I've been a member of this website now for several years, three atleast. Memory these days are a little fuzzy with how fast things move, and how constant eternal change really is. But I sit for this moment at a computer with which I can have a moment to write about me and whats happening. I love this website, I really do. It's facebook without the endless posted pictures of dinner and nights at the bar. Its facebook without the surface conversations. It has some meaning, granted it also has a whole heep of bullshit, but does shit not fertilize the ground so that the roses can flourish :).

       Anyways I'll be honest I'm just riffing right now, I've never actually written a post before. I've taken the whole casual observer to another level over the last few years.Reading everyday the posts and links that ring true from the heart, reading even the ones I knew wouldn't, but we all need a bit of entertainment right. But I've seen post lately with some people not understanding whats happening to themselves. Not necessarily the world at large, but with the inner promptings that seem to be building to an enevitable conclusion with which we still cant see.

           So I guess in playing the role of lightworker I'll share my story to see if I can't help shed a little light for anyone out there. No I don't have the answer for you, I can't tell you why things are happening to you. Thats for you to figure out, I can only tell you why things are happening to me. I can only tell you life has made it abundantly clear in the relationships around me that what I see is what I hold. I can only say that for myself it has become clear that I am more than I know I am and that I am in involved in the process of freeing the world from its shackles, simply by being me. "Being" is a funny word, it's not doing, it's less about an external action, and more about a subconscious process. A moment with which you choose not for others but for yourself. Not out of selfishness but out of respect for your own space. Knowing that as you hold the light within your spaces, you create a better expierence for all around you.

  We all long for that utopian society free from war, hate, disease and all of the nastyness we see throughout the world. What we don't realize is that its through this nastyness that we have found the truth that there is a better way. The fun part is living in that space regardless of what comes before you. As I come more into alignment with who I am, the "good" and the "bad", the less it bothers me what comes on the news, or what those people in my life who may not see things like me say or do. MY own family isn't hip if you will to the idea of lightships and star beings, but I can still have conversations about our own divine creating power. They may still believe in our government and the democracy weve all been sold. But they can still see the hands behind the puppets.

             I know for a long time as a newly awakened lightworker I fought hard against what was. knowning there could be a better way, that there was a better way. But truth be told I just don't give a fuck anymore. I don't need the world to change to be happy. I am happy, NOW AND HERE. We want so badly for things to change that we forget ourselves, we forget how powerfully we really are in changing our envoirment. I'm not niave, and that is a trait I feel alot of us awakened are from time to time. We niavely think that weve gotten to a point were weve done all that we need to. Which is just not true, we are always changing always growing and evolving. To think we will get to a point and magically transcend is niave. Is something coming, yes, or better put is something happening now that just hasn't boiled over, yes. Are we here to help the transition, yes. The moment approaches with which the wool will be pulled from our eyes. Yes it will be chaotic, for those not in the know. But it is for us that know to respect thier choice not to learn, it is our purpose to be the change for them. No matter what, no matter the cross they may nail us to, or the stake at which we may burn. It is our purpose to hold them in love knowning they know but have forgotten. Just as we at one point forgot to. 

       In fact, and in closing, I'll say one last thing. If this eye opening awaking process has taught me one thing it's this. I know nothing. For the moment I feel I grasp a concept in my hand, for the moment I feel I know something all to well, or I have exactly what I need. This "thing" becomes like water in my hand and slips through the very cracks of what once held it. So in closing, be at peace, enjoy the ride. Sleep more, love more, relax more, make love more, or have hot dirty sex more, be you more, enjoy you more, give less of a fuck what people think, and more of a fuck what you think, paint, sing, dance, scream, fart, do whatever is you and be it totally. I'm gonna go play with my nephew now and bang on a piano. write me and lets chat whoever reads this rant.

Love yall. 


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  • Thank You..just being here now..good post.  Love to y’all, too~

  • Well said!

  • Thank you for b e i n g YOU Foos... truly insightful words. ~InLight555


    “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna

  • Dear FOOS!!! LOVE THIS!!! This is very "eye-opening, point blank, 3D reality checking, paradigm shifting, truthful post and I agree with you. I, myself, have allowed myself to get "caught-up" at times and just began totally ignoring 3D period. Well, the parts that I no longer or never enjoyed. And not that you need my "stamp of approval" but, you are so right when you said that" after it's all said and done...you know nothing."It just grows and grows. Thanks for this "bump" in the road!


  • I have been doing the same thing you have for years.  And all my research and all my 'realizations' from soul searching have brought me here...to this same conclusiom.  I need to chill the fuck out!  Thqnk you for your post.  Loved it!

    Love, Aimee

  • I feel the "peace train" coming....cat stephens...check it out....much love

  • Great post, I resonate with this and many parts I found myself re thinking some beliefs and an understanding. I personally, now realize why I changed my name to Fence Sitter, not because I didn't know which side to go with but because life is ever changing. Today I live for the now, tomorrow it changes so I will move with that now if you know what I mean. Thanks teacher.

  • Many thanks - the last paragraph is totally fucking brilliant!

  • The forces of change and division are fading like a dream upon awakening.

    Awakening is the new reality to come.

  • That last part is soo true :D It's like once you think you find something solid it is instantly challenged and often ends up giving you a lesson. You are an awesome person :)

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