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George Kavassilas: Our Journey and the Greatest Secret on Earth


This is the latest presentation from a person whom I consider to be one of my greatest mentors - George Kavassilas
.  George reveals more behind the scenes information of which we are unaware that is critical in helping us in re-remembering who we all are and also in understanding what is actually occurring all around us.

• What does the ascension of our Divine Mother Earth Sophia, and therefore the activation of her planetary
Light Body, actually mean on a practical and physical level?
• What is she going to transform into when she becomes a Being of Light?
• Do elements of the ruling elite and their off world overlords have
knowledge of this?
• What role does the planet Mars have to play in all of this?
• Why did the Hadron Collider in Europe frighten so many scientists after their initial experiments?
• What is happening to our natural environment?
- The Montauk project and the outcomes

There you go people get some real information into you, from an enlightened 'down to earth' starseed talking face to face with you....not fluffy, cliched, channelled stuff that we've all seen before, full of unkept promises and conditional love.

Do your soul a favour and view "Our Journey and the Grand Deception" by George as well.  If you're disheartened by the constant barrage of channelled messages from cosmic elites, and know these messages not to be true either by heart or by logic, then this stuff is for you.

See you on the other side,


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George certainly adds a lot of new and fascinating info to the mix. Thanks for posting this.
I have been folowing his work for a while now. Interesting take he has on things.
Thank you Mischa! George is a Favorite of mine and I have been watching for his reemergance for some time now. I was so happy to see\hear him again. Thank you again!
After my NDE's i did go into this free will stuff. On one of my Nde's i bumped into a spiderweb, i called it this way out of lack of words in those days. Now i have gone deeper and found that it is a shield, that is not around this planet alone but the whole galaxy. It seems i was not alowed passed this point. I believe the free will is restricted. I do not believe for a 100% we are here by ouwer own doing to just learn lessons the hard way, without chance to get out when we want. I am shure you would not send your kids to school with no chance to take a brake or come home whenever they need to. I could be wrong, this is just what i have looked into after my first Nde. It could be posible we are trapped and brainwasched to come back every time we die. And there is still the theory that we are eternal souls and can not with anny means be destroyed. Anyways the 3D brain will never at this stage grasp the real truth
It was good to see that he has another series of vids out again

this man certainly speaks from a place that is of an understanding that's filled with what seems to be very valid information.

he speaks about what the secret government uses to see into the future, and that no matter how many times and different timelines they use the earth reality is not here to view, it's just nothing but light.

and there are some possibilities for this, 1 that we are aware of and is spoken about by many in regards to the wave of light that is heading our way from galactic center, and this could be why their little piece of timetravel equipment is seeing nothing but light at that timeline, it doesn't mean that the earth is gone, just perhaps submersed in light at that particular time.

now also the earth perhaps is no longer in the same place in space for their equipment to hone into.

or, this is a little more un-probable, is that the Sun is in the Area where the Earth once was, for one reason or another, Could the Sun expand and Immerse Mercury, Venus and the Earth into itself, as one particular Crop Circle seems to elude to, that the Sun will Expand, is the Sun a Portal as some have suggested.

Now the reason i give this Sun Expansion theory some credence, is that when i was very young, i had a very vivid dream about the Sun Appearing Very Large in the Earth Sky, but it appeared to be Sun Like, it doesn't necessarily mean it was the Sun, but i can only go by what it appeared to be, and that would be the Sun.

i've only recently heard about this Nibiru type Planet that has the Appearance of being Sun Like, when the Sun is Reflecting it's light upon it.

it's interesting that there have been some very quite large objects appearing very close to the Sun in some NASA images that have been released, these objects are as large as the Earth some of them, some may be smaller, some may be larger than that.

Now for whatever reason, the History of this particular Solar System Area, is that it was very, very sought after by several different groups based on it's location, now is this because the Sun is in fact a Portal, and a very highly prized tool that they use to traverse the cosmos with, and we've also seen objects that appear to be going into the Sun, objects that act, Craft Like.

there is another story regarding the Sun as Planet Like, with Life upon it, Oceans, Mountains and Everything Else that's needed to sustain Life.

anyway, this is why there has been so much hush about perhaps this UFO subject matter, as the Roswell Case, is directly linked to a very similar piece of information that these beings stated and informed them about, hence the underground bases, offworld mars repopulation of the human species as George has spoke about in these recent vids.

Now it doesn't mean that this is what's going to occur, it's just that this is what our Secret U.S. Government seems to be preparing for.

we should not fear this information, just be informed on this information.

now, something could occur to the earth that is very much like what occurs with a Alien/Human or any other biological form that some of the UFO Beam Ships use to departiclize the body and then reparticlize it once it's on the craft, it's possible they could have been inspired by something to use this particular type of technology, and perhaps this occurs naturally in the cosmos through certain type of events.

is it possible that this could be achieved with an Entire Planet through a Light Wave Event from Galactic Center ?

George also speaks about the Increase Rate of Spin that's occurring with the Atoms and Molecules on the Planet at this time, this could be from the Solar System moving into a Higher Vibration Area in the Cosmos as well i would think, there could be several different possibilities for this occurring.

The Planet could also be in an entirely different dimension as well and or higher dimension which some have eluded to that is in fact occurring as we speak.

So perhaps their looking glass technology is only able to see in this particular dimension "only", and the Planet is no longer there to look at in 3D, just as a Multi-Dimensional craft can appear in the lower dimension and the completely disappear into a higher dimension.

there are countless possibilities that could occur, quite obviously.

i think all of Us have Gravitated together, just as all of the Craft and all of our Galactic Families in those Craft have Gravitated around whatever is going to potentially occur on the Planet here.

Interestingly is that the U.S. Manned Space Shuttle Missions are not scheduled for the 2011-2013 time period.
Thank you for sharing. i was unaware of him until now. I have to say that a lot of his messages resonates with my own truths that I have come on with my own investigation. thank you again
Thanks, awesome!!!
very interesting indeed, but hard to believe. :/



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