• Several years ago people were speculating whether Obama’s wife is actually a man. If she/he is, it doesn’t really matter, unless the gender thing would have been used to influence political decisions.

    In sports it’s different though. Especially if men only ‘transition’ to women to win.

    Serena Williams with her daughter 😊
    • Giving ppl the benefit of doubt is an act of integrity! No one need to 'prove' that they are a 'man' or a 'woman', in anything from sports to politics. If no one ever saw you 'pretending to be another gender',..., and the issue of your 'true gender' never arouse till you became popular, or till you begun to win gold medals, then such claims are null and void!
      • Not cheating in sports, even if it’s just a game, is also an act of integrity.

        If we play poker and I win $1000 by cheating, it will probably annoy you.

        There are rules in sports to keep the game fair. But I agree that this shouldn’t be regulated by governments.
        • Cheating is part of games and as such it isn't associated with integrity. You 'trick' the opponent to make a wrong move. It is like you are telling them 'well I want to move to the right' but in reality you want to move leftwards! You are deceiving them. But this is not dishonesty simply because game is not a 'serious' activity. If I am gonna play poker, then being vigilant to ensure that I don't get cheated is part of the game! The choice of referee plus the choise to participate or not participate is part of the game!

          Was Maradona a dishonest person? Nope!! In sports (especially football) we play referees as well as the opponents. If the referee is 'foolishly' looking the other side, you can always handle the ball! Thiery Henry also once famously scored after intentionaly handling the ball! This is part of games! We don't need to jail anyone or ask them to return the money.
        • Sports has become more of a money game than a fun thing to do.

          But competing, winning and placing bets has always been a part of games and sports.
  • Yes, without women, there would be no men.....And obviously why the dark cabal and it's minions, seek to get genders muddled up, so as to halt all human procreation, they hope...That ties in nicely with their population reduction program...They especially seek to confuse the young over sexuality.....
    Of course, people are resisting all the gender pronouns nonsense and males competing in female sports, etc.....If these buffoons think they can engineer change humanity, they are totally insane...
    • Well said …gender benders can have their own sports but must not be allowed in normal gender sports In tennis man in womens matches pretending to be women and so winning matches and earning big pay outs is daylight robbery ..all their wealth should be taken away ..all their titles taken away ..and kicked out of the sport for good…I think you know who I mean …well @
      Proof Venus And Serena Are Men ..So Should Compete In Mens Sports Not Women’s Sports
      pushing the false narrative that Venus and Serena are women.  They are biological males. Watch video :…
      • Kk, I view sports in a total upside down of your view! To you, more authority should be injected into sports. To me, it is already too authoritarian!! For instance, why jail someone for doping? What does sports and games got to do with governments and authorities? Governments should deal solely with stealing of money meant for infrastructure, irrigation schems, schools, hospital, military, police, miningc etc. If governments approached these with the seriousness they approach sports, then the world would be a better place!

        Wrong footing is part of the games mindset, and this should include wrong footing the referees themselves! They are not doing anything important anyway! Overseeing pple chasing a bag full of air do not deserve the apparent 'serious' outlook that these managers often depicts!

        When this already misplaced 'seriousness' is combined with a 'guru' type 'seriousness' from the so called 'spiritual' bunch of morons, games lose every fan it had! It is now like watching for an presidential elections results! This 'seriousness' defeats what games were all about! It now speaks the 'game is important' message, which drives us to wonder what is the 'importance' of knowing who can reach a mark a fraction of second earlier than who? How does this benefit human beings? If Elaine Thompson didn't beat Shelly Ann Fraser, then we would merely have a different world champion, and the rest of the world would be the same!! If you are a beggar in Kingston town, you would remain a begger. So who cares if Elaine or Fraser won? Is it that important! What if Elaine cheated, is it of any significanc? Nope! This is because who won would not make any difference anyway! It is a perversion to take such things seriously!!

        The whole idea of games was to watch something that can be verified in PUBLIC. As such games should remain ART, never some SCIENCE. If we can never tell whether or not someone is a male by just starring at them, then the very idea of 'game' loses its meaning! We wanted something verified in the PUBLIC, not in a LAB done by a few so called 'experts' like they do it in science. We don't want a case where, like in election results, the results of sporting activities is more determined by 'experts' than by the fans watching the game! Otherwise there will be no need to stage the events for the fans at all!

        Doping has already spoilt sports in that it is a 'cheating', the kind of which we can never tell from the public, like we could 'scoring with an hand'. Strictness against doping can never undo the effect!! We will never trust those pple overseeing the sports. Indeed we have no reason to trust them, and that was the reason we wanted something completely staged! If we need some pple to cook out some 'examination' in the dark, who can then tell us 'this one cheated' and no one else is privy to such an examination, then sports is no longer the art it was. It is now some 'science' done by 'experts' we have no reason to trust!!
      • Nonsense! We don't have to 'prove' genders in sports, like we don't, in anything else. We dont have to tell women to take off clothes before they play. If no one ever saw Serena as a boy, and so no one ever raised a 'this boy is pretending to be a girl' alarm, throughout their growth, all the way from schools, then that 'she is a woman' deserves the BENEFIT OF DOUBT. Demanding more proof than this means we can never prove that anyone is a woman!! If this is the case, then sports are not the most important place we should be concerned about 'men pretending to be women'. (Those men dressed in women's clothes and then fleeing from Mariopol city in Ukraine, then some Ukrainians nevertheless boasting that 'our men are brave' deserves far more concern than pple chasing a bag of air'.)

        What is tennis anyway? Chasing an encapsulated air back and forth? Who cares about such?? Who cares about who is good at hitting a bubble of gas a cross some net? Only stupid grown ups cares this so much that they pay money to go and sit around to gauge 'who can do this better than who'. It is this crowds who ultimately pay these players directly and indirectly. Since they are stupid and irresponsible in using their money, who cares if they are conned into watching a fixed march, a gender trick, doping,...bla bla bla! We should not care about such things! There are far more important things we should care about!

        Diego Maradona is famous
        for once scoring a goal with hand! Given that every football fan eventually accepted that indeed Maradona cheated, does it mean that we strip Argentina of their 1989 world cup victory, or that Maradona should pay back? Absolutely not!!! Fooling referees and sports managers should be part of games! Why? Because games are just that: games! We should not take games as seriously as they do it even now, much less, the authoritarianism you are suggesting!
        • hehe....Roaring.....When you posted the following, it made me laugh..."Those men dressed in women's clothes and then fleeing from Mariupol city in Ukraine, then some Ukrainians nevertheless boasting that 'our men are brave' "

          Exactly so....The Ukrainian Nazis are a bunch of drag artists, pretending to be soldiers...

          As for your other point about "There are far more important things we should care about!." I agree, that governments should take the economy, defense, infrastructure, education, science research, et al, far more seriously than sports...

          Sports has become a big business....It has also become popular with the public...Myself not included...I never watch tennis, rugby, football, cricket, nor the Olympics...I always have better things to do....

          But I will say that I do approve of women being permitted to compete in competitive sports, without the risk of a male pretending to be a woman, and being allowed to do so, and thus take the prize....A gold, silver or bronze and the associated money...

          Frankly, it's unfair, as men will always biologically out perform the weaker sex...So, in this case, there must be an authority, to regulate....As there is, when a referee intercedes between teams....Without fairness, sports becomes pointless..

          Lest women would simply be replaced by men, in "female sports" and EVERYBODY WOULD STOP WATCHING....
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