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God Help Us; Clinton making gender a focus of her presidential bid and Whigging Out

In this extremely dangerous world we have charlatans and 'mad-persons' wanting POWER-and you knuckleheads will vote for her because she's a woman

As the Democratic presidential candidates prepare for their second debate next weekend, a disputed moment of alleged sexism from the first exchange has come to symbolize a sharper and more personal confrontation between Hillary Rodham Clinton and her chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The topic was gun control, the issue her campaign considers the keenest policy difference between Clinton and Sanders, and perhaps the only one on which he is positioned to her right. But it was Clinton’s suggestion, after the fact, that the senator from Vermont had spoken to her in a patronizing and dismissive way by accusing her of shouting that has added an edge to an almost painfully polite primary contest.

The episode provides one of the clearest examples of how the Democratic front-runner — who largely avoided such issues in her previous presidential run — plans to make gender and her experiences in the male-dominated realm of national politics a centerpiece of her 2016 bid. But the focus on the Sanders remark, which could easily be taken as harmless or ham-fisted at worst, raises the risk that Clinton may come off as thin-skinned or too politically correct.

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Well, what did you suppose her to do?  She has NOTHING to work with except her s**.  (And, if you don't like her, you're "sexist").

leftist policy wonks, radicals were behind the arab spring and look what's happened - she and the white house pushed it-if she is president we can expect more of the same-

Oh, I don't think that she'll be president (I just have a feeling).

By the way, did you hear that they had a hit out for Trump?  The CIA and FBI KNEW IT and didn't warn him!  PUTIN warned him!  (I'm sure that if Trump becomes president, Putin and Trump will be best friends).

Shes a moran.

She has reptilian eyes!

She sure does, brother ....

possessed people are crazy looking

That woman scares the bejesus outa me

EagelBear1959:  Yes, it's true, she DOES have reptilian eyes!  (So do a lot of other of the so-called "leaders" and people in the entertainment industry).

I wish I had a black magic marker for her missing mustache hehehe

Lol that's great



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