1-Great Holiness Society strictly adhere to the direction of Celestial Hierarchy and Celestial Head, Celestial Society Council (Celestial Council is Celestial Hierarchy's Supreme Divine Council on Upper World - incarnated descending down to Earthly World and also manage Earth and Mankind World).

The most senior, enlightened Advanced Original Souls will be selected at Celestial Society to perform tasks in the invisible realms  on the Upper-Middle-Lower Dimensions related to Earth.

2-Great Holiness Society is executive part of Celestial Council, abide with Celestial Council's direction, imbued with the ideal New Great Unity World , perform tasks Great Holiness Great Unity Society Doctrine and Global Light Law; willing to offer unconditional sacrifices to God, ideal for humanity liberation from the domination of the dark forces and negative aliens in thousands of years; freeing people from crime, suffering ... bring people to light, freedom, equality, peace, joy, happiness, free of poverty, war, injustice ...

3. Great Holiness Society organizes peaceful, suited social activities around the world to transform human society to Great Holiness society according to the will of God.

4. Building societies, associations, structures consistent with countries' social characteristics  to build Great Holiness movement; gradually catechize,  transform into Great Holiness Great Unity ideal cognition; impact on all aspects of human society, until the complete foundation of Humanity's Great Unity .

5-Great Holiness Society is the foundation which support, protect, pioneer, propagate for the development of Celestial Way - the Final Way of mankind and the first Universal Way - The Creator's Way which is also eternal universal - nature laws.

6. Great Holiness Society's members learns its principles to evolve completely. Studying theories and secret cultivation reaching to be marvelous occultists. Study occultism to liberate from reincarnation for their souls. Use psychic abilities to support practical tasks.

7. Great Holiness Society teach, educate, train talents for Great Holiness along with other independent structures which are Great Holiness' educational system. Great Holiness Society converges all Advanced, Senior Souls to operate; they can have spiritual powers, way, universal understanding, or be actually normal, but gentle moral, solidly good behaviors  still be chosen to take part in The Society, then be gradually trained to become talented disciples , Enlightened Beings.

8- Skilful penetrate, transform the world's thought; pioneer at the forefront of teaching, consider  thought-culture as the key to humanity's heart. The motto is "voluntary perseverance , evil avoidance and good introduction, convert people's hearts  ", compassion, charity, sacrifice, dedication for living beings. Do not sow evil, when evil against, we can use psychic abilities and skills used and the organization to convert, punish in accordance with the law.

9- Protect Celestial Council in the world and The Society's members. Secretly, publicly defend in various ways. The Society's nature is a secret society.


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