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This is probably BS, right?
John Moore joined Dr. Deagle for a May 24th show and dropped a bombshell right off the bat, Johns FEMA source has informed him that martial law would be declared nationwide, at the latest by June of 2014. They’ll soon be doing ‘beta-tests’ in two states, Texas & Colorado, to ‘work out the bugs’. Additionally, the federal government will be training secret service agents to arrest sheriffs who do not go along with the upcoming gun confiscation scheme, according to Johns FEMA source. John goes on to share that they are having trouble ‘integrating’ the foreign troops on US soil with the American troops, and “that’s a good thing and the more trouble the better” as far as John is concerned. An action packed 38 minutes from the start.

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There's too much media attention on the abuses of the Obama administration and the I.R.S. at this time, and this is probably because of the need of the mainstream media to deflect attention away from Benghazi and the Boston Marathon bombing  (which both appear to be "false flag" events. The first event involved the possible accidental death of a U.S. Ambassador (while trying to flame very negative Muslim hysteria against the U.S. over an anti-Muslim documentary made by U.S. based individuals (who appear to have ties to Israel)). The second event (in Boston) appears to be an attempt to turn U.S. citizerns against anti-I.R.S. tea party members (with MSNBC announcing that this was "a probable U.S. citizen response to the government on tax day."  Note also that Fox announced that the accused Chechnian bomber was "probably trying to recruit U.S. citizens for terrorist actions against the U.S. government" AND THIS IS THE SAME CHECHNIAN "terrorist" WHO WAS TRAINING TO BE ON THE U.S. BOXING TEAM AND TO WIN A GOLDEN GLOVES DESIGNATION! Does the mainstream media really think we are this stupid?)

Please remember that Nixon and powerful elements of the U.S. government got horse whipped by the mainstream media when he and his fellow sociophobes went too far with their many abuses of power, and the mainstream media is now similary being forced to cover these screw-ups due to the frequency and content of these really big (and many) screw-ups.

Any attempt to issue martial law is going to blow up in their face at this time. There is simply too many working-class people that are pissed off at this time with the (s)elected people in the suits who play God, and these are the same working-class people also know what the end game is with these sociophobes (despite what the teleprompter-reading divas and hunks of the mainstream media tell us).

Best, Malcolm

maybe the et's will save us

I would agree, this is probably BS.  Fear porn.  Martial law/gun confiscations, this would cause a civil war.  I don't focus on these fearful scenarios... I don't want them to manifest.

They won't manifest just because you think about it. People getting you to think that is another form of mind control. It limits the use of your imagination. Because even though this article is BS... there's nothing wrong with thinking about it to contemplate what you would do in that event. It's called preparedness. Just don't do it in the paranoid way... but in the cautious way. And although it's probably nothing you even need to prepare for... thinking about it could inspire you to be creative and write books or movies or paint or draw about it.

If thinking about bad stuff truly caused these bad things to manifest... the world would be in a much more horrible state.

Here's one example I can share with you as proof:

I was told before I even hit the double digits of age, that I was born with a heart murmur. I didn't find out until I was almost of legal age, that it went away. I went through over a decade of my life thinking I had a heart murmur when I didn't. I didn't think of ways to heal either so it's not like I manifested it going away. It's just something that happens to some people. It just goes away. If thinking about things really caused them to manifest... I'd still have this heart murmur... right?

Hi Dreamsicle,

No, I don't feel simply thinking about something will necessarily make it manifest.  There are many factors that play into manifestation (emotion, belief systems, etc.).  But if enough people focus on something with intent or fear or some strong emotion, it can manifest.  Basically, what I was getting at, is I don't focus on the fearful stuff.  For one, it doesn't interest me.  Two, I feel it may feed negative entities.

Basically, I'm careful about steering my thoughts/emotions.  lol, if everything I thought about manifested, I'd be in heaven and hell at the same time!  

And I don't want to contribute any of my manifesting abilities to the subject.

Well, not focusing on fearful stuff is completely rational. Specially if it doesn't benefit you at all. (sometimes focusing on fearful stuff can be benefiting when it comes to conquering fears, but if there is no benefit, why waste the time and energy on it?)

But the part that worries me, is that some people genuinely think they're feeding negative entities. Because they're not. The only thing they're feeding is their own negative side. Which yes, sometimes one can turn a snowball into an avalanche. Like if you see a bug bite and then you go on the internet and your fear and paranoia gets you to consider that you have something far more sinister. But then you eventually learn that it's simply -just- a bug bite. But that doesn't undo all the unnecessary time that was spent worrying and stressing over it. The deeper message in that example applies much more than people realize when it comes to this "new age" stuff.

I've come to learn that there's nothing in the universe I can say or do to get people to understand that part (the people who genuinely believe in it that is), but that doesn't mean I won't share my point of view about it (in regards to feeding negative "entities").

And what most don't realize or are even too intolerant to discover, is that I dove head first into this stuff (not intentionally) and have experience with it to know better. I'm not just some random on the internet who claims everyone is crying wolf without experience of my own in the subject matter. Because I do know. I've been there. I've lived it. The imagination can ride you hard about it too if you let it.

Agreed.  People obviously have different beliefs.  I personally do believe in non physical entities.  And I do believe some of them feed on lower emotions such as, fear, depression, anger, etc.  But that is my belief and I don't push it.  There is also a difference in believing something and obsessing on it (like your bug bite scenario).  I don't obsess on my beliefs of these entities... but my belief in them also helps me to keep my vibes higher... or to be more aware of lower emotions when they arise - as to not feed the entities or emotions.  And I don't believe all lower forms of emotion are brought on by entities... many of these emotions come to be released.  

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people spread fear and paranoia about martial law. Too many times to count. The first few times I was young and naïve and considered it. But it did cause me to consider what I would do in the event so no matter how many false whistle blowers I encounter now... it doesn't phase me anymore.

One way to let stuff like this not bother you anymore, is think about what you would do in the event it would happen. Can you take care of yourself? Can you protect yourself? Can you protect others? Do you know others who can? Would you know how to survive? Would you know how to survive in the wilderness if you were forced to?

Once you build up your survival-confidence... stuff like this won't scare you anymore.

Si I agree with you 100% its all coming to and end the fearful bullcrap. im going to only talk for myself so that I can bring attention to  what I belive in to be true. at this point of my life I feel the shifting into the new earth and connecting with mother earth is  the only focus at this point for me at this time an encourage everyone to do so. the media seems to be still controlled and is the only power source for fear. I don't read the newspaper or tv or radio at all so basically these don't exist in my realm. but they do exist in others as to why its still going on.

these affirmations help me to create the goodness for others to succeed for all we are one. im not going to mention at this time but ill give examples.

I know all things,I am great ,I am beautiful, mother earth is my love one,mother earth is my protecter,i will protect my mother in her time in need, I am beautiful energy that exist all around the cosmo's, I love animals and every species that ive co create to be in my realm, connection is my middle name. I done these affirmation so much that they come to me at knowing times.

 I no this helps! nameste :P

I have to mention this only because I no we are all specials and have exatrionary gifts of beauty.

butterflys love me so much and I love them as well they yesterday I was talking to my beauty meaning everything that exist. and these little butterflies start to follow me on my journey back home. and they start to fly into me it was very joyus but I told em becareful haha I might step on you accidently that is heheh.

beauty is truly everywhere people nameste

@ karmablessings

Thanks for sharing!  :D  

Everything and anything is out there... we choose (consciously or subconsciously) what we bring to us.  I believe we attract what we focus on (whether we intend to attract it or not), so keep up the good work on attracting the things you Love!  I am also very focused on Mother Earth and Nature lately.  I can't get enough of it!  Nature flows in harmony, and I Love to be submerged in that harmony! 




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