For the Mer People

Greetings from the higher dimensional Waves ~~~ :)

For those who have mer-folk soul aspects/lifetimes, or who have a love for the oceans, dolphins, sea creatures or mermaids, you're all welcome to add your love, prayers, meditations, whatever you wish, to this thread, for the cleansing, revitalizing and renewal of the waters of this beautiful planet Earth.

Mer people originate from Sirius C (a higher dimensional star, third star in the Sirius system, not visible in 3D), from whence they spread to Sirius B and many planets the the Pleiades, and into Eridanus and other systems. They are helping us now to bring harmony and higher frequencies into the waters of Earth, to soften and ease the planetary shift in regards to the waterways, seas and oceans.

If you'd like to attune directly with our mer-family and friends, the lightship in the photos below is a Pleaidian mer-ship. It appeared here firstly on January 24th this year (2016), and can be seen as a tiny emerald green light high in the frame above the trees (with enlargement below):



This lovely ship appeared again last night, May 17th. Here are a couple of views of it:



This is the first message I ever received from a Pleiadian sister with a mermaid soul aspect, in 2013, a call to bless the waters:

Bless the waters. In all you do. In your bodies. Drinking. Cooking. Eating (for water is IN your foods). Bathing. Showering. Swimming. When rain falls from your clouds, bless it. For those in snow and ice, bless it. Bless all still waters – ponds, pools, lakes. Bless all moving waters – streams, rivers, oceans. Connect your Love to the Keepers of the Seas, for they do a great service. Uphold them!

At your full moons, bless the tides at these times. The rise and fall. BE in balance in your (inner) waters.

Be assured that every loving intention you send into the water molecules within and around you, throughout the world, is a great help to the overall Light & Grace qualities and quotient being held, stored and flowed in the waters. Water is Life. 

The next few days leading up to the Full Moon on May 22nd, 2016, are especially fortuitous, so please join in if you feel moved to do so (and at future full moons and lunar eclipses, which are providential 'moments' for Lighting the waters with our mer kin).

With Love,

Joanna. \\*//


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  • Goldenmind, adding to your Crab metaphor, I was born on Christmas Island (at full moon), which has millions of red crabs living on it. Red is the energy of grounding, and they are indeed land crabs, who make a mass migration once a year at the right Moon and tide, to cast their eggs into the sea. 

    Even for crabs that live on land, new life/birth is through the water element, the Feminine energy, and their birth is connected to the cycles of the Moon and tides, and they move with the tides. (When I was a baby, my mum had to sweep crabs off the doorstep to get the pram outside, lol).

    Crabs symbolize the softness of one's inner true core which our minds build layers of protection around, for survival in a duality world. Crab is the wisdom of as you say, dumping emotional baggage (and also mental conditioning and barriers) as it casts its old shell.

    So if you're feeling 'crabby', let your old 'security shell' go! Rebirth yourself... ;))

    Some Christmas Island crabs... :)


  • Thank you for bringing in the 'crab energy', Goldenmind, which is connected to the rebirthing energy of Source, and indeed on this planet, to the lunar cycles. :)

    Keep sending your love and blessings to the waters, everyone, especially as we come up to this Full Moon.

    Namaste. \\\*///


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