Hollow Earth, A HistoryAdventures In The Hollow Earth is a 27 page .pdf containing a brief tour of the Hollow Earth Theory. Resources and links are included at the end if you’re interested in more information, and you’ll also find links sprinkled throughout the eBook, pointing to relevant articles you can find right here at Stranger Dimensions.Here’s the table of contents:ForwardEnter the HollowAncient Myths of the Inner WorldModern Theories of the Hollow EarthEverything ElseResources & BibliographyCreditsI originally intended this eBook to be longer, but in the end I just wanted it to be a quick guide to the inner world. A breezy look at some of the cultural beliefs in underworlds and hidden areas on Earth.Also included are diagrams of the various Hollow Earth theories posited by the likes of Edmond Halley, John Cleves Symmes, Jr., and Cyrus Teed.There’s quite a bit I left out — if you’re familiar with the Hollow Earth, you’ll notice one glaring omission in particular – but I have plans for all that stuff in the future. I think it turned out well enough.Anyway, I hope you enjoy Adventures In The Hollow Earth!To Read e-book please click on the link below @http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2013/02/05/free-ebook-adventures-in-the-hollow-earth/

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  • I rather hear first hand accounts...Olaf Jensen's book, the Smokey God, was a great read, I remember reading that a long time ago. Or Admiral Byrd's logs from his flight....interesting stuff, and real....it's real accounts of the actual experience....no better teacher than experience :)

    • John Jancer my friend this is what they say about THE SMOKEY GOD
      This is another classic fictional hollow earth adventure. The narrator, Olaf Jansen, is a Norwegian who sails with his father deep into the northern ice. There they sail over the lip of the hollow earth, and into the inner world, lit by a dim central sun (the 'smoky god' of the title). The inhabitants are an advanced race of giants who have electricity, monorails, and extremely long lifespans. The travelers return to the surface through the Antarctic, and as is usual in this genre, lose everything which could confirm their tale on the return voyage. The author, Willis George Emerson (1856-1918), was an American novelist; none of his other books appear to be on esoteric themes.
      One can read it @ http://www.sacred-texts.com/earth/smog/index.htm
      • By the way its Jancar, not Jancer lol I don't call you Ravinder Sing lol

        • John Jancar I am using the iPhone on the go and recently getting some spelling mistakes and some errors ...it is not too easy typing while somewhere in Central London...and while travelling
      • I don't think it was fictional....Jensen told his story to Emerson on his death bed, and asked him to make a book about it to tell the world. Which probably wasn't the smartest move, all you have to do to discredit it is say....oh it's a fiction book by a fiction writer. Jensen didn't make the best choice, in terms of timing, or author.

  • Thank you!

    If anyones read "Agartha" by Mariana Stjerna  advertised on the right, be good to hear what its like :)

  • Thanks for the post! I love the inner earth stuff!


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