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Wouldn't it be great to be completely and utterly free. 

Imagine being free from the burden of conflict. Picture a world without the various violences. Would it not feel wonderful to forget to fear another’s fury. 

Think about never needing to hide your own anger, as it simmers hotly behind those brittle facades of civilised and proper politeness.  How pleased we would be to let go our guards, no longer concerned that our own embarrassing discontent might leak poisonously out upon any pretext.

Imagine a world where people are always kind and considerate. Picture being free from judgements based on another individuals narrow egotistic agenda. Would it not feel wonderful to experience others understanding what we were going through, or at worst a trust that there was something that logically accounted for our actions. 

Think about actually forgiving another's trespass against you, knowing truly that they knew not what else to do. How pleased we would be to tend the wild wise love that grows so verdantly in our open hearts.

Imagine being free from financial constraints. Picture what it would be like to have all your physical needs manifestly answered. Would it not feel wonderful to release the intense and insatiable desire to have control over ever more objects.

Think about living more simply even as you observe with gratitude the abundance of wealth that surrounds you. How pleased you would be to truly see that a bountiful plenty of healthy housing, fine fresh food and creative endeavour could be the product of your labour.

Unfortunately I've heard these idea's are merely fantasy. I've heard they could never ever become true. I've even heard these ideas are a heresy that distracts the would be dreamers from a harder day at work.

So forget I even suggested you spend any time, emotion or energy trying vainly to head in those absurd directions. 

Rather I suggest you go back to holding up those hard heavy grim tall walls of reality behind which it's insisted you must work, live and die.

Don't pay any attention at all to that fragrant tendril of cool fresh breeze that seemed to waft from somewhere beyond reality's heavily burdensome wall. Never wonder from whence such a delight may have arisen.

Martin Hunter Jones is an honorary member of the Australian Counselling Association




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lovely :)


Hi folks,Hi hunter, thanks for sharing such wise and witty words.

It is all very simple really, thing is, many humans have been conditioned a certain way, so they feel no other choice than to become a slave.

What they may not comprehend, is as you say, they are holding the grim walls up themselves, by their own toils.

By feeding those (parasites) that place themselves between this humanities toiling energy and that which gets to others in the form of food, homes and stuff and should any creative creations try and remove the energy vampires, they do all in their power to prevent humanity from freeing itself from this suppressing energy.

We would have had free energy, flying saucers, replicators, prisitne air, water and earth a long time ago, if not for this conditioning and interference by this suppressing energy.

It is rather hard for me to blame people anymore due to mind control, clever enslavement systems and physical force and intimidation is not easy for many people to overcome, therefore i hold compassion for them, until such time when the many are ready to say, enough is enough on mass.

I have already declared enough is enough myself and i can assure you, it certainly is not all a bed of roses so far, but does seem to be getting better, I can see i am being supported in my decision, though many would probably see it differently.

I live in the now and let source provide for me, as in my location, most all other avenues are controlled and keep the grim walls in place, so i live and let live.

peace love light


I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.

There is no freedom if the world around is not free , you must free the world in order to truly free yourself because we are one .

famous Buddha "fact"is that he will wait upon us all to attain our freedom.

in love we are bound by each other

if youre truly free ,, youre free to wait at ease


anger expresses injustice...what injustice ?!?!

that's what I said !!!   :)

but seriously( with a smile)

in a political context ...micro and macro/personal and institutional

all could be said to be right with the world since all is in balance of karma...the drama is unfolding as it should....anger is a pain you take upon yourself if you think or feel it will serve your agenda.

however anger is in my opinion and experience unfortunate and dysfunctional... ( yes I get VERY angry too but It never produces a positive outcome rather it creates more waves of the same that burst resoundingly upon the shore) two wrongs make three wrongs which is more to be upset about... anger is rarely influential in the way you want it to be.. do you really think an act of punishing violence will influence a despot to behave better?

a common discourse on this site , and a common discourse amongst those who're said to be wise is answer injustice with kindness and understanding so instead of adding to the furious problem you add to the peace that might better balance the brutality. saving your self is said to save the whole world.

best wishes and good luck




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