Dear friends,

I won't spend any intellectual time or energy on addressing all of the things that "Drekx Omega" has said on April 23rd, 2012. 

First of all, everyone should separate a star system Sirius-A, which is pure human and Sirius-B, which is mostly human-reptilian.

What is known about the Galactic Federation of Light?

No matter what they say, they have only been arround for about 1.000 years (NOT 4 million years!) and they are based in Sirius B. They started small and still only have a very limited number of planets involved in their group. Naturally they are not Earth allies like the Andromeda Council people are. So there is a big difference between the Galactic Federation of Light (aka GF) and the Galactic Federation from Tau Ceti (also aka GF), which was established 5.000 years ago.

However, everyone should know ... the Ashtar Command is a completely INDEPENDENT group.... independent of any one 'council', 'federation', or planetary government. What they do - do contract work for all of these type of entities. Thought it is important to know that Ashtar is a legend only ... he was killed in a battle on Earth in 1985 by the fleet of Tau-Cetians and is not re-incarnated yet!

It is not generally known or understood why they have changed their name 3 times in a few last years? The Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL) aka (GFL) aka (GF) is controlled & operated by human LOOKING reptilian beings like Ashtar & Sananda, in fact demons for us. And though there may be some 'truths' inter-mixed with the channeled messaged being provided by the Sheldon Nidle, SaLuSa (Mike Quinsey's) and Greg Giles of the world... such channelings are based on the reinforcement of fear, and control.

However, there is one statement Drekx made out of all of them that is very telling:

"This mission will require that not only will Earth require to ascend to 5th dimensional expression, but all of the former dark empires too, such as those of Draconis (Sigma, Theta and Alpha) as well as the Orions (Mintaka and Belatrix) and Zetas (Reticuli,) be fully polarised to the light, also....

So all the darkest corners of this galaxy prophetically become lighted and aligned to ..."

So the political centre of the GFL is NOT the human Vega system and the spiritual centre of the whole Universe is the Sirius-A system, NOT including Sirius-B! And there are NO Lords by star human family, our real Ancestors.

About Earth:

Our planet is simply on a path of evolution as cited by a lot of really informed, bright, knowledgeable, current researchers and people from a multitude of ancient civilizations. It is simply the destiny of planet Earth, and the living beings on it, to evolve on 4th rate of vibration, which is what is happening right now (2012/2013).

And more about his older topic - what Drekx Omega DOES NOT KNOW - is that the people of Zeta Reticuli, for their own safety, the perpetuation of their species, and due to humbleness in the waning days of their lives... they were relocated to another star system, a trinary star system... far from Zeta Reticuli. These beings no longer live in the Zeta Reticuli star system. So how can they also be "fully polarized to the light"?

Q: Is Drekx Omega a reptilian? Maybe. Maybe not.

My intuition (which usually runs at about the 90% in being correct) tells me, that he is an Earth human... who have 'open communication' channels... to their sources of information. He does "channel", right? And he believes them ...

And many re-engineered reptilians, looking like 'full of light' higher dimensional humans... are in fact reptilian. Reptilians are master geneticists ... and many of them come from the Sirius B - star system. On Earth they have been a great part of Cabal for millenia ...

To me, these kind of corroborative facts, speak to the truth of all I have learned and continue to learn from my Andromeda Council contact, composed from 300 star civilizations, who take care about our solar system and helping us by shift of our consciousness.

In closing:

Earth people, who are newly awakened to the information I just covered ... at times it can get confusing. But it doesn't have to be. And just you can discern which information is right for you. And act accordingly. May you make this next step in your evolution into becoming a 4th dimensional human being ... with ease, tanquility, grace & serenity. It's all up to you!

I hope, dear friends, all of the above gives you further peace of heart & mind.

I wish you well in your continuing quest for truth & knowledge. <3



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  • Ty for the Post, StarseedFromSirius-A 

    I just did some more searching and seen George Kavassilas, coast to coast. about not trusting them the GF/GFL

    ok. More reading for me, but it will be a benefit.

    Will do more searching with what feels right in my heart..or spend months online.



  • Dear MasteofLight,

    i have asked to this strar more details so we  will be more inform by the meaning of this writing.

    In second time, it's possible to communicate with the Sun even if the sky is full of clouds or... with the orientation of the time  and a little concentration, you can feel Sun's presence and communicate with.

    Uncondtionnal love and light,


  • i'm very interesting, can you developp more please?

  • dear Dawn,did you click on the blue word chemtrails?it will download a page with many references of the Chemtrails,after much research,and study on Henry Deacon,who i find very credible,it lead me to the link,and as far as i am concerned,with the Chemtrail scenario,i feel it is to try and block out the Photon Particle energy light,trying to prevent from many awakening to there full potenial,but the Light will Prevail without any doubt.

  • dear Mol,this has some info about Chemtrails,blessings eve.  ( Do you know anything about chemtrails?

    OK. Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet,

  • Yea, if the govt can't do the work, we need to rid ourselves of our govts..

  • I could best describe myself as a Descended Lightmaster who's rapidly getting more and more homesick. :)

  • You 2? Woohoo! Yeah they've gone steadily upward, but since about last week, wow the whole planet feels lighter.

    Just like the changes at the beginning of last year...only this year, things are starting to come together. And thanks for the advice Dawn. ^_^

    Btw, was just reading Cobras site for the first time since mid-Jan and indeed according to his reports and the comments, people over there felt somethin' too.

  • I have found a few purer sources of higher knowledge (that are external to me), waaay before I found this site last year. And while that material is still to be proven wrong, just about everything on this site (popular news wise) (except the historical and other studies) has come to be proven wrong in one way or another. All the popular articles that is. The unpopular stuff that only a few people even get a glimpse off, that stuff for the most part has remained ok.

    And while this site has helped me a great deal, I met some very cool people, I'm having a real hard time staying on it. For me it represents everything we are talking about right now. Which is probably the reason so many people have signed up on here, over the years, but suspiciously swiftly left.

    I'm doing alright now actually, had a very cruisy previous month and I feel great - which usually means something is about to happen. :D

    Not being on here and reading has cleared up a lot and allowed my creativity to flow.

  • new age

    Oh yeah...the new age movement has picked up a lot of the occult esotericism, which itself is distorted/highly influenced by STS polarized ETs, then mixed with eastern mysticism (which itsels is not pure cosmic spirituality) and lastly mixed with thousands of poor channelings, once again usually provided or influenced by the very forces the new age people thought they were getting rid of. The problem with combining all those sources of information is that they are much corrupted by the STS forces that owned this planet. So the whole reference point people are working from is not "pure." And you can see that in what they are interested in and how they react to challenging information.

    For the most part if one's not directly communicating with one's higher self (and/or guides), one is pretty much blind and game to influence.

This reply was deleted.

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