"Guard carefully all my living creatures that inhabit the Earth.  Let this be your highest priority!  Protect and care for one another with love and light in your heart.  Be truly service to others and walk in the truth and light!  Only then have you truly awaken and on the path to ascension, as well as to remember who you really are!"  Message from our Creator through The Ascended Masters on Sirius...

Received Saturday, June 5 9:45 EST


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  • I understand Reiz, but you can control it. The same happened to me, diference is it was Seth-Tan than did that to me when I was but 9 years old, he first removed my guardian amd grandmother at 8. Then they blocked heaven from me as well as my 2 spriritual guardians Elron and Razniak. It was hell. All my life I faught the darkness that followed me like a shadow, what you are discribing was what I have had to endure. I had even tried suiside to rid myself of it.

    LOL, well that was a huge bobo, but not quite, my grandmother brought me back and Elron was able to find me again. That was the first day healing started. It was a long road, one fraught with a lot of pain and tears. Do you know how it feels to hold a lamb in your arms, place your hand around its neck and hear someone say "Kill it, do it!" That is what happens to me I clutch out and never realize what I do. I could have killed someone, when I blocked out like that. Seth-tan would then take over, and make me do things in such a rage that I sometimes hurt myselve. No it is not fun. I have slamed my cousin into the wooden partition in a toilet. It took 7 people to get her from my grasp. So I know where you are.

    I know you have also tried recently and you were also brought back, with force (Sorry). I remember you standing there before the thrown awaiting judgement. Your soul has actually left your body. Can you remember what I told you? I think you do, this was about a month or a little bit more back. You were very confused and distraught. (Please accept my friend request, as I want to speak to you in messages. It is something delakate, we will leave this discussion till then)

    What you are going through you can break free from, Kerrigan, she is one of Seth-tan's top commanders. They are using that confusion to raise fear in you that is their power. They have no power over you. By keeping yourselve centred they can't do anything but the minute you let it slip for a moment they will attack you.

    I know the line between fact and fiction are as you say. I know your soul is not in your body it is hovering behind you conected through chackras. It was the same with me. Mine are back where it should be and I have murged back into mind body and soul as one. The 3 became one. Ok I also see through my minds eye when I started taking back. Start there in your minds eye. Block out faces and make yourselve a garden in your minds eye. Do the ritual I gave you there in your minds eye, that is the reason I gave it to you.

    Try this lying down, as trying to sit upright will make you sick. You will have to practice seeing the garden, feeling the garden untill you can experience it with all your senses. See the grass move, feel the breez on your skin, smell the wild flowers, hear the birds. If you can find a CD with running water and soft music or soft music and bird song it helps. You will get sick but you have to learn to control your emotions and feelings. Remember you are NOT your feelings and emotions. Keet trying untill you get the seeing your garned through your minds eye. When you get it right, do the ritual. The ritual is also done in the minds eye. You are not ready or in a state of mind and body to try it the other way.

    Then you will be too open for the Demon interferances.

    I really feel that you are in need of this, as you are running in circles at this time. Yes you can do much, but you need healing at your root level. At this minute you are top heavy, one big push from the demons make you fall over.

    Bear with me, I know at time you think I am nuts, I want you to know that I do understand, and I do want to help, as I have walked this road and know that what you are ecperiencing can be healed. With this ritual you will find more stabiiity and then you will have to have that ancient ritual performed. It will break you from their inplant and control and will place you on the path of your destiny.

    There will be much expected of you soon, so I want you to be ready. We have an important mission here, even if you do not want to realise this. If we are to help the people of this world that we both love very much, we need to be ready. The Creator is readying the earth for the shift. No-one can stop it this time as He will not allow it. Mother earth are ready shaking her feathers. She is ready, the Galactic Federation is ready and Heaven are finaly ready.

    The time is now, There are no more time to waste. This is the only reason I have to try and help you out of this situation you are in.

    You can, you have the power to change what they have done to you, You know I am taklikg the truth...

    Be strong friend, Practice makes perfect. It took me 4 years to get through this on my own, but you do not have 4 years.

    A senvardios, kraselionis sa ra nalion ter sa livertus.

    Queen Anush Baniash, daughter of Adonai, of the Blood of Zenish,
    The Gardians of the Truth
    Known as the Lady of All Colours

    I am here to help, those that are in great spiritual need.
  • You are right we are looking at history, humanity and more.
    So we are still in the discussion dear.
  • Yes you are right I was good wit a bow and arrow, but I am better now. I am just as good with a sword now. Thanx to Dracus.

    Yes I remember that saying very well you must also remember be saying "Dragon power, Dragone flower".

    Ok the staff you remember was carved from elderwood and plated with pure gold, it was topped with a blue diamond. and has 2 snakes carved coiling to the top with their heads forming the bracket that supported the stone. I still have it, it is in my garden in Heaven. It is a power staff that was also used for healing. Hense the coiling snakes for the medical profession.

    You still have the abilities you just need to get back in balance that you will slowly start being able to use it. It is rather nice, especially if you get out of your higher self's way. Our bodies are our biggest obstacles and if you can learn to bring your higher self into your body and merge it, you can do so much more.

    Keep your ego and child self in check at all times they rule you by using your feelings.
  • WOW hold your horses! Firstly the creator is the Almighty that I am speaking about not the others that think they are almighty.

    He was the one that made all that is and you and me. He is neutral not good and not evil. Not you or anyone else can presume to put him in place, or destroy Him. If you destroy Him (which is not possible) you will destroy all creation.

    Jesus is not as pathetic as everyone makes him to be, He choose to be passive.

    The Creator created us and gave us free will, something he regret ever doing. All creations has to understand that He is ultimately the only one that can give and take a new Soul.

    You can kill someone in the Spiritual realm, and as you say destroy his Soul as well. You can think so, but that soul left the siritual plane and went back to the Creator. All I ask is that you realise, are you not now becoming like the Celestial's?

    I have watched those clips, I do agree with most of it, Why do we all fight each other, when we should be taking hands and assisting the Souls that are not ready yet. Yet everyone are trying to force their Ilusion of the Truth down the throat of another. Exaclty my fight with Dracus and the others.

    The Creator want his children to live in harmony and learn from each other not each one trying to convince the other that they are right. Look what the Illuminati did, they were stopped because of that reason. Dracus believe in what is being done here on earth. Why are we fighting each other, we all want the same thing. Ascension.

    At this minute you are like Dracus not in a great space, you are out of balance and influenced by the Demons that keep attacking you. You need to bring yourself into balance again, the Creator allows hardship in our lives to help us grow and reach Ascension. I realize that you feel disillusioned and fed up and angry. But stop! you are not seeing the bigger picture you are focused on what is wrong here and in this world, learn to listen to the Celestial, they are not trying tell you or force anything. The Celestial have a lot of wisdom to share if we would only learn to listen.

    All creation are neutral, you and me are neutral, but we allow influences from outside to cloud our judgment. This anger and resentment are hurting you more than you realize, I see it in Dracus too. You are hurting and the hemorrhage are amplifying all that.
    You need healing and balance, and I fear you are spiraling out of control. because you have been doing this so long and because you care for humanity so much that you have lost focus or become to focused.

    When was the last time you have have indulged your senses for no other reason than to just be. Ultimately we are Human beings not human doings.

    As a matter of interest Sevance no longer exist. He was destroyed because of his meddling.
  • Wow guys...This discussion has really turned random. What is your opinion Ben-Arion?
  • LOL, don't worry me neither. A little advice. Demons are bastards!
    I had one of those and it is not difficult to lift away. The smaller ones I lifted on my own but the one Seth-tan placed I needed to ask for help for. I guess yours are just as aggressive. We had to to do an very old and ancient ritual where your Higher self are removed from you body, the breached wiped away and the higher self replaced. That can only be done in person with the help of the Almighty and Dracus, and I now know the secret. It is knowledge that is so ancient and sacred. King Solomon used that magic and there are only only the Dragone's can assess that ability. I can't explain it, but it worked.

    Mind it will hurt, a lot. I will give you an exercise to try, It might wipe the breach, but if not it would breach the breach, until you can have it removed.

    Do you have a sacred garden where you go to meditate?

    If you do I want you to follow this in instructions.

    Take a bath or shower, and scrubb good, hair too. Stay naked.

    Make a circle with 5 white candles. The circle must be wide enough to for you to lay down in, without the candles igniting your hair or anything else.

    You will have disturbances like you have never had while you are doing this preparations. Ignore it and do not stop, you will be under attach.

    At the place you feet are going to be, place sandlewood incense there on the inside of the circle with the candle behind it.

    Now go into the circle and start lighting the candles with a match. Start where the incense is, light them one at a time and when you are back at the candle with the sandle wood infront of it, take the incense and light it from that candle.

    While you are lighting the candles say this 7 times.

    I am working outside all time and space, protect, this circle, and keep me safe.
    Banish all harmful and dark presences. I banish you from this place.
    I call all good and healing presences forth, protect this place.

    Stand before the incense until you have finish the chant times.

    Lay down in the center, close your eyes and go to your garden. You will have to stay centered without any feelings. Then step out of yourselves, and look down on your bony stand on your right hand side.

    See your aura and energy field. You will immediately see the bridge or block. While standing next to your body put your left hand over your heart chakra and with the other hand sweep the foreign essence away saying.

    "I break your hold, you are nothing and can not harm me anymore. I banish you from my whole being and Soul"

    Now turn enhance your aura with blue Soul flames starting at your solar plexis. Keep the flame spreading until your whole aura are burning. Now step back into your body. And let the blue fire burn hotter. You will either start feeling hot or freezing. That is good.

    Push you aura until it reaches the candles. keep it there for 3 minutes more. Then say:

    "I am safe, happy and whole once more"

    Bring your aura back to normal and For the next 7 days keep your energy up, and your Aura purple. When you feel aggression rise go hug a tree. I mean it GO AND HUGH A TREE. The tree spirit will cleanse you and assist in getting the anger under control.

    If you can go into nature away from people and technology for those 7 days.

    Remember, don't be like me and go, Where is all the sparks and stuff. You rarely see fireworks in this realm, even if you experience a nuclear war in yout garden.

    Dont think feel every aspect.

    I hope this help, It did fot me but I have adapted it to suit you.
  • LOL! Yes you are right about that.

    He gets things done by any means or force necessary! And if you do not listen, he will clobber you until you do. Does that sound familiar.

    I was ripped from Agartha, where I lived quite a lovely life and helped the people of earth. I was not happy about it and still am not.

    They tossed me into the pits of hell 27 times in the 7 000 years and I had to claw myself out of there myself. Well at least I learned to use my abilities in the spiritual realm.

    Yet the Destiny plan are to happen, weather we like it or not, it will serve as cleansing up to the final shift into the 5th dimension. The Almighty are more powerful that most realize, but he gave us free will. He rarely interfere.

    I believe many will be having a few surprises they wont like very soon.
  • LOL, Ok

    Lets clear this up!

    So you want to tell me tell me that you are Jesus reincarnated? According to me Sannanda and Jesus are the same person. maybe I am a little confused with smaler details.

    The 2 chosen here are of Dragone blood and there are only 4 on earth at any time. The other 2 has completed their cycle. Dracus are one. He chose to come here I on the other hand didn't want to be here. The Celestial council gave me no choice. I will not complain as the experience was not all bad. At this time I am looking for my way home to Agartha. I am seriously homesick.

    I, have had so many memories return lately that it is a jamble. Dracus was suppose to help me through this last faze, but he is not in a very good space lately and since he discovered his soul mate. So I am doing this all by my selfe.

    I feel like I am standing in a library, that was hit by a tornado, the memories are there, I am just still sorting them into proper piles.

    Being favoured by the Almighty does not mean you will have it easy, You get blindsided and tested every day. In the 7 000 years I am here on this earth, ... Lets just say it was not fun. This is my last cycle, will be happy to leave. I am so weary of it all.

    So thanks for sharing the info, it does ring to what I found in my memories, but some of the memories are still trying to unravel.

    One thing I do want to ask is how are you and your "Wife" in contact. Through the spiritual or here in this reality?

    What is her spiritual name? I just want to check one of those jumbled memories that are puzzling me at this time.

    PS: Dracus is a well known bastered! Sorry the language but I know him very well and I don't always agree with him. In heaven they say this about him "His methods are questionable, but he get the job done!" I think that might tickle some strings. Ask Achenock (not sure the spelling) he will tell you enough. He is on the Celectial council now.

    I am firstly a dragone, but to get there I had to embrace all that is me, that unfortunately is part of every one of us. The key is the balance.

    The council was rearranged a little while back. That was not a fun event either
  • You must just realize that Jesus and the other masters were chosen and they have not gone through everything we have to endure.

    They started very high up on the ladder to consciousness and they had much more help from the Almighty as they were the chosen and they received much more favor.

    There are however 2 of the chosen still here on earth. they were favored, but because of the tasks laid on their shoulders they were denied as much help, they had to do it like humans incarnations do it, with very little divine intervention. In true free will form! That is why Humans are so admired.

    These two are of the same bloodline a Dragone bloodline and they have reached ascension many times only to be pushed back and told to do it again. This line are known as the keepers. They are the ones that only take orders from the Almighty, not even angels or archangels are allowed to give them orders. Their duties are sacred and have been for eons.

    The path set out for them is very hard, but I will tell you this. It is reaching the end. They are ready on time and awaiting the shift. Sannanda has already taken his bride, and they were married in the communion of heaven. But they can not truly be together until first contact.

    They will be ready for first contact and have contact with Star command. One is called Dracus, the others name may not be named yet.

    It is all very facinating and I cant wait to see first contact. It will be cool.
  • They are all knowing and have mastered their bodies, emotions,egos, and minds. They have traveled the spiritual path and narrow it is.They work for The Creator and the Divine Plan. Many do not understand them or their purpose. One can not understand what they do not know and can not know what one does not understand. You are given what you are ready for at your spiritual level and vibration.

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