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Guess who is this reptilian lady? Meet the new American Ambassador in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Her name is  Maureen Cormack, and she has huge diplomatic history.

Pay attention to the eyes.

Here she is:

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OMG! Figures. Lots of people in politics are reptilians.

Clearly her eyes have been photoshopped...IMO.

That, or two or more spotlights were shining into her eyes from both ways.

Light flashes cannot change round circular eye pupils into reptile-style slits. This "light caused it" was the same argument used with George H.W. Bush's famous eye slits revealed in a CNN debate video with Bill Clinton (WHICH CNN YANKED AND REPLACED WITH A WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT) in which the video revealed classic reptile slits for his eyes (I guess he forgot to wear his contact lenses).

Click for the CNN video, and sorry folks, the video is unaltered (AND CNN WILL NOT ALLOW ANY RELEASES OF THE ORIGINAL VIDEO TO PROVE DEBUNKING).

Here's a photo from that CNN video:

And here's a photo from that same CNN show with him dropping one eyelid, just like a lizard does!!

And here's another photo during a televised speech:

And another:

George Bush's second last picture looks REALLY SCARY - DEFINITELY a reptile.

There are MANY videos on the Internet that show people who are reptiles.  They also have a video entitled "The Reptilian Stare" (spooky).

Here's her official U.S. State Department page. She looks like a lizzy!!

U.S. Department of State

Photo of Maureen Cormack
Maureen Cormack
Principal Deputy Coordinator
Term of Appointment: 08/12/2013 to present

Maureen Cormack serves as the Bureau’s Principal Deputy Coordinator. Formerly, she was Executive Assistant in the Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and prior to that served as the Director of the Office of Western European Affairs, the Deputy Director for Korean Affairs, and as a Pearson Fellow on the Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives.

Overseas, she has served as press officer at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Korea, as deputy cultural attache at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and as the first consul at the American Presence Post (APP) in western France, covering the regions of Brittany, Normandy, and the Loire.

Ms. Cormack joined the Foreign Service in 1989 and in early assignments served as Director of the American Centers in Kwangju, South Korea and Warsaw, Poland. She returned to Washington, DC as European personnel officer for the former U.S. Information Agency.

Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Ms. Cormack worked for the Ravinia Festival, the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, in fundraising, public relations, and artistic management. She also worked for the Chicago law firm of Shefsky, Saitlin, and Froelich.

Maureen Cormack has a B.A. in performing arts management from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, a M.A. in international relations from the University of Chicago and a Diplome Semestriel from the University of Paris IV.

Ms. Cormack speaks fluent French and has studied Polish, Korean, and Spanish.

could be wouldnt be surprised theirs still a few rogue reptilians running around out there

I have run into some of these individuals. Their eyes are not permanently like this; they take this form when emotionally aroused for some reason.  One person in particular was a neighbor who may have had Israeli citizenship.  Another was from a wealthy family from New York. Their eye pupils are usually round and circular, and take on this reptile shape when emotionally aroused, such as finding out someone was borrowing their garden hose without asking them or just after having some really good s**.  I also notice that they get very spooked and avoiding when you really start to check out their eyes.  I think it's a DNA thing.  

I know a lady who has reptile eyes - but she's a nice person - go figure.

I ran into a travelling nurse (and a compassionate one at that) with classic reptilian eyes, and she was a very good nurse.  There are good and bad with everybody. I've done some pretty mean and stupid things. It's all about admitting your mistakes, learning from your mistakes, and moving on with the knowledge not to stoop to such a level ever again.  The problem is that there are people in high level financial areas (AND WHO HAVE THIS REPTILIAN APPEARANCE) who do not change and will not change, due to a teen-age style addiction issue with money.  These are the "reptilians" you have to watch out for, and they usually have an eastern European ancestry AND are either Jewish or Catholic.  And I have nothing against Catholics or Jews; I was raised a Catholic in New Orleans with a Jewish community center next door to my high school.

im curious what it would be like to have a conversation with a reptilian and not in their human disguise 

It's considered rude to speak with food in your mouth so I think the reptile would be quiet during such a meeting with you. You'd be screaming though, but I doubt you'd be screaming anything constructive for the conversation as such. ;)



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