection plans threw the governments to watch out for.

Its like finding a safe place to live and build your home on this planet, there is no safe place on shifting rocks and water, snow or ice. 

There is no safe place out here with us in the matrix, there is only one place in meditation your spiritual center.

Now that you know what the weeds look like in a somewhat stable garden.  Is to pull a few weeds daily and not let the weeds get a foot hold and take over.

No one ever said being awake was going to be a walk in the park, just have to remember it’s a park not a gated community. 

maybe you were there to help raise there vibration.

I understand what you are saying Daniel but did you ever think it may serve a purpose if there are some negative people in your life?  Perhaps you are supposed to help or enlighten somebody in this lifetime.  Maybe you will see something in their lives that will make you more appreciative of what you have.  Or maybe you will feel from them and pray for them.  Just a thought.

I daily sit and watch the birds , spiders and all the beautiful life out there , doing their thing , its plain amazing :)

catch the ones that still have some soul left in them and bring them to your side :P , lol just kidding , just be yourself , and see how people react to the real you . If they are your friends they will find some way to fit in your life :)

Peace 4eVeR



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