Just found out on the Before It's News website that five alien races destroyed the meteor in Russsia.  Do not know how to post video.  Not that computer literate.  Maybe someone else could post this.  Thanks.

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  • @Frenzy..its called free will. one can decide to not serve the almighty at any time.

  • thanks for sharing Nick.

    thank kind person

    blessings to all of for we are all one
  • Hmm 9 foot beings visit a week before sounds quite interesting rsolor.

    I think that i have found that article that you speak of @ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/02/9-foot-tall-beings-lan... however, the video feed wasn't wanting to work. So i looked a little more and found the same video across the web but working, the video is a Discovery Channel documentary about 9 foot beings landing in russia in 1989. This video seems to have went viral just days before the asteroid event what are the chances of that?

    These videos are easy to find just type " 9 foot beings in russia" into google and bingo, look at the dates.


    Light and love to all


  • hi Mr. Ed.

    i am tiring to find this article, i know i read, and i will not retract my statement.
    however i found on the site of : beforeitsnews.com
    colum: todays top stories
    glowing apparition caught on cammera, startles russial news crews.
    this is while they were fliming live. watch it while you still can

    i think i read the report on this same site, i am not good at using the computer and finding past reports.
    i hope it was not erased , like many things are always seem to go missing. i still don't know how to keep it on my computer data.

    i will keep trying to find it

    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • thanks for sharing Mr. Ed.

    yes INDEED.
    i too have had e.s.p. tune-up, it is at times not pleasant of what some of us still get influenced by our d.n.a. hard wiring to kick in these instinct of survival: greed or hoarding of food and territory to hunt, lust or mating instincts, lieing or conning others to protect our supplies from others or to steal their food etc, etc, etc.
    where we draw the line of what we will not cross, i feel is a matter of need, and just plain fear that movivates us subcon. drive. or with the combination of the conditioning of upbringing in their childhood, the set of survival lessions taught to the child.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • thanks for sharing Nick.

    yes, i too feel and believe we are NOT ALONE anymore. proof ot the speed of our space families craft was i.m.h.o. was around Mach 90 or more is a form of distinct disclosure for us all to see and understand, stateing or atnouncing to us as compasiated as they can be to us be the mankind's masses 99%.
    our space families are to be MANY MANY MILLIONS of years more advanced than us on earth. the 1% should know this by NOW,
    i feel that the visit a week ago before the meteor shows up, there was a visit of the 9 foot beings in a russia villiage!!!.

    i feel that disclosures or revelations are being acnounced no matter what the 1% want or desire anymore.

    i feel the compassion for the 1% is getting VERY THIN, and will no longer be tolarated.
    this is too late to be sensitive for the concerns of the shock these asleep persons are.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • Happy to share this information rsolor.

    Yes Mr.Ed i believe that they can and with ease. Oh i would love to go for a little trip to the stars with them, or even a short visit to their home world. Lol, a little far out i still haven't fully explored this wonderful planet yet.

    Love and light to all


  • Check out this video on YouTube:
    Russian Meteor UFO Strike..WoW

  • thanks for sharing Mr.Ed.


    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • thanks for sharing Nick.

    thats Mach 46, i wonder what can move that fast thu our air and NOT heat up and have a tail ?.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one.
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