Giving up :(


         I just can't understand other people anymore who just keeps on rejecting me and my assistance for them to be able to "awaken" to their own true self which is Love.I have been connected with Brothers and sisters of the Light/Star Family in facebook and i thought i was just the happiest person alive being able to be one of those in helping spread the Light.I was also connected with unawakened ones as well,family,relatives,friends,acquaintances,strangers.My posts and links and the way i interact with people there in my so Loving way just made some people shut me off their profile,others blocked me,some posted comments on their walls to ridicule me.I tried to accept everything as i can as learning processes and strength for Spirit.But maybe i did overwork too much and so now,i am already giving up on "unawakened" people..i just don't have the Strength anymore..i tried to work on myself by always staying positive and thru prayer and meditation.But,maybe i am just not what it takes to be working for the Light anymore.Too much Love really can "kill" and i have a weak heart ailment because of this.I just can't take it perseverance is going weak.I am an Empath and maybe too much emotions and negativity overwhelmed me.I maybe still need to work more on myself before facing the world again.It just is so hard to always stay grounded with them and go with the flow..i tried "being" my True self at the same time.And i guess it still isn't enough..i guess i am not just One of the lucky ones to be able to survive.I need enlightenment and healing..this "Mission" is just so hard and thorny here for me on planet Earth.Love,Peace and Light..Star heart is breaking so much for Mother Earth and the people who rejects our assistance.I wish you all success in your Loving Mission of Peace and Light.

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    • I already do,Alona as i find so much Solitude here ... thank you fso much or your Loving Light..:) Much Love and Light ,dear Light One ~ Namaste ~
  • Thank you Karen,

    for sharing your feelings and all with us here. I can understand you and the feelings you have, have some of them myself too, but we can only do our best to understand ourselfs, others and our world today. Its so much to take in and to learn, so some are using more time then others to see the light/ way theire suppose to go on, and thats how life is. Im in a state of mind now where I feel much fear. Specially for not meeting the man Im ment for, and share the rest of my life with, and that is making me sick in my stomach, its the fear of not be with him and really have him in our lifes for real, not only in our minds, you see? This fear is something I will overcome, thats something I really believe in, and that he knows what to do so we will be together as soon as possible. Does that mean that Im not awaken? Or what does it mean? Im a person who have a lot of love to give, and I believe Im a good person, even Ive done bad things before, I believe I have to forgive myself for my past and not only forgive other for theire doing to us, so why are the forgiving of others easier then forgiving my self? I hope its ok that I use this time to ask you about this because I do believe there are people here who can, and will help everyone who has questions about life and its ups and downs :-) We need each other to learn and grow, and Im

    really happy that I went into this account today to read about you and the others comments here :-) Thanks again :-)

    With love, light, smiles, hugs and blessings

    • I am feeling such Light healing in my heart already,Light One Bente..will keep on being in this Soul path to being the Light and Love and just be myself. ~ Namaste ~
  • I hear your frustration and pain. Try to remember, not all are ready to enlighten at the same time, it's their own soul contract. And, not all "awaken" to the same words of enlightenment, or the same actions.  You should never give up in living YOUR LIFE in the light and love so that others may observe the difference in you and them. Your inner beauty, Love and compassion for all of man kind is inspiring. I too get down some times over trying to spread the word, but i have found example is the way to go, and if others are attracted to my light and want to learn, then its time to share. Your heart is huge, please don't give up, take it easy for a while and enjoy your Light and Love. My prayers are with you. Live in the Light. Nameste
    • I will bear this in mind and heart,Kindredsoul..thank you so much for helping me realize that..All your Loving energies are so healing to me.Much Love,Light and Peace ~Namaste~
  • Let go of your need to spread light to everyone, it is an association based out of the need to save people from damnation.  If you focus on your own thoughts and actions, and what makes you happy, your light will shine, and people will notice.  It is not up to us to choose who sees our light.  Let go of the worry and realize all things happen in their own time, as worrying is a fear based energy, it will do you no good anyhow.

    You are a strong, beautiful, and loving energy.  We all have days like this.

    • Thank you,David..i will try in finding balance and grounding myself when i know that there are days like this.Much Love and Light.. ~ Namaste ~
  • Dont give up on the light, or the unawakened people instead let them go and when their time comes(which may not be in this or the next few lifetimes) know that someone will be there for them.  Consider yourself lucky to have possibly seeded some subconcious ideas by which they can develop and know the light in purity will do the rest.  As for now I suggest you focus on your own inner light, getting to know it, nurturing it, haveing fun, and in general some well deserved me time.  Service to others or service to self they, I say both for one can not advance beyond duality unless one can accept and develop acceptable portions of each within ones self.  As for Good and Evil, one accepts one does not.  Light and Dark, one is knowledge to understanding one is lack of these.


    Good Day, Light, Life, and Love to thee

    • Thank you for such Enlightening and inspiring words of Wisdom,Adonai...Much Love and Light,,i will keep on with the Light within me..:)  ~ Namaste ~
  • Continue to spread light. Those that refuse the words of light are meant to be the way they are as of now. In the past few years I have spiritually awoken profoundly. I grow noticeably everyday. In this process I have gone through sooo many friends. Now my only friends are those who wish to learn from me. Many people come to me as their Guru now. I did not go looking for them. the Universe brought them to me. Stay with love, stay with your heart. NOTHING matters but love. Know this is simply just a dream. My good friend lincoln has about a thousand videos. Im sure you will find them very helpful

    Much love and light


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