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March 24

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I am very passionate about protecting Earth's environment not just for humans but for ALL living creatures. At the same time, I feel a deep connection to the stars. Give me a slideshow of images from Hubble (especially when paired with some Jon Anderson and Vangelis music!) and just watch the waterworks! ;) I also began studying Tarot, Druidry/Paganism and other similar Earth-based spiritual paths just a few short years ago, in 2001 after wrestling deep and long with my worry about my father's reaction. The Call to honor the Goddess-Energy as well as the Father-God-Force came much earlier in 1997, but being the daughter of a Methodist minister made it a tad difficult to make an immediate transition. So I followed where my soul led...from James Redfield's "Celestine" series to "Conversations with God" (which REALLY helped me open up to my desire to heed the Divine Feminine!), to Sarah Ban Breathnach. and the list of sources goes on!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Of all the people in the world who I feel I want to call "Teacher" (whether or not I have met them in person!), the following fit that role for me, in more ways than I can count: 1) TIE: Jon Anderson (originally of Yes) and Vangelis. Jon and his gloriously celestial music and voice have let me know over and over that I am not the only one who feels the way I do about Mother Earth, and it was Jon who really relit my inner musical flame when I just about let it go out due to my longtime anger at my dad. Vangelis also helped in that relighting, as it was his collaborations with Jon that began the initial message to me that I am not alone...and that somehow "I'll Find My Way Home!" 2) Neale Donald Walsch 3) Nancy Nichols (deceased--she was a family friend and something of a mentor to me while I was in high school and college. She died after my junior year in college) 4) Thich Nat Hanh--his writings have been a source of deeper learning as I seek more emotional equilibrium within myself, learning to channel my deep passions. These are the top four I can name off the top of my head! There are many more, but I'd go a bit loopy trying to name them all.

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druidkat7 commented on Spiritdancer's video
"That. Was. AMAZING! As a Starseed who's struggling to remember how to listen Within, this video was a very welcome reminder and a very soothing energy. I've been drinking a lot of caffeine just to keep up with how many days I have to work to pay my…"
Nov 27, 2013
druidkat7 posted a blog post
There's so much that can be said about taking one's power back concerning health.And, having discovered in recent years that I AM indeed a Starseed and an Indigo with a certain mission here on Earth, my perspective on health has changed…
Nov 19, 2013
druidkat7 replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Here is a list of Ascension Symptoms or experiences during the current energy shifts so far in 2012.
"I've had the mood slumps I think--but then I am female, and on medicine for hypothyroidism so I sometimes wonder if it is isn't me just forgetting my medicine (there is a link between lack of thyroxine and low serotonin levels) or about to enter my…"
May 12, 2012
druidkat7 commented on tabitzah1's video
"Hmmm...a friend and I were having an intense discussion about the whole "victim/perpetrator" scheme that many humans love to repeat over and over for various reasons...and just as I was about to head for bed, this video caught my eye...and I…"
May 4, 2012

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"Such nonsense, I'm not evil because I'm not interested in everyone who is somehow famous.
What does Beamship have with it?
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"Valana was 91 when she passed. I am baffled by the fact that there is no record of her death either by obituary, death notice, or a legal death certificate. I had asked her daughter because I wanted to pass along a link so her online friends could…"
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"✨ For those who did not know this, our dear Valana, member of this website, passed away on March 22, 2022. I believe she was 90 years old. I hope that she and Val are traveling the stars together. ✨

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"I didn’t see these comments last week. There was a time that I was obsessed with past lives and got lost in my imagination. I let go of that and try to keep an open mind and not to fill in the blanks too much.

But I’m still curious in which time…"
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