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Grand alignment of the planets and the arrival of Planet -x; Nibiru on Sept. 23rd to the 30th ! R-U- Ready?

This is a past blog that I posted and now revised and updated, as we are now almost 1 wk away from the grand Planet alignment of the 23 rd of Sept. That's also when Nibiru is said to return and the havoc begins til the end of this year !
Sorry,I have not wrote about this recently but many times in the past.The Lupus in my hands kept me from writing, until now. But I have continued my research on Planet X, Nibiru to stay updated on what info that I can bring you now after writing about this for nearly 30 years. The Big Kicker was on May 10th at 615 pm central time when I went out to check on the 6 day old GS pups and I looked up to check the sky as I almost always do and low and behold, there was the 2nd sun, the red dwarf star that I have been taking pics of for many years in 4D which only our interfered camera lens can see. And it looked huge maybe 5 times bigger than our sun, only because it was only a million miles away.I thought it would stay in the sky for some time , so I had time to get a pic of it, but I was wrong, it only stayed for 7 min. so no pic.

And it was exactly as I saw it in my Visions and Dreams.Let us remember that Nibiru mini solor system is not a foreign invader because all suns in the known universe are born with a binary complementary sun that is always much smaller. Our mini solar system was hit by the exploding meldick planet 50,000 yrs ago or more that use to be in our regular solar system and this caused the mini system to be set on a eclipse plan to return back every 3,600 yrs. And when it arrives it comes to close to earth and causes great Earth changes by the magnetic pull on our planet, even pole shifts every 12,000 yrs.Nibiru is called Wormwood in the Revelations, which means bitter medicine and Nibiru means '' The Destroyer'' This red Dwarf sun is 6 to 10 times bigger than our Earth but only 1/10 the size of our old sun, which is now in hiding.I have seen this mini sun hundreds of times on the net, there is a eye in the middle and when I seen it in real life you could see that the eye is actually a indentation that was made when the exploding meldick planet hit it and set it on a new course and the problems with it that we have now !

Remember Nibiru is not just one planet but 7 also called nemisis 7.A red Dwarf star or mini sun with 3 planets and 3 moons, all orbiting around each other. There Magnetic forces are effecting our old sun and our planet, which is causing both Poles to shift , it is thought that the old sun has already shifted and Earth is half way through and will be completed on the 25th of Sept but may take 2 or 3 months to complete the shift and the whole of 2018 will be flood time [ after the shift] as the oceans rise,flooding all coastlines world wide and will settle down at 50 to100 ft higher than now.2018 will be known as the year of great floods ! Note here that this is also the time that our ET Allies will be making themselves visible to Rescue us and or remove us to a safer place if things get Dangerous, from Sept.017 to Dec.2018 They will bring down 200,000 food replicators per day world wide and later bring in the ''free energy devices''.

There are many future maps on the net,[ the Navy map is most popular ] how this Earth will look afterwards, it is said by our ET friends, even by the end of this year we will Hardly recognize our old Earth. After more research and update on the blogs I wrote end of last year about the bio-sphere and sun semi-later, they still hold true. Our old sun was yellow and a bit cooler, this replacement sun is white. I presume that our old yellow sun is being protected or being repaired as it phases into a blue sun when this is all over, our new crystal base bodies should work well with this new blue energy. And the Slackers who wont to wait until last to ascend will find it quite difficult to get along with this new energy, being in the old carbon based bodies and it could take 5 to 25 years for all on the planet who remain after this great Event to finally ascend to high 4th or lower 5th Dimension.

Unfortunately, this time of great transformation,'' the Event'' as it is being called will not be pleasant for most , it has also effected me. These New Magnetic energies are very powerful on the brain,body and mind. But we are getting help from our spirit realm as they send down, all or many different kinds of creative energies from Creator through the Central sun to our old sun and down to us to counter balance the imbalance, and lift us up, so we can make it through this Great shift. and for all the Light-workers who make it through, we will have the great task of helping the rest of mankind who as survived to Ascend as well. All of this was in our programing back at school in the higher realms before we took on this assignment, that was and is our mission. The Bio-sphere seems to be working to keep out all those meteorites both large and small, which could have taken even more lives as many lives will be lost as the continents move and shift when the poles shift and the Great flooding once again toke over the Earth to a great extent but not everything.

If you are living near the coast or low lying area's, Move to higher Grounds NOW. Stock up on as much food as you can, the more you have the longer you will last and of course other supplies as well. Best to be with like minded people or at least move away from people who do not understand , for you can't help them until this main event is over,1-1/2 years from now. Keep praying and sending out your light and Love. Nibiru is just the first stage, 2nd is the complete pole shift, there should be many colors like a aura-laborious,next sign is when it goes dark for 3 days and we will not see the sun. Some say it because Nibiru is in the way, others say that our sun, which already has a lot of huge black holes in it, will stop spinning, go black and in 3 days start spinning in the opposite direction.Our Allies are working on many of these problems now along with the giant Orbs.

This could also happen on earth and if so there will be no gravity for some time, till it spins the other way as well .So hold onto something so you don't go up in the air as landing could be quite a shock. Also we will be seeing more ORB'S which I believe are mostly life forms, they are here now many bigger than our sun and many small ones to watch over us and make contact. I have seen thousands and made contact with a few of them and have many pics. Use your ph cameras, they can see what the human eye cannot see and keep looking up. And remember, we are all one and we are all in this together. May God Bless all and keep us Safe.Please remember to put your food, water and fuel away ! you should have at the very least 2 wks supply but its better if you have 2 mo.s supply, for many who are non believers now will be knocking on your doors for food and help, are you going to turn them down ? better to have extra for them a well, that's what I am doing myself, be safe and not sorry! We are all one,huh !
ADONAI, Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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not happening this way.......remember this prediction.

Will never happen this way. I'm not shocked though those people still believe in the lie that sitchen was asked to create.

AA and BROTHER Drekx. I am not saying that this Event will for sure happen this way but all the signs point to it and many of the Angels,  and ET Allies, Jesus and Ascended masters point to this. Which can be seen on the Net. I and many others have already seen this dead red dwarf star which hung over Belize for 7 minutes .And other planets of this mini solar system called Nemesis 7 . Ancient records and holy books show this has happened before and brought great destruction. ''My motto is better to be prepared than sorry''. If people are prepared with food, water and fuel then they have a better chance of survival. I have all of sitchen's books but think its mostly lies set up for the Annunaki to try again to take over earth, if we believe there lies.If all of this were not true then our many allies would not say to get ready for  the greatest ride in history and that we might have to get rescued if it gets to heavy down here. We can choose to go up on the ships or to go to another planet or New Earth and some may wont to go inside the earth with our allies there. We are all one,huh. Adonai

In order to be able to properly read and decode signs, you must first have a point of reference.

If you don't, you'll be just like the people standing with signs that say "the end is nigh". ;)

There will be no evacuation. The s*** thats about to hit the fan is coming to teach us a valuable lesson. Perhaps many eill perish in this lesson but never the less no one will be wisked away for protection. 

We have treated earth poorly for too long. The earth has decided to fight back. No group of benevolent ets will ever step in from a natural or self made destruction. 

The reason they will be transpirting the problem to a new world which we can destroy that one to. No we need to be taught how to be proper stewards of this planet before we ever set foot as a collective onto another world.

If you are ever offered to jump ship its your choice but it will not be by a benevolent species........

Also how does a planet or star hang around for 7 mins then not appear again. You do know that its basically impossible

AA & AO; The Point of Reference is that now is the time to make a choice.To follow the inner voice spirit guide that is aligned with the spirit Kingdom and to Ascend to the the higher 4th and 5th Dimension and the new earth or to remain in this hell h*** of 3D Exclusionary Holographic reality that the Dark cabal has created to control us.In other words we are being handed the key to freedom out of this prison hell h***. The key consists of two sides, they are called FORGIVENESS and LOVE. If you chose LOVE then Fear cannot enter and you are Free to ascend but if you chose Fear then LOVE will not enter. Its the same law that applies in the Kingdom of heaven.If you chose LOVE then you may enter and if you chose Fear you may  not enter. The Kingdom is the awakened ones and those who are to be awakened, so that they may chose. Then we can ascend into this new heavenly Kingdom in the higher Dimensions .GOD gave us free will so that we can chose, its up to us, it is the key to our Salvation and no one can do it for us, not even JC or GOD himself, we must do it.

Those who are just awakening this will come as quite a shock and the sleepers will be forced to awaken when all the Earth changes come down, this is a clenching time for mother Earth, to repair the damage we and they have done. Planet x/ Nibiru timing was caused by mankind of the ancient past, not the wrath of God for he has none. But it is being used by JC and the Creator as a ''sign of the times'' ,2000 years ago by JC .As this false reality begins to fade away or is washed away people will have to wake up, so no one can say with truth ,that they were not told about this. We must help them to lose the Fear, for fear will keep them in this prison and they wont be able to break the shackles, is yours broken yet ?

THERE ARE TWO SETS OF SHACKLES, the outside one is on our material bodies the outer world and the other set is locked into our minds , we call the inner world. The Dark ones have been programing our minds with lies and deception to control us and with our modern day toys, which are really control units we are even more controlled than in the past, for they do not wont to lose the slaves. We must upon awakening, recognize this, and chose the higher or the lower. When we chose the higher we will then wont to Delete there negative past program ,reboot and install our own positive program from the spirit realm, which is given to us when we chose Love instead of Fear. Those who chose Fear are still being led by there Ego, JC called ''the Demon within'' and the Dark cabal in the Outer World , who has perfected the evil form of Slavery upon us. The greatest form of slavery, is when a slave does not know he is a Slave, in other words you cannot free a slave if he does not know he is a Slave. So my mission and yours is to let them know they are a slave, inside and out and they will be freed by the Creator who Created them, if they just make the effort and follow there inner guide the Holy Spirit and the outer guides of angels, ascended masters and ET Allies, for we are love and are loved!We are all 0ne!

Adonai, from my higher self.





AA, I am sorry, I forgot to answer your question on how it was possible to see this planet or dwarf sun. Its quite simple, the dwarf sun was extremely close to earth, say 10 to 20 times the size we see of the moon. And like the moon and our sun it was moving very fast in a easterly direction the same as where our sun now sets but it was much ,much closer to us. It appeared to be still but was actually moving much faster then our sun or moon. We could see many details in it, such as the big whole in the center that looked like it was hit by something very large, the sun is actually dead so you could see many sharp point sticking up from the very red color of the mini sun. It also had a huge amount of clouds or rather smoke surrounding it, maybe 1/4 size of the planet. this smoke is said to ignite when it gets close to our sun.Sorta like a candle when blown out, from the smoke above it.

  As it moved away from us in that easterly direction of course it got smaller and smaller till you could no longer see it. I do believe it will be back again and this time even closer. Its magnetic pull on us will be severely pulling on earth causing Great Earth Changes and it is said it is dragging  a million miles of meteorites along with it. Our ET Allies say they will put a tractor beam on it ,should it get to close to the earth and the western governments of the world have already started shooting down the meteorites in the last year. This time table could be off but even so it will happen then in the next months and then be gone for the next 3,600 yr cycle. So brace your selves folks and prepare. I hoped this helped you to understand how it was possible to see it up so close.There are many pics of it on u-tube exactly the way we saw it then. Adonai

a planet is a cannot be a 'dwarf sun,' or both.....gfl confirm this dramatic hype to be fiction....moreover, nibiru is an artificial planetoid [former] battlestation under divine harmless to earth.

I will agree with Drekx to a degree. Nibiru is artificial. Who controls it is still up for debate.... :)

Thanks, Joshua. But what if I told you the whole thing is a complete hoax, what if I knew what you saw was not a planet or sun.

What if you have been lied to from day 1. I ask as I'm interested as to what proof or evidence would be required to assist you past this lie and move onto becoming. 

To describe the detail you have mentioned, and yes I will actually say you made it up. ( you may ask me how I know) that object would have been seen by anyone outside at the time. not a few people




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