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         I just can't understand other people anymore who just keeps on rejecting me and my assistance for them to be able to "awaken" to their own true self which is Love.I have been connected with Brothers and sisters of the Light/Star Family in facebook and i thought i was just the happiest person alive being able to be one of those in helping spread the Light.I was also connected with unawakened ones as well,family,relatives,friends,acquaintances,strangers.My posts and links and the way i interact with people there in my so Loving way just made some people shut me off their profile,others blocked me,some posted comments on their walls to ridicule me.I tried to accept everything as i can as learning processes and strength for Spirit.But maybe i did overwork too much and so now,i am already giving up on "unawakened" people..i just don't have the Strength anymore..i tried to work on myself by always staying positive and thru prayer and meditation.But,maybe i am just not what it takes to be working for the Light anymore.Too much Love really can "kill" and i have a weak heart ailment because of this.I just can't take it perseverance is going weak.I am an Empath and maybe too much emotions and negativity overwhelmed me.I maybe still need to work more on myself before facing the world again.It just is so hard to always stay grounded with them and go with the flow..i tried "being" my True self at the same time.And i guess it still isn't enough..i guess i am not just One of the lucky ones to be able to survive.I need enlightenment and healing..this "Mission" is just so hard and thorny here for me on planet Earth.Love,Peace and Light..Star heart is breaking so much for Mother Earth and the people who rejects our assistance.I wish you all success in your Loving Mission of Peace and Light.

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Hi Karen,


I appreciate your efforts to bring Light to this Earth. May you find the peace that you are.


Love and Light.


Yonatan (:



Thank you,Yonatan for the kind words..Love,Peace and Light.
Hi Karen :) 

Keep up the good work ! Turn this around and see what are you learning from this !?
Not always easy to see, go within and feel your emotions On the subject and work with them and transmute this frustrations into understanding and light. 
People are quite different how to handle new perspectives and If you are comming On to strong they might feel uncomfertable. And answers with fear ! 
Keep On loving them and you can be shure they will be loving you Soon, when they realise the truth !! :) 

Love peace and light to you brave one !
I am in humble appreciation of your kind and encouraging words,Spearint.It always does make healing wonders when i know that Star family is always here to help shed more Light on matters like this, and never leaves dear ones loosing hope in the dark's deceptions.I am strenghtened and finding Inner Peace with all of your words of inspiration and wisdom.Love,Peace and Light.~Namaste~ Light One,thank you.
I will keep on doing what i am meant to do and just "being" myself..your Healing energies expands so much to my heart that the ache is disappearing..thank you so much.I am enlightened..:)

You are most welcome :)

this inspires me as well to keep up :)

hope you find strengt to carry on your beautyfull light filled work !

Much love to you and yours !



I am so grateful for your Loving waves sent to me,Spearint.~Namaste~ Much Love,Peace and Light.

It seems you want to make the world a better place and help those people that may not be awakened; however, it is important to realize that some people are not ready or awakening means something completely different to them. From what I have heard and from my experience, awakening is self induced and triggered from within and not from external forces. Being an empath myself, I can relate to how you feel, but at the same time, it is not our duty to help others when they do not ask for it - regardless we can still be nice to others without imposing our views, while letting them know that if they need help they can turn to us.  

You may need to back off a bit and attend to your own needs.




Thank you ,Number9 for the very Enlightening words..i am finding Light already with all of your Loving words of Wisdom..healing myself from your waves of concern for me.I will do as all that i have learned here..will not hide from the world,from them and continue on but backing off from those who reject this truth and me.And take slow and sure strides..and focus already on my own needs this time.Thank you again,Light One. ~Namaste~
Wasser,I guess i may have been too hard on myself and others..i may don't have the right to say if that they are unawakened or not but i can "feel" as ONE with others.I can "hear" every negativity they are throwing on me and my heart aches and the negative vibes are too heavy for me.So,how can you also say such  a thing about "Love" if you cannot even "emphatize" with the way i feel and make sound judgements on me right away don't even "know" how much pain i have been through with Life and people.I'm sorry but i can sense some negativity in your words as compared to the rest of Light brothers and Light sisters replies for me here and it doesn't just seem to resonate with me,i can sense the heaviness with your words in my Heart chakra right away and i "hear" it, and all i need right now are Healing vibes and encouraging words from Star family.Thank you anyway for your advice.Peace.

Hi Karen,


If they are not ready, they cannot accept what you are saying. Just show them the way and let them find their way from there. I am also trying to awaken people in a boxing forum. These are hardcore guys and majority are atheists. I do not preach to them nor talk about spiritual things to them. I will just be shut out if I do that.


What I do is provide links to some events that are not usually reported in the MSM. If there are intriguing UFO phenomenon (like the Jerusalem UFO), I share it to them. Before, they treat those people who believe in UFOs as lunatic but not anymore. Before, not that many people admit that they believe in UFOs for fear of ridicule but there are now a lot of them openly talking about UFOs. I can see the changes in the behaviors of the posters and they are now more open to these kind of topics. From there, I will just let them do their own researches and I'm sure they will be able to connect to spirituality later. They will do all of it at their own pace. I'm just trying to plant the seed to them and I will let them grow from there.




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