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Help plz! Does true Love (staying with someone for this lifetime together) exist??

Perhaps my definition requires some explanation... but there is a lot of back story here. First off, I am going through a rough time, this spring my uncle passed away due to cancer complications, through which I was over stressed and left my nursing school (3rd year of 4 year program) and then my girlfriend of the past 6 years decided to kick me out of our home. I have went on incredible journeys with her, been to Peru and on ayahuasca retreats to see the nature of the universe and beyond. My angels and guides seemed to me to point me towards her and our relationship at every point. Even when two years ago she went to Mt Shasta with a trusted friend of mine and they 'fooled around' and we broke up then. I am lost at the moment as we tried the last 2 years to make things work, but from her perspective it wasn't working yet she never clued me into it. Even making plans with me the night before this to go to Peru again. I am asking for help from the beautiful people on this site as I am lost and feel that every sign, every 11:11, 4:44 and 2:22 I have seen and even my lucid dreams and prayers seem to point to her and I as a couple with a family in the future. I now am on my own moving into a new life, new home, new job and new direction. She recently posted this to facebook, which I feel was also directed partially at me. What do you guys make of her logic? She is in Italics below..

Ive struggled with the notion of “needing” another’s love. Why do we need the reciprocation of love from another? My inner dialog says that we shouldn’t “need” love from anyone,,, we should be happy with ourselves.. But doesn’t everyone “Need” love?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is NO. We do not need love. Spirit whispered into my ear that “We ARE love” Sometimes I forget that I am made of love. The belief “ I need love from another” is really a belief that separates you from experiencing love in its truest form. To believe that you “Need” love reciprocated from another is to believe that you are not already love. It is a belief that there is not enough love, that you are lacking love, or that you are somehow lesser then your divine form- which is love.

Once we realize that we ARE love, and that there is actually an endless supply of love, then we are then free to share anyone we please. If everyone realized that they already have all of the love they could ever need, we would share our love freely with everyone. There would no longer be a perception of lack of love. There would be no ownership of another’s love or jealousy over who gives love to whom. There would be no “need” for love because love would be flowing abundantly through everyone at all times. This is the world I want to live in. This is the world I endeavour to create for myself. I AM LOVE.

I have tried my utmost to be forgiving, unconditionally loving of her and my friends past mistakes. The hurt and pain I have felt (or choosed to experience) has continued even till recently. I feel that the timing of this by her is very unfair and undeserved. If she had lost as many family members as me over the course of our relationship, I know I would have been understanding and would not have booted her out because of it. As over the 6 years I have known her I have lost 2 aunts and 1 uncle now to cancer and my grandmother has survived melanoma but she is 96 and hanging in there. I love this woman so much, and we have shared much of her core shaman teachings and feel that she just doesn't 'Love' me the same as I do her anymore and I dont know if there is any remedy to this situation. The only shining light I see at the moment is that she has agreed to go to couples counselling with me because we didn't do that after our break up 2 years ago. I guess I am looking for thoughts on whether one can continue down the ascension path and truly find a lifelong mate in this world or not? I have told her that my definition of a soulmate is one where we agreed to come into this life and meet and create a life together, a true love that produced a family and a legacy worthy of our love. I read somewhere that Love is sacrifice, is that true? I am feeling lost, heart broken, and in need of some guidance if any of you are out there who wish to send some, I am all ears! Thank you for your time and much Love and gratitude to you all!
With a heavy heart,

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Well, she seems like some hippy-dippy that should live in a commune:  Make Love Not War.  If she REALLY loved you, she would RESPECT you, and from my perspective, that doesn't seem to be happening.  She wants to make love to EVERYBODY - she IS love - oh, really?  She sounds like she doesn't have her head on straight.  Maybe something is wrong with her mentally.  You sound like a really kind and introspective person.  You deserve someone better than that. 

Love is a sacrifice, but you sacrifice for EACH OTHER.  YOU seem to be the only one who is doing the sacrificing.  The sacrifice is that you love someone MORE THAN yourself.  If one sacrifices and the other does not, it's DEATH to the one who sacrifices (in a figurative sense.)  You must love yourself enough to GET OUT OF THIS.  I see no hope.

Took the words right out of my mouth. Agreed 100%.

Sometimes we need to be on our own to understand that we are Love.

She seems to be a very spiritual lady and if you guys are ment to be together you will.

I think you should let her go and trust the university you will be together again.

Love is a lot letting go in this dimension. Have faith, trust your heart!

Good luck xx



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