October 5

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I am trying to understand the reason why, to fullfil my dream/destiny

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  • <3 Love and Light - what are your obsessions or passions- what do you like to discuss?

  • Glad to be your friend also Ascension have a wonderful day new friend Namaste love Gaia <3 :) 8114833680?profile=original

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  • "Je suis @ Montreal aussi. Mes mentors sont Salusa et  AAMichael. Si tu désires partager des trucs avec moi il me fera plaisir de  communiquer avec toi ."

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Ascension commented on Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser's blog post once upon a dream
"I think about you , everyday ..."
Oct 5, 2014
Ascension replied to Esoteric Emissary's discussion Spirituality was mostly an excuse to say that Life is Fine
"I have seen the world , i have understood many thingsi have seen the dark and i stood for the light .The difference between the one who sees and the one who's not , is a realisation ... Humans are so amazed when they see animals who acknowledge…"
Sep 22, 2014
Ascension replied to Suiris's discussion Rebellion of Lucifer Ascension vs Awakening
"I'm going to give you a hint , Lucicer is a women ..."
Aug 29, 2014
Ascension replied to jose''s discussion Ascension???? sure are you that it's better??....If it's a scam????
"If you don't believe in Ascension , you don't believe in me
and if you don't believe in me then you don't believe in yourself ...
accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.
"the superintendent believed Lancaster's story"synonymes: be…"
Aug 8, 2014

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1 hour ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Underground Aliens, Baba Vanga And Quantum Biology…RECOMMEND
"Yes Sir/Madam big changes coming ..may get worse at first then get better ..part of detoxification of planet Earth and all living entities"
2 hours ago
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Very interesting 
2 hours ago
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"Not called an "Einstein Rosen" bridge.....But..........🌈 More like a rainbow bridge😇

8 hours ago
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10 hours ago
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"...provided that the star gates are not the so called Einstein-Rozen Bridges. This latter belongs to the same category as Von-Neumann Probes, Warp-Drives and other mainstream's hopeless concoctions. These might as well better belong in comedy rather…"
14 hours ago
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"Still waiting; note the current pres. is illegetimate and much of the brass is corrupt -it's rumored many of the brass have been bought off by the chicoms and or they are woke jokes-
§502. Enlistment oath: who may administer

(a) Enlistment…"
17 hours ago
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"RL-star gates-regular doorways and as large as air plane hangars-Musk can roll his rockets, etc. onto Mars and assemble there-then mine Phobos and Deimios -roll all equip needed to mine for water for oxegen and hydrogen bring other gasses from earth…"
17 hours ago