What happens to people at an early age that creates a malcontent?  We know the evil of abusing or neglecting a child has the obvious effect but what happens to those who are simply not taught about God in His/Her myriad forms?  Everybody wants something to believe in and in this world we can be led astray by dark entities simply to cause mayhem so they can feed on discordant energies. No one believes this anymore-look around -the dark is winning at the moment.

Then again questioning authority is a good thing-don't want to be led over a cliff.

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  • I was at a bar when i was 19 and a HA member thretened me to leave the bathroom because he was talking with someone on his cell phone... :D

    Peace & Love

    • Yea me too I used to have neighbors who were former Hells Angels. They owned a pawn shop, where there would be bikers always coming and going, right next door to me. But they weren't real bad guys, one of them, the younger one, was a bit rude, but he wasn't some horrible guy. The more older one really was a nice guy, he loved animals, I had a friendly relationship with him. I remember once though, my cousin, who lived upstairs from us, he had a problem with the younger one because of his dog, and one night, he took a can of paint and poured it on his bike. And...that's something you don't do lol There was a huge problem, my cousin had to leave town. He moved out right after that. So, even the good ones, you don't mess with them lol

  • You know I'll have to disagree with you there, I study history alot...and I think actually most wars aren't caused by religion. I think that's a misconception alot of people have. I know people will talk about the Crusades, or the 400 year period after the Renaissance when religious wars were rampant....but even religious wars, aren't usually motivated by religion by and large, power, wealth, land, control...are almost always the reason people go to war. Religion is usually thrown in there to give it legitimacy. Or wars might start off as religious wars, and then turn into wars for power and wealth. There seems to be actually very few genuine religious wars, I know the protestant and catholic conflicts were a good example, but other than that, I can't really think of any more examples.

    But I agree that most things in life aren't black and white. I say this to people all the time, life isn't black and white, it's black, white, shades of grey, and every color of the spectrum. Some things do lend themselves to black and white....but, by and is all colors of the rainbow.

  • It's a good question, what creates a malcontent, what makes people turn sour. I know for me, I was a pretty bad kid, I was into being macho and strong and into fighting and causing trouble, and I don't really know why that was. I don't think I learned it, I was just 5-6 years old, and was a bully, pretty much. Well maybe not a bully, but I was not a good kid, I would look for reasons to fight with people. And I would get a kick out of beating them, and knowing that I was stronger than you. It really is like an ego trip, and I wasn't taught that, I just seemed to have been born with it.

    So I think, some people are born that way. We all have ingrained issues we are born with, that come to the surface as our life progresses. Others, they might just be enticed by the novelty of it, of being bad....and some people just aren't spiritually developed, or have enough connection to their heart, to have love and empathy for people, to appreciate goodness and doing what's right. The moral compass is weak. So they'll join groups like Hells Angels, or Mexican drug gangs, and they'll get a kick out of being bad and powerful. I think that's the main aspect of it, sure there's money and drugs and girls and all of that, that's another incentive. And I think there are many people, who first join these groups for that reason, not necessarily for bad reasons, but then eventually become bad. In many ways, we become like the company we keep.

    And there are many people who grow up and they smarten up and lighten up and they start developing a stronger connection to their heart, and their moral compass strengthens. Like that happened to me, as I became a teenager, I started getting into spiritual things, and I realized how violence and being bad...was not good. I mean there was honestly a time when I thought war was great, and manly, and only cowards didn't like war....and I thought peace and love were for hippies. Then I started to grow up, and I know those hippies were right lol I think that happens for alot of people, sadly, not enough.

    • Through my experiences I beleive we are all heavily influenced by unseen forces-I agree we are born with character traits that effect the way we react in a given situation.  Even when we are little we have outside influences both good and bad. Recording Angels watching us, dark entities trying to get at us, steer us the wrong way, gaurdian Angels to protect us at different levels, and no one believes in 'brown'-the omniscient omnipresent monster that lives with us all and knows us intimately

  • I think it began with ideals and values of rebels with a cause but they were led astray by dark desires, it is not the outside forces, it is the darkest shadows within ourselves we must combat.  Hunter Thompson did great work writing about them but found himself disillusioned with their rampant violence and abuse of women. 

    Think of the people you know personally, most people in general are hard working, value their families and just want a bit of comfort and the good things of life... no harm there right... but at what cost... in Canada the protests fizzled because the people are too fat and happy to think about the larger picture and imbalances of our lives, if one of us is hungry, we are all hungry... I am not sure exactly how we go about it other than working on my path and hoping it meets up, lol, but somehow we need to make our brothers and sisters a priority and get this world changed, so no more little dictators and hoodlums are born from suffering. 

    lol, sorry, will get off my soap box now :) 

    • great reply Kelly.  I'm not picking on war vets or biker gangs or protesters or any one in particular.  When people turn away from the Light or are not exposed to the Light at an early age they can become tools vessels, agents for dark entities. My own experiences have molded my beliefs

  • Yes- I remember they killed a man at that concert and have been responsible for many crimes over the decades-That's probably not all of the members and it is also a practice by any org. to garner good press-my point is without a belief system based in true teachings about God etc.people tend to get drawn by unseen dark forces, create discord, around them, and those unseen entities feed on the chaos-I have no problem with freedom of any kind, within reason, as long as it doesn't make things difficult for others

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