The original Black Panther Party was not racist. They believed in improving their own poverty-strickened communities, which included some white people who lived with them. When the white Hollywood set and rock musicians began to contribute financially,  this propaganda bullsh#t (below) showed up at white Americas doorsteps to change viewpoints, very much like the "New" Black Panther Party of today are doing to white America with the Zimmerman trial. It's all about "divide and conquer."








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  • This is why people need to learn to turn off their tv's and tune into the reality of their own environment. People today need to focus on what really affects them, as opposed to focusing on the what the media "claims" is important and tells them what "directly affects our lives," such as Lady Gaga's favorite drug, Jay-Z's wedding, Michelle Obama's exercise routine, or the net worth of Jennifer Anniston's house.

  • Wow! Scary stuff! (The cartoons).

  • The original Black Panthers were also the first major politically active organization in the U.S. to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms in a state capital. Here's a photo of them publicly exercising that right in the California State Capital. Racist California Governor Ronald Reagan would then rescind this part of California state law that allowed public demonstrations with firearrms (THIS MUST HAVE CAUSED THE ROTHSCHILDS AND THEIR BANKING BUDDIES TO ALL HAVE NON-VIAGRA AFFECTED ERECTIONS AT THE SAME TIME, AND CONSIDER REAGAN FOR FUTURE MAJOR POLITICAL POSITIONS):



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"“If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don’t like, who can bring you happiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say this magic word: ‘Hello.’”"
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of 'majority', it is time to pause and reflect."
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"Guilty is a man (religion) made emotion. It's not real! It's nothing!"
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"If you feel joy during this difficult revelation times to expose evil, do not feel guilty.

Your joy will guide those who still feel fear

That is why you are here"
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"External attacks are just distractions. The answers are all inside you. The outside fear porn is just a distraction to stop you from looking inside"
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