Floods in Serbia

Hello :) I am from Serbia and if you've heard things aren't going quite well down here. Belgrade is totally flooded and I know it isn't a coincidence. All more developed parts of Serbia are in a critical state. Luckily I'm not in one of those places. I would like to know if you have any information about this and what is the actual story behind it all. I have a theory (and many people share it with me) that the US manipulated weather and caused these disasters. The fact is that they've been trying so hard to destroy and take over our land for so long and I have no idea WHY??? They've misrepresented our country in many levels. Our real history is still hidden. But it doesn't matter now, soon it's all gonna be over with them. And I hope our good friend Russia will help this time. If you have any information about all of these please share it with me. I'd be very thankful !                                

                                                                                                  Blessings :)

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  • The symbolic meaning of water in that intensity is emotion.  Could be the last of Karma shifting also.

    • Could be and probably is all these together

  • Wouldn't surprise me if it was HAARP,  They do it all the time.

  • Mother nature already pulled the plug in alaska.. the facility is seriously damaged and not running. 

  • Unfortunatelly, there is HAARP installed in Srbija. Many people think that it caused floods in Srbija, Bosnia, Croatia and other parts of Balkan. People in Srbija have to organize to shut down this Haarp as soon as possible. 

    My heart is with all victims of this terrible flood. Any help is very much needed, as people in Balkan region lost everything in a blink of an eye.

    • You say there's a HAARP installed in Srbija.. Where is it?

    • Thank you. It is true what you said, but the problem is our government is against our country and our people. And we can' t really do much about it. We're just foolishly following the orders of careless politicians... Only if we could unite as people, with a little bit more enthusiasm ...

      • Perhaps God intended this flood to be a catalyst to bring you people together again. Nothing unites people more than total catastrophies where they be forced to share everything from their beds to their dinner plates. It's an awful fact but still a tangible fact. :)

        • YES YES that is for sure because now we can see how much we're actually united :D But still, I think it's not mother nature this time :)

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