• Indeed
  • 'Fallen Angels' are the STS ETs that fought over Earth and won approx 300 000 years ago. Ie, the reptilians.

    Never liked that terminology 'fallen angels', too religious, too Christian, confuses people even more, esp the mainstream folk who love to pounce on anything new age or non-mainstream. And it separates "angels" from ET's as if they are two completely different things - which they are not.

  • Why blame anything for our actions other than us?  We have the power to choose to do what we want to, and have for 1000's of years... Time to start owning our decisions and get out of the victim mind-state...

    • unfortunately we as humans were brain washed for 1000,s of yrs and its about time we expose those crimes.Today, thanks to our special times, internet and mass communications we can point to the problems and try to correct them; even if it means that we admitt that we were deceived for long time.I bet anything, delilah, that you are happy to see the wrongs on your own and are capable to manifest it , thanks to 21st century and not your friends and family. I could be wrong but maybe not...............................

  • This was an interesting article. I heard a similar theory from my grandmother when she tried to explain my PKU and why I was so "different" from other people. Although according to my grandmother, many humans descended from these "hybrids" do in fact need some sort of meat protein to survive. I really don't know one way or another. Thanks for sharing

  • They did a lot of stuff to humanity to suppress... good thing that humanity is kicking back ;) ....

  • not only our lifespan and health but also our hight. now, we are midgets comparring to what we were as vegetarians........

  • Very Interesting ...makes you wonder
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