This is a past blog that I posted and now revised and updated, as we are now almost 1 wk away from the grand Planet alignment of the 23 rd of Sept. That's also when Nibiru is said to return and the havoc begins til the end of this year !
Sorry,I have not wrote about this recently but many times in the past.The Lupus in my hands kept me from writing, until now. But I have continued my research on Planet X, Nibiru to stay updated on what info that I can bring you now after writing about this for nearly 30 years. The Big Kicker was on May 10th at 615 pm central time when I went out to check on the 6 day old GS pups and I looked up to check the sky as I almost always do and low and behold, there was the 2nd sun, the red dwarf star that I have been taking pics of for many years in 4D which only our interfered camera lens can see. And it looked huge maybe 5 times bigger than our sun, only because it was only a million miles away.I thought it would stay in the sky for some time , so I had time to get a pic of it, but I was wrong, it only stayed for 7 min. so no pic.

And it was exactly as I saw it in my Visions and Dreams.Let us remember that Nibiru mini solor system is not a foreign invader because all suns in the known universe are born with a binary complementary sun that is always much smaller. Our mini solar system was hit by the exploding meldick planet 50,000 yrs ago or more that use to be in our regular solar system and this caused the mini system to be set on a eclipse plan to return back every 3,600 yrs. And when it arrives it comes to close to earth and causes great Earth changes by the magnetic pull on our planet, even pole shifts every 12,000 yrs.Nibiru is called Wormwood in the Revelations, which means bitter medicine and Nibiru means '' The Destroyer'' This red Dwarf sun is 6 to 10 times bigger than our Earth but only 1/10 the size of our old sun, which is now in hiding.I have seen this mini sun hundreds of times on the net, there is a eye in the middle and when I seen it in real life you could see that the eye is actually a indentation that was made when the exploding meldick planet hit it and set it on a new course and the problems with it that we have now !

Remember Nibiru is not just one planet but 7 also called nemisis 7.A red Dwarf star or mini sun with 3 planets and 3 moons, all orbiting around each other. There Magnetic forces are effecting our old sun and our planet, which is causing both Poles to shift , it is thought that the old sun has already shifted and Earth is half way through and will be completed on the 25th of Sept but may take 2 or 3 months to complete the shift and the whole of 2018 will be flood time [ after the shift] as the oceans rise,flooding all coastlines world wide and will settle down at 50 to100 ft higher than now.2018 will be known as the year of great floods ! Note here that this is also the time that our ET Allies will be making themselves visible to Rescue us and or remove us to a safer place if things get Dangerous, from Sept.017 to Dec.2018 They will bring down 200,000 food replicators per day world wide and later bring in the ''free energy devices''.

There are many future maps on the net,[ the Navy map is most popular ] how this Earth will look afterwards, it is said by our ET friends, even by the end of this year we will Hardly recognize our old Earth. After more research and update on the blogs I wrote end of last year about the bio-sphere and sun semi-later, they still hold true. Our old sun was yellow and a bit cooler, this replacement sun is white. I presume that our old yellow sun is being protected or being repaired as it phases into a blue sun when this is all over, our new crystal base bodies should work well with this new blue energy. And the Slackers who wont to wait until last to ascend will find it quite difficult to get along with this new energy, being in the old carbon based bodies and it could take 5 to 25 years for all on the planet who remain after this great Event to finally ascend to high 4th or lower 5th Dimension.

Unfortunately, this time of great transformation,'' the Event'' as it is being called will not be pleasant for most , it has also effected me. These New Magnetic energies are very powerful on the brain,body and mind. But we are getting help from our spirit realm as they send down, all or many different kinds of creative energies from Creator through the Central sun to our old sun and down to us to counter balance the imbalance, and lift us up, so we can make it through this Great shift. and for all the Light-workers who make it through, we will have the great task of helping the rest of mankind who as survived to Ascend as well. All of this was in our programing back at school in the higher realms before we took on this assignment, that was and is our mission. The Bio-sphere seems to be working to keep out all those meteorites both large and small, which could have taken even more lives as many lives will be lost as the continents move and shift when the poles shift and the Great flooding once again toke over the Earth to a great extent but not everything.

If you are living near the coast or low lying area's, Move to higher Grounds NOW. Stock up on as much food as you can, the more you have the longer you will last and of course other supplies as well. Best to be with like minded people or at least move away from people who do not understand , for you can't help them until this main event is over,1-1/2 years from now. Keep praying and sending out your light and Love. Nibiru is just the first stage, 2nd is the complete pole shift, there should be many colors like a aura-laborious,next sign is when it goes dark for 3 days and we will not see the sun. Some say it because Nibiru is in the way, others say that our sun, which already has a lot of huge black holes in it, will stop spinning, go black and in 3 days start spinning in the opposite direction.Our Allies are working on many of these problems now along with the giant Orbs.

This could also happen on earth and if so there will be no gravity for some time, till it spins the other way as well .So hold onto something so you don't go up in the air as landing could be quite a shock. Also we will be seeing more ORB'S which I believe are mostly life forms, they are here now many bigger than our sun and many small ones to watch over us and make contact. I have seen thousands and made contact with a few of them and have many pics. Use your ph cameras, they can see what the human eye cannot see and keep looking up. And remember, we are all one and we are all in this together. May God Bless all and keep us Safe.Please remember to put your food, water and fuel away ! you should have at the very least 2 wks supply but its better if you have 2 mo.s supply, for many who are non believers now will be knocking on your doors for food and help, are you going to turn them down ? better to have extra for them a well, that's what I am doing myself, be safe and not sorry! We are all one,huh !
ADONAI, Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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  • Its easy to debunk but it requires much effort to do your own research. ITS NOT OVER TIL ITS OVER ! PLEASE read my comments here in the last weeks. or so. where I KEEP EXPLAINING TO THE PEOPLE and DE-BUNKERS alike. That these dates are markers only and many come from computer simulators for no one knows for sure the time and date for all of these EVENTS to take place . But we are given signs in ancient texts and Holy Books for this event has happened many times before and modern day text about them are mostly being hid from us by the DC and there minions who get paid to do the trolling and debunking. Some have confessed on this site and others were paid to slander people and deceive the newly awakened ones who do not realize how deep this Rabbit Hole goes. Bottom line is they do not want us to Ascend but they also want us dead so that there will be no more uprising to brake our shackles and be FREE as GOD created us.

    I am disabled most of my time in these last years from the lupus and lime disease. I can't walk much so I spend a lot of time on the net getting up to date info on the Big EVENT that we are now in. This Planet 7 X IS ALSO a MARKER a ''sign of the times' 'you could say for the cleaning of the Earth and its Rebirth into the higher Dimensions especially the 5th  and we will follow in turn if and when we do our homework ,most of us are the light-workers of the 144,000 who chose to be here and help do this, that is our Mission and reason for being here ! But the DC and there many millions of minions know there time of reign over us is up and we will be leaving them in there own Hell that they have created Here .And they will continue to Deceive us til there bitter end for they have already lost for we have powerful Allies in the Spiritual realm from Creator, Angels to Ascended Masters and our ET Brothers, who are all here to help us all who choose Ascension to make it through, if we all do our homework 1st.

    ''There is none more blind ,than he who will not see ! and none more deaf than he who will not hear !'' I tell you now that if you truly want to know the TRUTH,{ not my Truth but your own-Truth} for I am just a messenger, so don't keep slandering the messengers ! Go to your Holy books, then ancient texts and finally the internet while we still have it as our greatest tool and Weapon against the DC. You will not find everyone agreeing on everything but there are many things that these Markers all have in common.The ''signs of the times'' are there for your own personal interpretation and is happening right now if you will come out of Denial and you will not find anyone who believes exactly like you ! For we all have been programed different but yet the same. WE are in the material bodies to learn to communicate, when we have learned this with Respect and no Slander in the slightest way,then we are will on our way to Ascend pass 4D and on to 5D.

    ''Let us then agree to disagree'' For we are now in these Great Earth Changes that are upon us as I write. For the Great Event consist of many aspects;, Breaking Free form the DC and there minions ,[ Who by the way are responsible for many of these Great Earth Changes that are upon us now and the controlled lies in the MSN including there DE-bunkers on the Net ] I am sorry to say they have controlled most everything through the ILLUMINATI Pyramid and there many Black Lodges. And there time is up they are losing control and there plans for a NWO has failed. I wrote a 412 pg.E-book on this and had a web site created to sell it for donations they put it on the MSN to debunk it and then hacked the site, so I only have copies on PDF.

    Again I say to you all these people on the net and especially U-Tube cannot all be wrong for much info is the same but be- careful the DC is on it too, so use great discernment, if it feels good in your heart of hearts then its probably correct and if it dosn't its probably false info to deceive you and keep you in the same trap that you have been before.So Discernment and Allowance is very important and most important for your fellow Brothers who are all on a different wave length than you, Give them your Deepest RESPECT AND DO NOT ATTACK, and IF YOU ARE Attacked by the DC , DO NOT defend yourself just keep trucking on until you find others who do agree with some of your beliefs. When you do your research, you will start changing your mind about things you thought before that was untrue or that you disagreed with,so your brothers are in the same situation, Respect that OK. I have said many times over the years the DC are trying to turn us against each other,[ A house divided against itself cannot stand] We are all one Family !          Adonai , rev.joshua Skirvin

  • Andronover, darkstar; thanks for your opinion and respect, we all have our own belief systems and no two are exactly alike. They are formed by our perceptions, training or lack thereof which is called our programing. All the things that are happening now and the last decade are forcing us to change our perceptions of things and to reprogram ourselves from spiritual truths received from on high, in the spirit realm. There are many names given to these rogue planetary objects which consists of at least 7 if not more of these bodies, one dwarf star mini sun, 3 planets and 3 moons and maybe a comet. So the term of Planet 7X might be the best description of them.

     And yes it is known that every sun in our universe of Nebadon is born with a 2nd binary sun to balance them and that 2nd small sun also has planets surrounding them and usually at least one inhabited planet and in our case this is called NIBIRU of which is and was the dreaded Annunaki who has deceived us and stole our gold while pretending to be our creators, which they are not and yes they messed with our genes to degrade us and work the gold mines. Latest news is that they have been contained this time around and will not be able to stop us from Ascending! But this mini solar system was knocked out of its orbit by the exploding planet Meldeck which was part of our solar system once upon a time. This new elliptical course has caused it to come dangerously close to earth in its 3,600 yr. cycle and cause many great Earth changes from major earth quakes, volcanoes erupting and even super volcanoes which wiped out the dinosaurs. It causes many superstorms, flooding like ''Noahs flood'', plate movement and continent movement and Pole Shifts.But our ET Allies will not let it hit the earth, they will put a tractor beam on it if it gets to close and nudge it away but not change its course.

    There is no specific order of what happens when but ancient records show the worst happens when it comes the closes in its final and exit which e are in now. The next 3 months will be the most serious as the magnetic pull on the earth will cause many floods [ especially all the coast lines of the world ] ,quakes,volcanoes eruptions and a Major Pole shift. As the earth wobble gets worse whole continents will move by the end of this year we will not recognize the earth we once knew it. I do not give precise dates for events but the most likely time or marker the 23rd to the 1st was a marker and an alignment of 7 bodies in the solar system. The other dates are also markers that was created by using computer simulators but sense we don't have any precise ancient text to base the simulators on, no one knows for sure what will happen or when exactly. Planet 7X leaving by the end of Dec. is the final Marker and the most dangerous one ! I hope this helps to clarifies things a bit, Be Safe friends, and remember we are all one. We will all be called upon to help our brothers in need 1st spiritually the materially, let the Healing begin. Adonai

  • I respect you Rev., but it is really futile to make dates.

  • you had a week [23-30th] to prove me wrong and you failed miserably......behold, earth survives your hoped for doom...

  • First Rev , Planet X and  Nibiru is two different bodies.

    Every sun system has a "planet X" to balance the system , and the planet X has a very elliptic course , and that´s why it don´t  "exist" here , in human thinking.

    Nibiru is for real and is NOT an illusion , or what some new agers Believe here.

    Nobiru is the "morning Star" that is in the bible.

    That´s one reason why Christ Michael and Esu incarnated here as Jesus.

    To stand against the Annunaki .

    Nibiru is their homeplanet , but as we have been towed to Another energystream in Nebadon (our home localuniverse) , we will NOT have any more interference from them anymore.

    I´ve said this MANY times on this forum , and my hope is that someone can endorce the truth - your choice.

    WE still have their minions on Earth who is ready to go down with this planet.

    Do you recognize who they are???


    “By holding a positive and optimistic [word] in your mind, you stimulate frontal lobe activity. This area includes specific language centers that connect directly to the motor cortex responsible for moving you into action. And as our research has shown, the longer you concentrate on positive words, the more you begin to affect other areas of the brain.

    They elaborate this claim further:

    Functions in the parietal lobe start to change, which changes your perception of yourself and the people you interact with. A positive view of yourself will bias you toward seeing the good in others, whereas a negative self-image will include you toward suspicion and doubt. Over time the structure of your thalamus will also change in response to your conscious words, thoughts, and feelings, and we believe that the thalamic changes affect the way in which you perceive reality.”

    . By focusing and reflecting on positive ideas and emotions, we can improve our overall well-being and increase functionality of our brain.

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  • 8115734892?profile=original

    telling the truth is impossible.........

  • Glad to hear from you Hellen, its been a while. and you comment is so correct and right on. And yes I have been researching this for most of the last 46 yrs. and most intensely the last 15 yrs sense I started using the computer, and the last years I have had a lot of extra time as I have been been unable to walk much from the Lupus and lime disease, so i spend a lot of time on the couch with my laptop doing research. I got into this because of what my spirit guide showed me in a couple of visits back in 71.By the way its good to hear positive feedback instead of the two de-bunkers who constantly attack people on this site who don't share there views, we all have a right to our opinion and free speech.

    You are also correct about the weather and the 2 suns.I have told people many times to just point there camera's at the white sun even though the human eye normally can't see the 2nd small sun but the inferred on the camera can, best to do this a little before noon and its the same with the moon. The camera will show 1 or 2 more smaller moons usually greenish blue. So seeing is believing, most of those moons, suns and planets cannot be seen by the human eye but sometimes they can.Thousands of people seen this dead dwarf star as it passed over Belize but few got pics or talk about it, most are in denial, they can't explain it, so they don't talk about it, I could kick myself for not getting a pic as I though it would stay longer. And I am still waiting for its return, which nobody knows for sure but should be in the wks. coming up. I don't know if the 3 days of darkness that I saw in my visions will still happen before the final return of Nibiru, maybe it will be shortened but still is a precursor to Nibiru final approach, which will be the most disturbing one, only time will tell.

     You are correct also on the great ''Earth Changes'' that are happening right now building up over the last years as Nibiru gets closer, in fact its been slowly building up as Nibiru arrived over 10 yrs ago. it has also been causing earthquakes now over 1000 per day and 10% of them is 4 range or above and there is now over 35 volcanoes erupting daily and 10 % of those are above 5g.releasing each more than all the carbon emissions [greater than all the man made pollution] of the last 100 yrs. And we now have a new problem as the tides on beach's are disappearing in S. America, Florida, and S. Africa. Where is all that water disappearing to, where did it go?Maybe that's why we are having record amounts of rain and floods world wide. I use to have hundreds of birds of all kinds hanging around my place and squirrels but this yr. only a few left. I just wish people would wake up and smell the coffee. There's no Fear mongering here, the ''signs of the times'' are warning to get ready for something big. First we have to heal the mind before we can makes plans for surviving the body into 5D. WE ARE ALL ONE, its time now to awaken before its to late that is if we want to ascend. Be safe my friends. Выставлен на продажу
  •  '' Oh'', I am so glad you wrote this article Rev.Skirvin  and you have done so much work on this project and 30 years is a long time so i do trust what you have written here.i do agree what you have said about the sun because i saw the sun as white not yellow and the weather has changed so drastically that we are in the mist of record breaking heat waves,hurricans,wild fires going at faster pace and covering more land and i notice these forest fires go much deeper into the ground and many species have almost become extinct.There is so much going on that its difficult to keep up with all these on going events.i believe this is a cleansing phase we are going through now.The red planet you mention in your article is quite large i seen this before and it is behind the sun sometimes it does disappear for a few days or weeks i guess its coming closer but could make it  appearance quite suddenly without warning.i believe this planet is making its way at much faster speed once its gets closer.I notice time is much shorter now it almost seems like a day is a few hours. i wonder about the chemtrails ? Dane Wigington has mention perhaps it may have to do with climate change,i heard this also some kind of hoax.i don't know what to make of this it confusing.8115733864?profile=original

  • Its not over til the fat lady sings ! Only time will til my friends, only time will tell ! The next 3 months should be quite full of shocking surprises and I will continue to help save lives.The Event has already started and we can see that by all the strange and record breaking Earth Changes that has happened and is happening daily as I speak, most all caused by Nibiru. I am only a messenger with a warning for people to do there own homework and go to the net and look these things up for themselves and then make there own conclusions based on the info they have gathered.

    Its easy to debunk ,no prof is needed but to find out the Truth one must do there homework instead of  throwing Nasty comments at others who have done there homework, and have had experiences that cannot be explained in simple words.these De-bunkers they only degrade themselves as we can see below.The proof is in the pudding, so go and see the pic's and video's for yourself on the net, then form your own belief system and send those kind remarks and info back to us here. We are all one and were in this together to get through this and on to our high 4D & 5D ascension plan is our Mission,huh ! Adonai

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