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GFL Ground Crew Experiences - Functionality Of Sirian Teaching Devices


Drekx Omega:

When I'm taught by the Sirians, using holograph tech, it is amazing what can be learned and the rapidity of the process of learning...Entire GFL technology volumes in seconds.....Whole eras of cosmic and earth history in minutes.....sciences in a day...practical tests completed within weeks of application.....It's a living technology, which compliments the potential for perfection in all students....It reveals that perfection in short duration...

The Sirian view is that there are absolutely no earth humans that cannot grow, even those with the most dire of mental or physical handicaps....Some propensity for evolutionary growth is always present, in one way or another....Thus, we can see the perfection behind the form......It simply needs to be discovered and utilised....It is perfect and each may experience such perfection, with TRUE allignment is key...




Cmdr Drekx.I'm not familiar with Sirian technology. Perhaps you could be so kind and do some posts, on what you have been shown? It sounds fascinating to say the least. I feel alignment would help in the earlier stages of ascension as your vessel fights for balance from all that is around or has been taught in a third dimensional perspective. An essential part of the journey. The reason I say this, all are part of creation. Later on, one will come to love it all for what it is and the experience it can offer. It's all balance, vibration, frequency and learning. Mikeil.



Drekx Omega:

Yes maybe so....although I have several legacy blogs that touch upon this very topic of Sirian teaching technology...

In summary, teaching tools technology is multi-faceted and interfaces with both the internal user, say a crew member, or several, on board a ship, as well as the mind of the living ship itself and the minds of ships throughout the GFL....and are attached to the akashic plane libraries. These store every event in the galaxy, that ever happened, on several cosmic aetheric planes...including earth history and pre-history...

Usually located upon a wall, within a special "projects" images and voices to the subject, through mental impulses....One sees history as if one were physically present, if the teaching is about a past becomes a now event.....which is amazingly life-like.....yet holographic.

It initially sends an impulse which is picked up in the mind....putting the user at complete ease....In such a relaxed state, much may be imparted upon the subconscious effectively, as well as the conscious mind......When it rarely interacts with those of mediocre natural telepathic skills, as with some non-starseed humans, it defaults to binary that a subject may be taught, without being fully aware of the content, until a hypnotic trigger is released....and the message revealed.

In my own case I do not require the binary method of learning and may receive the full message in conscious real time, as well as upon the higher mind, at manasic it may be extracted at will, via the antakarana.....or "rainbow bridge."

The student clairvoyantly sees and clairaudiantly hears, the holographic projections, of any subject matter and there are no language limitations in the teachings, as images, subtle impulses and auto-corrections are constantly being generated, whenever confusion is sensed in the pupil, by the teaching device....It repeats anything upon demand....enhancing the presented data, maybe with additional flourishes of insight....

All functions aboard motherships, probes and scouts are based on thought activation......The ship senses a mind and instantly adopts the helpful posture of service....Very rapidly a task may be completed, including ship-to-crew teaching processes.....

Each mission brief is also presented to flight crew in this manner....It's like a biological computer, connected to a "cosmic internet...."

Magnetic impulse steering is a similar technology used by the pilots of vimana ships.....interactions between pilots and ship do not require any form of physical button, or lever, gear, or car-type steering wheel...




Cmdr Drekx.Very interesting. I was getting visuals and meaning while reading this. Thank you for sharing.

The visuals:

It is being used as a training tool for those coming to this world with current and past history. Also, one of the reasons they just cannot pick someone up, they need to be trained in the use of the equipment that interfaces with this ship. Almost, a fall through the ship effect if not skilled, as it can become like light. Am I perceiving this correctly? Mikeil.



Drekx Omega:

The devices are shared by all GFL star nations and offered to bring new visitors up to speed, when assigned S&E fleet services, in earth sector....

These devices are also used for ground crew and have been experimented with, to enable even those of lesser telepathic prowess, to nevertheless be furnished with useful data....So the tech is inclusive, organic and versatile...There are numerous safety aspects to the technology and it cannot be harmful to any user, as constantly monitors their various bodies, on several planes.....including the physical body aspect, if present.

When scout ships visit this earth plane, they adopt physical hulls....which may later leave the plane, to enter higher dimensions, in flight....All on board, will safely be transitted interdimensionally, also....without exception.




Always good to know they have fail safe in effect. Thank you for taking the time to explain and share this knowledge with me. :)




Drekx Omega:

You're welcome...




Selamat kasi da! Selamat gajun! (Sirian for "In loving service~Be one..!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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Came back to say, thank you, ET Hugger for the beautiful picture, do you mind if I use it on my site, it just fits somewhere! You all have happy, peaceful and loving Christmas and let the New Year bring us all our dreams come true....

Patti, I found the picture on the Internet,  you can use it if you like. Merry Christmas and a warm fuzzy hug from the other side of the planet :)

Thank you, ET, so you're in England? 

Yes, Drekx, very human!  Woke me up to come say I know he was born on a ship it was his mother born on Altair..

I don't think I would use the real name.. I'm stuck with plain Val Thor.    

Yes, in all races there are good and bad, we see that here on the planet.

Astral body visitors are, of course, waived from this regulation, as Universal Translators are not needed, nor worn upon astral forms....

Note, such devices aid the comms between physical tourists, who do not speak each other's language...So, another reason for issuing to each passenger, tourist, VIP, visitor, etc.....

Wishing you a very merry Christmas 2019, from Movella and I.....Drekx Omega

I got you a present from a galaxy far away :) 

I suppose I know much, thanks to ET technology, among other reason....SCARY FOR SOME...;-]

it's inspiring, and I'm a little bit jealous ;)


I suspect it would be scary, the way they do it...UPC works differently...they put on civilian clothes and walk up to you and say "hi"….I wish I'd gone with Dr. Greer's group to Washington in early 2000 I could have had Jim Carter called to testify under oath and it would have broken the disclosure wide open. 

They called me several times to go and said the other good witnesses were threatened and their families threatened so they didn't go..they wanted me to just make a video but I was tricked that Val was here but I'd never see him again if I went, but I couldn't tell Greer that or I'd never see him again... but Val was not here and as soon as Greer went to Washington and failed,... my contact disappeared...and I knew I'd been tricked....I'm going to put it all in our new book and it will be posted on my site..Claudia Lee will keep the site going as long as she can if I were to leave but not planning on going just yet.



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