I am not so fond of channelled messages because it is hard to become sure about the reality they describe. Those from Mike Quinsy seem to be real, and a lot of people follow those messages. However, I am following channeled messages by Mark Kimmel from the Starship Athabantian for a few months now, and feel these channellings are true and reliable as source. Therefore I post for the first time these channellings here on Ashtar Command Crew. More channelled messages from the same sources can be found at Have fun my friends! :)




Channeled through Mark Kimmel

Andromedan Star-/mother-ship: Athabantian



We are here


Greetings, we return this day to provide further insights into the current situation on your planet. As we have said before, and as others have disclosed, there are large numbers of your brothers and sisters from other star systems living among you. (Please note the use of the words, “we” and “us,” in the following message — a further demonstration of the way in which your star sisters and brothers experience the Oneness of all.)

Our presence among you occurs in several ways: First, a soul replacement can take place where one of us exchanges our soul for the existing soul of an Earth human. You call this a “walk in.” There are many of us from different star civilizations who are functioning on your planet in this way. Most often the Earth human recognizes that this has taken place, and a period of adjustment ensues as the newly implanted soul adjusts to its new body, new terrestrial family, and new surroundings. When this occurs we often work as lightworkers; others of us quietly occupy positions of influence.

Second, at the time of the birth of an Earth human one of us from the stars — who is not embodied — may enter into the body of the human child. There are many of us who have had long careers on other star systems who have volunteered to come to your planet in this way. When born we are without memories of our past incarnations in other star systems, however over time we recall our non-earthly origins.

A third way in which this occurs is that certain members of our star races resemble Earth humans so closely that we can live among you without undue notice. Upon closer inspection, you may notice differences in our eyes and other features. The characters in your books, Mark, are some of us.

Some who are descendents of the Atlantian and Lemurian societies are on Earth. They live underground in protected enclaves in several locations about your planet. Though they closely resemble current Earth humans, they are of a higher frequency and generally have little interaction with the current residents on the surface of the planet.

Then there are those of us who little resemble Earth humans. We are sentient beings, but our physical appearance is quite different. We are from several star systems, and, although represented in large numbers aboard the starships about your planet, we generally do not live among you.

In addition, many of us walk beside you each and every day as you go about your ordinary lives. We are of a higher frequency so that you do not detect us with your five senses. If you are sensitive and/or highly conscious, you may “feel” us as we accompany you. Earth humans of similar high vibrations “see” us.

Summing up these many ways of our being among you, there are millions of us, your star sisters and brothers on your planet. There are millions who, in concert with “service to others,” are assisting you in your Transformation. There are also others of us of lower energy who, in alignment with the dark energy and in “service to self,” are allied with the Illuminati and acting against the transition of Earth humans. Allegiance to the light, or functioning with the dark, is not attributable to a particular race or civilization, as individuals of all universe civilizations possess free will and choose their particular way of being. Thus you will find individuals of races or group of us that are generally considered to be of service to others or service to self acting in ways opposite to the majority.

During the so-called “evolution” of this planet bacteria, plants, animals, fish, birds, and insects were all imported from other star systems. This accounts for the rich diversity of life on Earth. Most recently four races of men and women were brought here.

Many of your brothers and sisters from the stars have been on this planet for many thousands of years, in one or more of the forms previously discussed. We have at various times interfered with, influenced, and nurtured Earth human life. The construction of the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere was undertaken under our directions and with our assistance. Everything from the design of the pyramids to the cutting and moving of the stones was with the assistance of your off-planet sisters and brothers. Your sisters and brothers of the stars imported much of your technology. This occurred either by direct physical interface with Earth humans, by suggestions in dreams, from “insights,” or from the reverse engineering technologies from recovered saucers.

On the other hand, the beginnings of your major religions were at the insistence of some of your sisters and brothers from distant star systems; they demanded worship as beings of a higher order. Since those days those of your brothers and sisters who have not been infused with the light have been involved in many schemes to seize control and enslave earth humans.

As things stand today, your religions generally do not recognize the off-planet influences that gave birth to them, rather they choose a route of disinformation to their followers. Your monetary system is under the control of agents of extraterrestrial origins. Off-planet beings control your governments either directly or indirectly through their influence. Your science, education, medical system, and legal system are all heavily influenced those who would control others for their own ends.

However there is more to the story than the assembling of a vast armada of starships who are lighting the planet in response to Earth’s cry for help. All of the star nations also contributed beings of light who now walk among you, who are totally in service to others, and who love you very much. We are beings who seek to enlighten the darkness on your planet. We are here among you both in physical form and in non-physical higher vibrations.

Those of us in human form walk the halls of your governments, are members of your military, work in critical positions in your banks and corporations, and are teachers to your children. All are helping to transform your civilization from predominately fear-based to predominately love-based.

Those of us in the non-physical communicate with people like you, Mark. There are many aboard the starships who communicate with Earth humans. There are those of us who live in the households of lightworkers as supporters and advisors. We provide a continuous link to the collective that surrounds your planet. Human lightworkers, along with those of us from other star systems, are anchoring the light from the cosmos, and retransmitting it like the coherent light from lasers to those with whom they come in contact.

Your planet is indeed lighting up, based on a joint effort between those of us living among you and your own individual efforts, coupled with the great light from the celestials and from the universe. It is a wondrous symphony of light, it is irresistible to any who are open to it; it is overwhelming to those who cling to the darkness. In a very short time all who are of the light will find themselves in a world of love. Many who have no knowledge of lightworkers are awakening. Many will awaken at the last moment.

Now you have a pictures of all the myriad ways in which light is coming to Earth through your sisters and brothers of the stars. Earth is lighting up like a giant Christmas tree with millions of points of light among her humans. Each of these points of light is infusing other humans like a candle lights the darkness. These points of light are encouraging, consciously or unconsciously, many who are now questioning traditional ways of behaving, questioning the structures in their lives and the reasons behind those structures, and standing up for the truth and love of a better way to live.

The sum total of all these efforts from your brothers and sisters of the stars is a massive infusion of light that is overcoming the final vestiges of the dark energy. There is no doubt in our minds that the new Earth, with a preponderance of light, will emerge within the next few months. We love you very much and wait for the day when you will join us as citizens of the cosmos.

Once again we are pleased to communicate with you and look forward to more opportunities. We hold you in unconditional love. Until next time, I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe, I am Bren-Ton, I am Justine, and I am Moraine, all from Andromeda, and I am Zepher of the Pleiades.



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  • i got an question it just arise in my noggin. ive never asked this question but wouldn't we feel more at home with the angelic beings if they could show us some video footage inside there craft or a different planets and stuff or would that be going to over board. im talking for myself when I say these things. wouldn't it make some sense to show us whats going on in your world as well. have certain alien discussions. it will help us get familiar and probally speed up the process.

    cause its hard for people that aren't familiar to belive. with all the information out there. people would go crazy too see it first than experience it. all im saying it would be hyped.


  • this is like the 20th or so completely separate group claiming to have built the pyramids

    • I have no clue what groups exactly you mean, but is there any chance these groups can be unified in your thinking pattern?

      I Love you Jim. :)

      • ra says he built it, thoth says he built it, stories say zetas built it etc etc , every group claims THEY made the pyramids.

        no these group cannot be unified as these group also all claim to be on earth at different times and the pryamids themselves said to have been made all over history.

        if you have no clue what other group claim to be the builders then i would say that you havent done enough research yet.  until you have read at least a dozen completely different tales of the exact same event with all individually claiming the "rights" to a thing you will be naive enough to believe anything

        • Yes, and then I make the link all these different individuals are the same individual.

          Easy thinking, case closed? :p

  • LOL.   Hmmmm, considering all of the hundreds of other "channeled messages" on here haven't amount to jack, I'm gonna go ahead and say, I'll believe it when I see it.  Stop talking about how wonderful life will be when you arrive and show yourselves already.  What are you waiting for?  Prove you are real.

    • Quite, but what you realise or not, is that we are here, walking alongside you, incarnated alongside all the rest of you.
      Life is wonderful we have already arrived.
      We of Ashtar Command walk beside you incarnating and guiding humanity as best we can.
      The rest of it is is filter, deception and some agenda of some manipulative forces.

    • Yes good comment, but note that believing is seeings instead of the other way around.

      Well I believe so I'll say it again; show up! :)

      Drome adjusts the "channel" to tune into another frequency

  • Ahh ive met some of these beings of the Andromedan Allies. I also am a starseed, incarnate. Ooh this is soo spot on. thankyou soo much. <3

    • Funny when people say they have had contact ETs but then they do not know what will happen in 2012 and so on. :)

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