Actually lockdown is good as long as no help is given to those who sell meat, those who sell alcohol, those who sell cigarettes and drugs including pharma drugs, those who sell toxic materials like kitchen cleaners and drain unblocked ... and these are just a few thing that we want out of planet earth or those addicted to these need to be out in rehabilitation centres where they EITHER SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT of planet earth 

Harmful effects of meat eating :

Harm of smoking:


Harmful effect of alcohol


Harmful effects of drugs 


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  •   Ascension occurs naturally by way of connecting to the earth's temples,lay lines, and our heart and brian this  may take time. humanity has ways to go and have improvements to their choices of healing and much more and help clean our oceans,rivers, lakes ..etc.. I gave up smoking 31 years ago it was very difficult to stop had to repeat 5 times to stop once and for all. Always start slowly and see your doctor before if he can help the cravings and there is much more than just quitting smoking. People have all kinds of serious problems on earth including mental illness, accidents of all sorts, Humanity has fought many battles on earth since ancient times.

  • All these addictions are killers and so better to phase out from Planet earth thus boosting it's ascension

  • That is very harsh. Do you know how hard it is to give up smoking! Stop selling in the shops that's a very controlling attitude. Who are you to say that. Everyone is on there own personal journey you have no right to control what others do even if you disagree it is not your place. I am totally disgusted in this post.

    • I am happy with this post as what I am saying is right and in the long run good for humanity on planet earth ....but there are some beings on this planet that are so screwed up that they can't distinguish right from wrong at the same times these screwed up brings try to screw up other normal human beings lives.. YOUR BODY IS A HOLY TEMPLE OF GOD SO YOU NEED TO LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY AND NOT SCREW IT UP WITH ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SMOKING AND MEAT EATING any other addictions that can harm the body.. .it's very simple so if you have this addictions then find a way to give them up and become a normal god conscious human being  

      • This is about HABITS not HUMAN BEINGS, habits will always remain in our life. HOWEVER - THEY DO NOT DEFINE WHO WE ARE. Anybody can break them or build new one when they are ready to do so, especially those that you've mentioned are just trivial and irrelevant.  WE ARE HERE FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

        The golden age nor Ascension with happen in our life time - that is just an utopia, so we all have lots of time, and YOU should pay attention to one of your addiction of being so notoriously judgemental - for sooo many years - now this habit is TRUE POISON TO YOUR SOUL , never mind the body. If you continue this way one day there would be no compassion, nor love etc ...  left in you, as you've mentioned YOUR BODY IS A HOLLY TEMPLE OF GOD. So think about your addiction very seriously and give it up as soon as you can.

    • You should be aware that smoking is like commiting slow suicide.. a smoker is an idiot who doesn't know that his smoking habits are killing and affecting second hand smokers who try to keep away from him if possible the same time none smokers curse a smoker if his smoking if affecting their health  

      • Anger is a material manifestation which represents, in a general way, the measure of the failure of the spiritual nature to gain control of the combined intellectual and physical natures. Anger indicates your lack of tolerant brotherly love plus your lack of self—respect and self—control. Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man’s soul. “Wrath kills the foolish man,” and “he who is slow of wrath is of great understanding,” while “he who is hasty of temper exalts folly”? A soft answer turns away wrath, and how “grievous words stir up anger.” Discretion defers anger, while “he who has no control over his own self is like a defenseless city without walls.” “Wrath is cruel and anger is outrageous.” “Angry men stir up strife, while the furious multiply their transgressions.” Anger rests in the bosom of fools.

  • Wow, kind of a harsh Prison you are recommending for all of us people fighting for Peace & Love, and above all Freedom.  I cannot put a like on this page, it's barbarian & controlled. 

    • Many are living like zombies on planet earth and they will have to change ...they need to increase their frequency, vibration and energy to match up for a higher Ascension 

    • The higher plan set out by the galactic federation of light is to one religion, one currency and United beings and make this planet an interstellar planet meaning beings can travel to and frow to other planets ...firstly food and drinks that are causing low vibes, low frequency and low energy have to be phased out ....hence Mr Alan I have put it straight although it may seem harsh but in the end it will be more advanced beings on planet earth and earth will get it's Ascension ...this is similar to taking Ayurvedic medicine as it makes you feel sick in the first few day called the detoxing period and then you feel like your normal original self and healthy... Same principle is being applied to planet earth and it's beings going through a detox period where they will have to cut out their bad habits and get in the mode of Goodness ..end will be a wonderful golden age in full swing 

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