It seems to be that I'm actually just receiving light directly into my pituitary gland and now I understand why we call it five dimensional.


It's kind of humorous.


I'm taking in more of the picture than normal, literally seeing with three eyes but as one picture still.


I'm so excited but at the same time pretty nervous. I don't know what to expect next.


I did a sacred goddess chakra cleansing with the Goddess Li-Ha and the seven Pleadian goddesses The other day.


It's been going on for the past few days and it's been so crazy.


By the way, you see in five directions. That's why it's five dimensional. :)


Or, I mean, I'm guessing, but maybe most people don't look at their vision mathematically.




Any advice friends?!

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  • I looked up at the stars a few night ago, and tried to communicate to whoevers out there. I stood for hours and the weirdest thing happened!!!! First, I notice this shining, blinking star. It's standing completely still. Then, a second shining star (could have been something else, but it had a light anywho) and passed the first one. As the passing happened, the first star moves slowly upwards and stops again. The second star stops completely too. And then they just stand there!


    Right after this, I keep asking if anyone can hear me up there. Then - I see a ball of darkness, that was literally what it was, being cast down to the earth. It had red "orbs" in it. This makes me scared so I go inside to my apartment. I don't know what it was or what happened. For days after this, I have been feeling depressed again - mad about life and feeling everything is pointless. I'm getting better now. I don't know if there was a connection with the dark ball and the sudden feel of sadness.

  • Hello, my 3d eye opening was quite drastic,  I remember seeing colors when I closes my eyes,  bright purples and this would mesh into a blue, think pink, I would also see alot of fractuals,  when i was just sitting on the couch resting my eyes,  now in my dreams it is always as if i am looking through the end / lense of a camera or telescope


    Not sure about seeing in all directions , but i am always a participant as well as the observer in my astral or lucid dreams,  I have had 3d eye visions while awake  too , another thing I noticed ( which made me question my sanity at one point) was i am super sensitive to sound in my sleep now, ie) one night i heard a family member say quite loudly " I don't know"!! so i sent a mental message back asking him to turn down the volume lol

  • Close it!!!! :)
  • I'm not exactly sure what it is that you're asking for but i underwent what i coin as multi demensional channeling. i would be looking out over my place of meditation and would at the same time see partial visions of a comand ship - for example i would see someone sitting before a control panel within a ET Vessel and yet when i attempted to communication it was as if i wasn't heard or noticed well at the same time in the same line of vision i could see the entirety of my meditation room as if one was over lapping the other and would be seeing to very different areas at the same time, is this what you are experiencing?
  • It can be kind of difficult to get used to at first. I have lived with this most of my life. Sometimes as I lay in bed at night I have trouble telling if my eyes are open or closed. It is the strangest thing to hold you hand up in front of your face in total darkness, even with your eyes closed, and be able to see your hand move. For me it doesn't matter if I cover my forehead or not, I see through anything in the way. 


    I too have seen alien images and spoken to others who are projecting at the same time, and seen many images of past lives. The part that I find disconcerting about remembering past lives is that I always seem to experience the last few moments of life. Dying is a very powerful memory.


  • very much looking forward to trying this out!

    Thank you for posting this channelling dear Iris.  I felt Li-Ha and The Pleiadian Goddesses begin the process and I look forward to next seven days...


    Much Love,




  • to open my thitd eye  it took sometime, but is increible  what you see.  now I can use  my third eye any time, takes practise and concentration, remember there is no empty space is full of life

  • This is our time to fully awaken and remember who and what we are...far more than mere 3-D mortals. All of our senses and gifts are being activated, as long as we are willing to trust our own guidance and live/walk in our own truth. It's a beautiful thing.
  • Yes Iris, you are seeing light from all of your glands taking place happening first through your energetic light body and second into the physical body. The advice is, don't think for one minute that you can possibly know whatsoever what 5D is like, because you can't. It is quite literally beyond your wildest indoctrinated illuminati mind controlled 3D imagination. You can only 'try' to imagine what 5D is like, but you cannot possibly know at this time. It certainly is not something as you describe in - 5 directions.

    Everything is going to come alive in 5D, for example like 1000 times high definition if you were to put words to it. Absolutely everything has it's own consciousness that cannot currently be seen with our limited 3D perception, until mother earth evolves out of the 3D illusion. It is your pineal gland that is your interdimensional gateway to everything in the universe(s), through your crown chakra, not the pituitary.

    The pineal gland has been intentionally calcified (blocked) through the eugenics poisoning process (ie. flouride and meat) in order to keep you from being able to fully use it for any significant purpose, unless you were extremely unusual and you certainly would not be hanging out here guessing typing a few curious lines on a screen, while having that kind of capability. You would be immediately recognized and harvested for secret government black operation investigative work.

    Everyone and everything is simply being recoded from the Sun in preparation for upliftment to the higher frequencies evolving out of the wheels of karma polarity from the systematic inbound electomagnetic bombardment of photonic light that is lighting up your energetic light body. Thereby opening up your very vivid 3D imagination that is allowing you to have more pictures in your right mind, bringing you awareness's long forgotten.

    All happening through a re-membering process from your DNA (information) where your memories of everything are coming back together again ( like a stretched rubber band), which, have been repressed and shut down for eons of time and are now allowing you to finally use more of your imagination, that you have been unable to interperate to know, or understand what to make of it and what it is happening and is all about. You say it is humorous and makes you nervous.

    It is simply your creative unique expression coming from your emotionally dismembered psyche. It makes for a nice thread for people to learn to communicate and discover their different expressions that have long gone unobserved in previous times.You are describing your imagination rising up through your own 3D perception. It is very real only specific to you personally, it is your description part and parcel of the collective, who are getting to know their own imaginations. 5D is arriving through a highly managed stepup graduation process and is not completely here yet by a long shot and it won't be here completely until mother earth and humanity finally ascends and shifts into a previously unknown higher frequency when the superwave arrives from the great central sun and beyond.

    Using the term 5D is simply a way to describe something that you cannot fully describe using the limited nature of text on a screen with our current understanding, while we are still operating under the veil of a very heavy lower vibrating 3D density being suppressed with a very severe and tremendous mind control programming operation upon prison planet earth keeping everyone divided inside of themselves and separated from being able to come together for a meeting of the minds for unity consciousness with each other. Everyone is in the process of individually figuring out and re-membering the truth of who and what they are and came here to be, outside of the matrix of illusion which is surrounding their 5 sense reality construct continually confirming their own illusion of our 3D very limited perception.

    There are still far too many grave psychological problems left to overcome before anyone can possibly know or understand who they are or what 5D is about and what it means to behave as the sovereign sentient ascended master they are. You would have to let go and stop participating in the matrix of illusion that is keeping everyone tied to the lie, before you could ever know a glimpse of the truth about who you were truly intended to be. It is not a doing type, you are a human being, sentient- which encompasses a very lot of things. Multidimensional means many, certainly way more the 5.

    To have a little taste of 5D, you would have to completely stop whatever you are busy doing in your artificial life living in the matrix of illusion and start practicing the process of what being is about in order to have any semblance of continuity of consciousness that is required for 5D living in the now moment at zero point, which will be operating without the construct of time involved.

    You are experiencing an upgrade in preparation for 5D reality where you will be able to instantly manifest your creative
    expression. Your repressed emotion coming up from within you through your feelings and expression of your individual body battery must resolve all of the old 3D feelings (karma) in this duality by finally expressing yourself before anyone can catch the superwave. Anyone desiring to make the leap in their individual consciousness to 5D, cannot escape and get off the hook from that which they took part and helped to create in a world everyone finds themselves complaining about blaming others.

    Everyone is responsible for healing the planet and the 2012 timeline is not meant to be something to passify an inquisitive sense infatuated ego as being a humorous event for your entertainment. It is deadly/alively serious that you immediately transform your individual consciousness from where it currently is. Right now not many would be able to ascend because they are not serious enough and feel they have too much to lose, while still operating in a left brain materialistic 5 sense reality construct, should they choose to take the leap of faith it requires to go to the other side of midnight in their minds.

    All of the love and light inbound available is simply helping to get everyone to a place in their consciousness so they can finally accept and reconcile with the fact that we are all each complicit in the crimes against humanity, that you would find yourself complaining about in which everyone took part in creating in our outer world in the first place. It is through your very own individual electromagnetic body battery that is asking you to transmute the unresolved repressed feelings (karma), that have gone unexpressed for eons of time, that is now rapidly exponentially coming up and out to be acknowledged and healed once and for all, so you would be able to eventually come together in unity with significant meaning and substance with others. Right now humanity is still very aritificial and being carefully guided along in a gentle manner catering them with nice polite baby steps being made considering the brutally traumatized psyche.

    Most folks are entirely too distracted and preoccupied with their own grave psychological issues and 3D news events, instead of their own truth. There is a big difference between intellectual knowledge and revelation knowledge. Your imagination is what is real and you don't know how to believe it, as your imagination is a right brain operation of what little
    you do use has been intentionally made not to be believed, while you are still stuck living in an illusory left brain world.

    To come even close to your true nature, you have a choice,  you can either have a life practicing as a galactic human being, or you can have a job as a slave human doing, but you can't have both. You would need to give up the side show called the matrix and let go of all of your distractions. You just happen to call it your life. That's just the way it is, it is where mother earth is ascending to, where no-thing is going on, in a place of no-time to do it.

    Right now, your very valuable precious time and considerable significant energy behaving and operating as a galactic human being is being stolen, by those who are gladly taking it from you. It is nothing personal of course, they just don't happen to like us because they are unemotional about it - it is totally in reverse and unlike who you were intended to be.

This reply was deleted.

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