• Hello plantef and all,

    The Perth hills area (Western Australia) is regularly chemtrailed. I work with star family and sylphs (air elementals) to detox them - especially before they get 'rained' into the earth, because part of what they are doing is toxifying the soil and plantlife with barium, aluminium, strontium etc.

    I stay peaceful, in my heart, after a timely reminder late last year, following being chemtrailed every day for two months. I wrote about it here, if you wish to read about it:

    Here are some recent trails here:


    The trails were 'spiralled and vacuumed out' by the ship most often stationed here, the Shem Arua.


  • Yes, they've been all over the place here - thick - Milwaukee.

  • They are all over the skies of New York city...this morning I nearly cried to see so many.

  • we have had constant spraying in this regional town for many weeks and months,and many in this town are ill with stomach,or intestinal problems(more and more with bowel cancer)the powers that be as far as i am concerned,are diabolical creatures of the lowest order,we have also a Prime Minister who is a real Nutter,has no respect for humanity,and is a reptilion Spawn,i found this animated vid of him one day while studying on line,he was caught of guard with a viewer with a Cam, before he was a PM,you be the judge folks.8115208456?profile=original8115384870?profile=original8115191484?profile=originalNutter Prime Minister Being Caught Off Guard.

    • LOL, Love it...

  • the sky is all clear over perth western australia too ive just read that commander ashtar and the ashtar command have just taught his ground crew how to evaparate chem trails  this is a good and very positive thing in service to our beloved jewel of a planet and its people-love in action

  • Almost every day in Hertfordshire, England, UK

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.  Hope it gets watched a lot!

  • I have not seen chemtrails for the last two weeks plus the last two days our sky is  blue with beautiful clouds.Thanks to our brothers and sisters,free at last, free at last , free at last.

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