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I left my desk after shutting down my pc this morning then came back 20 min later to retreive something off the desk.  I picked it up and turned around, sat down for a minute and turned back toward my desk and the pc was on!

  I run a small construction biz and was putting putty in the back door frame nail holes. After filling them I went onto other things but came back more than an hour later and the nail holes were empty!

There's been a great deal of coronal activity lately and apparently this effects the 'Core matrix. and creates time anomalies; 'Time line looping happens when a person has a conscious memory of 2 or more similar co-existing time lines with events that are slightly out of synch. It makes it seem as if you are repeating part of the same time line, which in fact you are not. You are retaining a memory of the same event in different co-existing time lines.'  Read more' Starfire Tor-

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Well the first happens me all the time, either because somehow I managed to cancel de PC from shutting down (if its Vista or 7 it's easy to do that ;S) or could it be that it was installing updates?..

and I'm sure there's a logical explanation for  the second one... I think... :S

I know quite a bit about this subject of things disappearing the minute you turn your back sometimes.  I did a term paper on the phenomenon in college.  The object that seems to relocate itself or reappear somewhere else is called a jottle.  I took interest in this subject because it had started to happen to me and I thought that the house I lived in must have had poltergeist because it happened so frequently since I had moved in there that I thought the place was haunted for sure.  Here is an outstanding link on the subject.  Maybe I will later do a post on this..

Hopes this sheds a little light on this subject, it is fascinating........

thanks Marique

 Thirty years ago I experienced something quite similar and was in this spiritual house

 and was in the kitchen and made some peanut butter toasted sandwiches. There

 were four quarters on a plate which I ate and carried the empty plate into the next room

 and voila sandwiches were back on the plate. I still had my memory of eating them

 and my tummy was full. There were my sandwiches back on my plate. Never shared the

 story until now. Yes have experienced my computer turned on but that was because

parties unknown  had logged in externally and were after info so now a I turn it off.

Cheers Kingjeff

Wow, I had something similar, but it was a glass of punch that refilled itself after I drank it all.  I had been especially thirsty because it was hot out and I had just finished mowing the lawn.  I came in a poured myself a 12 oz tumbler of Hawaiin Punch (my favorite drink at the time) and chugged the whole thing down.  I set the empty glass in the sink, went into the livingroom and turned on the tv, went to the bathroom and went to the kitchen to pour myself another glass of punch cause I was still thirsty, but the glass was no longer in the sink.  I thought that was weird but just figured I had put it in the dishwasher without thinking so I just got out another glass and poured some more punch and walked into the livingroom to watch tv. When I went into the livingroom there was the first glass I had used, and it was full with punch, and sitting on the coffee table.....I thought I was losing my mind....never did figure out what happened because I lived alone and nobody was puzzled me for a long time...

i understand what youre saying, but i cant share my experiences.. the lack of making my thoughts understandable for you in the english language wont do much good.. 

but its like i remember some parts during regular days have happened a thousand times before, and this time is special because we are here now 



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