So yes,it comes my turn now,my grandfather died and i realy dont know how to react to it.Hes name was Sergo Minski,he was 73,he...i dont know yet of what he died to,he's body is being examined at the moment.All i know is that he died while waiting a bus meet up with my grandmother,and from what the police said,hes heart stopped,he dropped to the ground and died instantly.Damn that sounds way to grusome.

In a way,im sad,and yet i know from what i've learned here,he's in a better person.I dont realy know where i wanted to get with this post,but...ashtar is a big family for me,and when i've always had problems or questions,ive turned to you people.Right,well....yeah thats that,he's gone,i dont know what to say or do right now.

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  • Hi,


    Just relax......


    These things do happen in life it is just that we have to go ahead in life...


    Just relax....


    We all are there for you ..........


    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ....................



  • i do not know what to do risky as i have not had this happen to me. but i can offer you *big hugs* and always remember your grandfather will always be in your heart <3 :)
  •                  Eternal Flame.



    Send a prayer to the almighty one, always send your love.

    Ask The Great One for on-going guidance.

    Show your faith, show emotion, show divine patience.

    Watching the horizon, we await, our family above.

    We all were confused, looking everywhere for acceptance.

    You receive protection, this beats any death-sentence.


    In the eyes of the holy beasts who feast only on greens.

    They notice a slight disruption in the magnetosphere.

    Seeing the lies, they see the true cause, our evolution.

    The Vegan Wizards, they tell us, nothing is as it seems.

    With hope, and Ultimate Light we feel safe here.

    This is the beginning of a new life, no more pollution.


    Our life here is no mistake, we are a mixed breed.

    Your dreams are real, remember them and listen closely.

    Mine last night showed me a being of death, it told me to close my eyes.

    On this grand new land food is everywhere, take what you need.

    Now i remember that being of death as my friend, I tell you this honestly.

    Here there are no silly rules of nonsense to break, no one dies.


      Now hold me so close, and I will do the same.

    With open minds and love surrounding us, we leave this game.

    Our entire circle of ONE is LOVE, we hold the eternal flame.




  • I guess we all just have to keep in mind that we all really are connected as one species, Your grandfather's beautiful energy has been put back into this earth, and his spirit has passed over. After recently losing both my grandparents, I found it very hard to cope with the fact that I could no longer see them. One night I believe I really did feel my gandmother, and that alone has helped me cope. They are still with us when we need them, when we call for there help. But this is our personal experience in which we must learn, we must love and we must move on. They will forever be apart of us, and without them we would not be the people we are today.  If you feel the need to speak with your grandfather, sit outside under the biggest tree you can find, with only the intentions of love, light and happiness and you will feel him. He is the trees, the sun and the moon. He is everything beautiful in your life, as long as you wish him to be.     

    I'll be thinking of you and your family today.    Everything will be ok!   :D :D :D

  • Hi Risky


    I am very sorry to hear-it can be hard to lose a Grandad- i lost one of mine last year; he used to cut the grass in my dads garden into a race track when i was a kid so i could race a little peddle car around it. I am a little older than you and have lost two Grans and a Grandad and my last Grandad is short for this world (he's 95). As i understand it it takes 3 Earth days to make it to the other side and it is a happy experience. For the ones left behind it is sad or you can choose to celebrate what he has brought to the world- all the people he has touched and the gifts he has brought to you and the family; be kind to yourself people react differently and grieve differently and at different times- whatever you feel it is appropriate for you. 


    I take satisfaction in the laws of Physics which say that energy never dies it just changes form. You may not feel it now but may choose to acknowledge it later if appropriate if this rings true for you; I believe when relatives pass on they change form into an energy that is not visible to most. They perch on your shoulder and help guide your life and you will do this for your children and Grand children when you pass on- it is part of the cycle of life. When you cry he will be there as your solace and when you are in joy he will sit and smile with you. They become an energy that can be in many places and will comfort your mum too.

    Once again my deepest condolences. Share with your mum or your dad, if they are there, because they will be going through what you are but maybe with different timing; talk about it if you can it is most healing. Raise a glass to your Grandad because before long he will be watching over you guiding your path.

    I send these words to you with the greatest of intentions. I hope they may bring you some comfort either now or in time to come.


    My kindest regards



  • Thank you all,everyones messages and sugestions are helping quite alot.But i cant shake of the feeling that im somehow responcible for it.The night before he passed away,i saw a dream.I saw a reptilian with whom i became good friends.We talked en everything,the meaning of life,why they would attack us,humanity etc.Then on the subject of Souls,i somehow pointed on one of my grandparents,(we were at my summerhome where my grandfather,grandmother,her brother and great grandmother live.We were on the second floor of the building where everyone was sleeping.)and said,"take him/her".For some reason,i fear that i was the cause,but untill a few hours,i wont know anything untill my mother comes back with the autopsy report.
    • Dear Risky,

      My thoughts and prayers are for you and your Grandfather to be at peace and surrounded with Love. I feel your concern, that you want to know why this happened and feel you are responsible. I do not feel you are responsible, one thing that gives you strength and empowerment to get through this with a feeling and knowing of helping him in the after life is called the

      1. Death/Dying purification ritual

      Say "Teyata Om Behekadze Behekadze Maha Behekadze Radza Sammungate Soha," vibrating the mantra three times. Imagine Buddha floating over the crown chakra of the dying or dead person.

      Imagine Buddha becoming seven Buddhas floating over their crown. From bottom to top, they are: Buddha of Signs, Sound, Gold, Glory, Ocean, Light, and Medicine.

      State each Buddha name seven times and imagine them dropping nectar of purity onto the person. After stating each name seven times, the Buddha dissolves into the Buddha above. The cycle continues until all Buddhas have dissolved and the nectar of purification dissolves into the person.

      Imagine Buddha extending hooks from his heart into the person's hara chakra (under belly button). The hooks pull the person into Buddha's heart. Chant the mantra another three times: "Teyata Om Behekadze Behekadze Maha Behekadze Radza Sammungate Soha." This prevents them from being reborn in the lower realms. Give thanks to Buddha.

      Then invoke Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion to spread compassion on the person. Say, "Namo Quan She Yin Pu'sa" three times. Imagine rays of love emanating from Quan Yin to the person, bathing them in the Love of God. The person is now purified. Give thanks to Quan Yin.

      This will bring him out of fog into Love if he is confused. Another helpful thing is to pray that Archangel Michael guide him to the heart of God.

      2. Contacting the After-Life

      If you still feel you need closure you can contact him using this method:

      Not everyone needs to channel the after-life or other realms. Most seek closing or information. Only your heart knows what to do.

      ADVICE- only ask to contact a specific person or being that is for your highest and greatest good. Ask that Archangel Michael and your guardian angels or spirit guides to protect you from all harm and ill will during the contact and help you with understanding the information during the contact. If you follow these words you will not be harmed and you will learn something from the contact.

      Before you start any spiritual connections, you should open your spiritual portal. You only have to do it once because after that you will open and close it each time during a session by touching your hand to your forehead.

      Allow 10-15 minutes for the process. To open it get in a meditative state for 5 minutes then state the following prayer. Then meditate on the words for another 5 minutes. You will then be attuned for opening and closing your spiritual portal.

      The Prayer to open your portal (done only once): "I ask that my spiritual portal be cleared and opened for spiritual connections for my highest good. That this expanding and opening of my spiritual portal only allow spirits for my highest good to come forth. I ask that I will be guided and protected during my spiritual contact and have contact only with spirits that I seek for information and guidance. That I receive this information with clarity and understanding in a form I can understand. I ask that this spiritual portal be open each time I touch my forehead with my right hand before spiritual contact and for the portal to be closed when I touch my forehead again with my right hand after the contact is over. So it is."

      Prayer to contact spirits (done every time afterwards): After initial opening of spiritual portal this can always be done. Get in a meditative state. Intend to contact (name of spirit). Ask your source, God, higher power or whatever your belief for your protection and well being during the session. Ask for a white or a golden healing light to surround you and fill the room. Ask for wisdom and guidance throughout this session. Ask that this session will only be for your highest good. Touch your forehead with the right hand to open the portal. Await contact. You may feel cool temperature, energy flooding over you, see something in your mind's eye. This is the contact. Spirits often talk telepathically. Listen and ask questions. When done, give thanks to the spirit. When finished touch your forehead with the right hand again to close the contact. Write everything down and ground yourself.

      Once contact is made initially, it will be easier to contact the other side again. It will also be easier for them to contact you.

      May you be filled with Love and empowered with strength during this difficult time. May you re-connect with your Grandfather and discover his Love for you as he discovers your Love for him. My heart goes out to you and your entire family.

      With Love,

      Qan Dek
  • Hi there Risky, I send you my deepest condolence for your lost & pray that you be divinely guided through these tough times. Peace & Light be with you!!
  • Hi Risky,


    I am sorry to hear your grandfather has passed away. There really is nothing to say but only to feel your sorrow for his passing and remember the good things about him to share with others. Your grandmother will need extra hugs and love now.


    Go hang out with some of your friends and let them be there for you also, maybe share some of his life with them. 


    Lots Of Love Susan xx

  • aw im sorry, sweetie
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