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Well what an eventful day the 21st was!

There were some awesome spectacles above us

& a ufo even appeared above Mt.Bugarach!!! 

Anything could happen at New Years,

so keep your eyes to the sky : )




Bugarach UFO Frankreich 21.12.2012


21.12.2012 USA UFO Sichtungen, UFO sights USA


UFO Appears to Shoot Down Incoming Asteroids over Mexico 21.12.2012



SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Absolutely Stunning and Phenomenal Ray of Light



21.12.2012 Meteorite crash Mexico 9:00am



Wormhole UFO!!! Christmas Eve over Russia!



Meteors Dec 20 2012 100 % REAL


Incredible Helix Spiral Appears Over Moscow Dec 24 2012 HD


The flickering 'fire rainbows' spotted in the sky over Arizona




Read more:






Happy 12/21/12! : )

It's now 1:12am here in NZ & the vibes are so high!

I've seen 2 UFO's in the past hour, it's such a calm clear night I can see every star

& at exactly 12:12am I felt an incredible surge of bliss entering my crown chakra! : )

The dogs in my neighborhood keep barking as if they're excited aswell,

& a morepork has been calling out it's eerie song for ages,

which doesn't happen very often round here.

Who knows what could happen next...

Have an awesome day everyone,

I know I will! : )
























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Hey I'm ready when the Earth is ready:)  .

It's now Dec 21 in my place. Time to go out and greet our cosmic brothers and sisters.

The time is Now, thank you, Kelly, wish you all the best and sending Love and Rainbow Light to you All :-) 

So cool :) A message from the future! Its Dec 20th 2:18 pm here. Cant wait to experience the 21st!

Hi Feather Winger......just to say how much I appreciate your frequently posted aurora borealis pix, which I know you usefully obtain from the "SpaceWeather" website...and these are added frequently, from photos taken all over the northern hemisphere...

I've seen many of these and one of my favourites is this one, which I'll attach below....It was a shot taken in Senja, Norway, last month....What's striking about it is the usual green hues of the aurorae have been complimented by purples too, all set against a golden sunrise.....what an excellent colouration nature has presented, purple and gold.

Regards, Drekx


Exactly right, Feather....a very good application....and those particular tones are very high frequency healing vibes...


Most definitely KellyB - what a phenomenal journey it has been and will continue to be, I'm sure :)  Thanks for the positive message :)

Love and Laughter to ALL.. 



Hello Kelly, happy 21/12/21 from a fellow kiwi, all is bright and well here on the Coromandel, I will do some star watching tonight and send love to everyone.

Love Eion

Divine blessings to all :-) xxxxx



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